1. Picture was 60 years ago of him standing there. LeBron should have defended Kyrie because there was nothing wrong with telling black people to stand up. He was scared to lose sponsors. Weak

  1. I also want to say. That I am glad that people are finding their courage to speak truth especially when you see the picture of a Young Man shouting a racist slur at a child because of integration of a school. Call it out every time 💯🙏🏿🙏🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏿


  2. Diamond thing, LeBron, James forgot to say this is what integration has done to the black community. That’s why they can do this to Kiven Irving, and then choose to ignore Jerry Jones.

  3. Everyone saying Jerry has changed has not listened to his comments when the photo was brought up. He sounded like he was above everything that has happened and did not care. This is the 3rd time he has some type of controversy and he won’t denounce racism. Like LeBron said the Kyrie situation was used to sweep it under the rug as usual.

    Edit: and also I know some people will say “well Jerry is football and LeBron is basketball.” LeBron is a HUGE cowboys fan so why didn’t the media ask him?

    1. @Juventino Casillas ..You are 100% right ,once u start speaking on the (fake)J’s then it’s an issue and they have a problem with it..Also it goes to show the hypocrisy of the way the media covers Black folks transgressions compared to other races.

    2. They aren’t even close to being the same. I think it’s dumb all the questions the press asks but LeBron doesn’t have to comment

  4. Add Brett Favre to this group! Why is nobody talking about the disgusting things he is being accused of ! Double standard to the highest power!

    1. Entitled and privileged speaks out the neck. When is the last time Lebron heard the word NO. Screw this trick.

    1. @Deunta Pittman I dont agree that what happened to Kyrie was right. He has a right to his opinion. It was messed up that they suspended him for holding an opinion.

    2. @kevin kline football basketball ball baseball tennis or being potus don’t matter their is some double standards if you realize how much difficult it is to reach the top like minorities in all sports then be interviewed or misrepresented during some times dumb got you questions cause some of these reporters doesn’t have your interest but their own to move up the latter in the paper. SO PLAYER’S BE PREPARED TO RESPOND INTELLIGENTLY OR PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE LEBRON BE YOURSELF AND STAY STRONG IN YOUR CONVICTIONS .

    3. @Chuck Rambo Dumb guess. Republicans are the ones who claim everything they don’t like hearing and don’t want to be true is a lie or “fake news.”

      Even an Independent like me has observed that about your preferred faction of the Uniparty.

  5. I can’t agree enough with Lebron on this one. Blocking the doorway of another person who’s just trying to work or get an education, like in this situation, is completely unacceptable. This type of thing still happens today on a more covert level and it’s completely disgusting. I wish the media would have focused on this story more and I wish Jerry Jones would have been more empathetic to the ramifications of what this means to people of color in this country in his answering of the question. On a personal level, I’m very offended at this photo, even though I know people can change over long periods of time. But Mr. Jones mentioned nothing of him changing and not supporting the institutional oppression of people of color in any of the responses from him that I have seen.

    1. See how quickly he started backing down when they tried to answer him, huh? That was smart on his part because they were about to tear him a new one.

  6. Every time this double standard shows up , we need to bring it up … it’s not ok .the thing is regardless of how long ago good old Jerry jones stood for what he stood for this has effected a lifetime of how he deals with ethnic diversity .

  7. I need to hear what Chuck and Shaq gonna say. Respect to Bron for noticing the obvious. Now maybe it can be a discussion. The 14 yr old narrative ain’t gonna work Emmit till was 14

    1. Emmitt till is not a good example. He was murdered at 14. However, the woman that lied and they recently found a warrant on her that the state refused to execute is the better example as she contributed to the murder thru conspiracy and she’s still free.

    2. see now this needs to be brought up because emitt till killer nephew was stealing money from poor black in mississippi better know as phil bryant

  8. Like how they emphasize “Lebron calling out jerry jones” but no news outlet actually calls out Jerry Jones.

  9. Jerry was saying ” I didn’t know there would be pictures” basically.
    The Robert Kraft Massages is a whole ‘nother paragraph… even a book maybe

    1. Jerry Jones is football and Kyrie was a former teammate . Lebron can say what he wants but I rather hear what Dak,Dez Bryant,Michael Irvin have to say about Jerry.

      Perhaps the media should ask him about Kanye with Alex Jones.

  10. Exactly what I was saying during the the Kyrie Irving situation smh 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️…they only hold certain ppl accountable…keep everyone accountable and keep that energy for everyone you can’t crucify one and leave the other … Kyrie was the headline of every single news headline for weeks yet with Jerry Jones situation everyone is quiet …such a disgrace

  11. I can understand if you’re going to hold one side accountable at least whole Jerry Jones accountable for that picture he took or got caught in so they say🤔

  12. Been saying this!! People just aint keeping the same energy when it come to anti-blackness. Same with Kanye, been spreading anti black sentiments since at least 4 years ago. But people have problems and people burn bridges when Jewish people get slandered. “I’m sorry, walking all over black people with no consequences is old news” 😐🤦🏾‍♂️😔

  13. i was a 14-year-old southern white boy that went to an all-white school. Like most others in this country, I was an idiot. I was stupid. I was ignorant. Personally, my parents would have never allowed me to be in such a situation, as to confront anyone at any time. Oh, and I would consider myself a bigot back then. Not because my parents taught me to be that. Now, many years later and approximately the same age as Jerry Jones, I have learned so much about life and people and bigotry. Somedays I’m even proud of who i am and how I’ve turned out. But, Lebron James is right, most of the media is blatantly biased toward most minorities, especially blacks. So, we have all learned a lot in the last 60 years. Well, maybe I should say most of us have learned a lot. With the likes of T.R. ump and his pals, this country has taken a huge step backward. Let’s try to be better. Life will be so much nicer.

  14. The bigger question is why don’t the media ask white players questions about jerry jones. Like Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers etc. Why don’t they ask former players like Peyton and Eli Manning etc like they did Shaq and Charles Barkley in regards to Kyrie?

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