Learning about Canada's residential school system should be mandatory, says Cindy Blackstock 1

Learning about Canada’s residential school system should be mandatory, says Cindy Blackstock


First Nations Children and Family Caring Society's Cindy Blackstock says there are children buried at residential schools 'across Canada.'

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    1. Like what, teaching the less fortunate and giving them an education so they wouldn’t die?

    1. Not every school talks about it. A lot of teachers will add stuff to curriculum that they want to teach.

    2. None of this was on my curriculum anywhere in regular school or university. It also wasn’t part of the curriculum in my province until the last few years. Yes I am a teacher .

  1. Here’s the issue. I have, like many of you, have been hearing about this for years. It’s terrible. Just an awful situation. So, my question is: What could be done to rectify the situation to an acceptable amount?

    1. It will never be enough. Future generations will be shamed and guilted based solely on skin color until the end of time

  2. ACROSS CANADA – it’s time to dig them up and give them proper burials at the expense of the churches.

  3. This is basic knowledge…

    Back in the 90s this was taught in our system (Ontario). As an Aboriginal, it would be nice if the positives about my culture were taught; not focusing on the negative of what some Europeans did.

    Focus on the positive, not the negative. It will benefit all of society quite well.

    1. @Garrett Stroop I can only speak to what I know but maybe other provinces don’t teach it either

    2. @kohakufire16 idk all provinces I’ll admit that’s why I was confused because ik in Ontario I’ve been taught this I expected it to be common knowledge in any history course

  4. Residential schools where ran by the government and church. What can you learn from that? Don’t trust the government and church!

  5. Residential Schools are part of Canadian History and must be mandatory in our education system.

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