1. @GodBless America
      Where is your proof? Hmmm? You are saying that BLM are organising riots. Where is your proof? Oh right. They are black. In your circles, that’s all the proof you need.

    2. If you people would TALK to each other, none of this would happen. But because you only live NEXT TO each other instead of WITH each other, you got the worst case of bubble culture in world history. And the rest of the world has to pay the price for your BS.

    3. People of Amerika: it’s time to stand up against the restrictions of your right to vote.

  1. I am sure many will agree….as Liz Cheney stated …BRING IT ON!!!! These people are pathetic and there game is over because the people have awoken!!!

    1. @Metalosopher Will definitely look into it….and you make a very important point about the Christianity’s version of the Taliban…if I remember correctly the bible was used to justify slavery and eugenics. Thanks Metalosopher!

    2. @Man Animal Yes…I know. and she didn’t try to stop the storm when it was firiing up! Yet, we must look at the fact that this isn’t about policies, political parties, your side or my side…She clearly said…this is about our country and its ability to function as a democroy. And the fact that she is taking a stand to defend what makes America, America…It is imparative the rest of us take a stand as well. There is a saying by which I live…If they may burn your homes, build them again. If they destroy your crops, plant them again. If they take the lives of your children, give birth to more…the power of negative people is powerful…but the ideal of the human spirit cannot be destroyed…and that is the one thing and only thing that is feared above all things by those who would do others harm. We will prevail! Because we must!

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone … How about this… The U.S. has “NEVER” had a voting security issue… never. The last 3 presidential elections were close enough for both parties to examine the vote count, etc, and only a handful of bad votes were found! One year it was only 13… nationally!

      We are wasting time and millions of dollars on a non-problem!!! And that’s just dumb.

    4. Isabel,
      It is about policies. Especially when those policies she voted for harmed so many people in this country. Are you more concerned about tRumps personality than the harmful policies that she fully supported? Who gives a flip what she says. It is her actions that supported tRump that is unforgivable 👎🏿👎🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸

    5. @Nick Romo I have to admit , you lost me here.When have I disagreed with this?I did make a comment about them needing to go out and win votes instead of trying to hinder voting in order to win .

  2. Not even surprised about this! They don’t even try to hide their desire for voter suppression, racism and anti-patriotic agendas!

    1. This has been going on since the beginning of the “Daughter of Babylon’s/ AMERKKKA’s “ conception. This place is gonna BURN, as written in the prophecies. Repent while there’s still time and let the wicked be judged by THE MOST HIGH. They’re time is up!

    2. Dark Money? Just call it what Dark Money really is, the wealthy are intent on destroying democracy. Face it people, your freedom is lost.

    3. @Music777
      Yes, it is. When we explain how we keep track of ballots, people from other countries first think we’re exaggerating about how easy it is to cheat. They actually need to see it to believe it. Then they’re just dumbfounded.

      What we’re asking for is the bare minimum of security that still wouldn’t be as tight as elections in the rest of the developed world. Just something. ID, no harvesting and signature or number matching verification.

      Seriously, that’s it.

    4. Such a dumb and bias comment with complete lack of perspective and understanding. If you think it’s racist to have things like voter id, then you are quite literally a racist for assuming minorities and everyone can’t get them. I suggest people actually read the bills rather than take a biased networks word for it…but I know you won’t, just believe everything they tell you…..they’ve been caught in an insane amount of lies but it fills your hatred for Republicans so you believe it. Just sad

    5. It sounds like a presentation for a dodgy Evangelical movement on how they can shake down their followers for money. Ugh🤑👎

    1. Dark Money? Just call it what Dark Money really is, the wealthy are intent on destroying democracy. Face it people, your freedom is lost.

    2. Well… They are just doing what they have done for decades abroad, just that they are doing it in America now. So yes, this is very much American behaviour

    1. It actually goes back much further. Look up the speech by Paul Weyrich in 1980 where he lays out that Republicans (actually conservatives) best chance at leverage in our politics is in lower voter turnout. He even starts out by saying “Frankly, I don’t want everyone to vote.”

  3. They are worried about cheating?? Wasn’t it Trump who was calling governors in red states to pressure them to manipulate the vote count in his favor??

    1. Dark Money? Just call it what Dark Money really is, the wealthy are intent on destroying democracy. Face it people, your freedom is lost.

    2. He never asked anyone to “manipulate” vote count…he believed there was fraud whether true or not and he wanted them to look at it. Stop believing everything you hear from a partisan news network and use your brain for once…check your bias at the door

    3. Quit watching cnn and msmbc, the Secretary of State manipulated that conversation to sound exactly how he wanted and these fake garbage news stations had to retract their stories after. The secretary literally cut things out of the conversation and admitted it later. Liberal fake news had to come out and say they were wrong about the accusations about trump too. I don’t know why because they’re wrong and make up everything. I guess they were trying to save a little bit of face they still have left. Everything the democrats and media blame him for are the things they are do best. Lie and cheat. They are completely corrupt and twisted.

  4. They got the nerve to call the Squad ” the radical left .” These people orchestrated a nation wide voter suppression campaign on Americans.

    1. Voter suppression huh? 🐑 you’re going to tell me POC are to stupid to get an ID? You need one for a bank, apartment, hotels, to fly, to get vaccinated but POC can’t get an ID? You’re pathetic for trying this uneducated argument in 2021.

    2. I would very much prefer to be a part of “the radical left” than the “diaper donnie deplorable cult members”. ANY DAY!!!

    3. Dark Money? Just call it what Dark Money really is, the wealthy are intent on destroying democracy. Face it people, your freedom is lost.

    4. @Kevin S so reducing early voting lowering number of poll places in democratic areas aka citys and tying to say vote by mail is fraudulent isnt voter suppression because you wanna lock in on just voter ids and call people of color stupid?

    5. @Kevin S
      That is not the issue, and you know it. If I want a bank account, I can get ID, and it does not matter how long it takes; they are offering bank accounts 300 days per year. But if I want to vote tomorrow and have no ID, there is nothing I can do anymore. Will that happen to many people? No. Just a small percentage. So is that your argument? Because it will only affect a few people, it is ok?

  5. “Do not wait to sign this Bill, if you wait even an hour it makes you look weak”.
    Basically means don’t read the bill just sign it, you tool.

    1. So you’re thinking these governors haven’t already read them before the legislatures voted on them? 🤣

    1. I haven’t voted for any Republican since they tried to run Bill Clinton out of the White House. It was very clear even then what they were up to.

    2. @Scott Davis right now you are but go for big government and more and more of your rights taken away all the way down to when you turn off your lights in your own home at night youll be a prison in your own home and then tell me if you still support big government, go for it see how you like it .

    3. Dark Money? Just call it what Dark Money really is, the wealthy are intent on destroying democracy. Face it people, your freedom is lost.

    4. @coolmodelguy oh my god where did you get this. Who told you this, if you want to get rich what do you do hmm?you surround yourself with wealthy people so there ya go .

  6. It’s time for the Federal Government to step in and put a stop to this by closing loopholes states are using to restrict voters

    1. @Adam Taylor Unless they want to see our democratic system in turmoil and being controlled by anyone other than the voters themselves they will. A lot of Republicans are doing the wrong thing but all. There are some of that believe in a fair process and help get the bill passed even if your point is valet.

    2. @Troy Theriot Point is valet? Brings him his shoes, helps him into his coat, brushes-crumbs-off-the-vest-type thing??

  7. Now the question is, who is going to stop it and when?? These people are obviously CORRUPT!!

    1. @Adam Taylor
      It really seems that way
      Trump didn’t get arrested for any of his crimes
      No one did anything
      The GOP gets rid of anyone that refuses to kiss Trump’s ring or bow to him
      If all of these lies are alright with them
      What else have they gotten away with

    2. @Samantha Beasley Yeah, the Dems have the ability to get massive change done for the country, but they refuse to act.

      They could have the orange traitor and his supporters charged with sedition and removed from office, but they won’t.

      They could play hardball with Joe Manchin and have him stop voting Republican and just being an obstruction. But they won’t.

      They could pass all the legislation that they need to in order to make America a real country again… but they won’t.

      And America and its people will suffer for it. Again.

    3. @Adam Taylor
      I agree
      I didn’t say I thought one was much better than the other
      We need a brand New Government
      They should all be replaced
      They aren’t working for us or our government anymore
      But it seems if we are looking for the only way to have them replaced and removed
      We need to vote them OUT
      And we need to pass a new law
      No more lifetime positions for any of them
      No family given jobs they don’t qualify for
      No more big corporations at all
      And we could all start paying attention to some of these big Corporation’s and stop buying or using their services
      I don’t see anyone else doing anything
      Our Capital was attacked and people died
      People that don’t follow Trump are being removed

    4. @Samantha Beasley Honestly I think if HR1 can be passed, that will be a MASSIVE improvement to the government overall. Getting rid of the gerrymandering and the dark money will make a world of difference, and really put the power in the hands of the people, where it should be.

      But there definitely needs to be term limits on all politicians. As well as STRICT laws to make sure they actually uphold their oaths and don’t just work to obstruct government from working. If they can’t pass bills that help the country, they have no right to be in power. No more of this raising taxes on the poor and giving endless handouts to the rich. They should be made to show evidence of how their plans will improve the economy or anything else. If they can’t, their bills needs to be automatically shot down.

      And every last one who supported the Big Lie and the insurrection needs to be removed from office and charged with sedition.

  8. End all this dark money! This Citizens United has to end immediately. These thieves need to be exposed

    1. Citzens United was a Supreme Court decision, not a law. There are only two possibilities to change it: 1) a constitutional amendment 2) a different supreme court decision.

    2. @Sylvie Walker Indeed. When I saw the name of this video I thought it might be ALEC they were talking about.

    3. Dark Money? Just call it what Dark Money really is, the wealthy are intent on destroying democracy. Face it people, your freedom is lost.

  9. Anyone not agreeing with their BS is “Cancel Culture” until they’re ready to cancel everyone else!

  10. They are trying to intimidate the voter and keep them from even coming to the polls..This will backfire spectacularly, We will do exactly what Georgia did..Turn out in numbers to big to ignore..I hope they all rot in He!!…

    1. You better be ready for blood then, because I think all these random shootings are just target practice for 2022 in case nothing they do deters us from going to the polls.

      Let’s get into good trouble!

    2. I think these Two Party 2 guys need culling, not just with a vote, which they have discredited.

    3. Yes I’m voting in every election local and national from here on out thanks trump for making me part of the election process if it weren’t for you maybe I would of never voted in elections. 😉

  11. It’s sad that they can brag about being owned by the rich but claim in public that they’re “for the working class”…

  12. Hold them accountable and keep reporting on these outrageous things that are happening! What country are we living in…unbelievable what is coming out every day!

    1. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m so sorry to witness it. Voting should be made easy, not hard. It kinda scares me. All the best from Denmark.

  13. If the Heritage foundation is flat out writing laws then they should lose their tax exempt status as a non-profit.

    1. They’ve been doing this for decades. It’s the Koch’s money. Mainstream media protects the Kochs.

    2. @Rita Marie Kelley Kochs and Waltons and Princes and DeVoses and the late Sheldon Adelson and a lot of other money-but-no-real-brains donors who think they can use trump and the Qwacko GQP congress to get their little kingdoms set up…

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