Lee On Gohmert COVID-19 Diagnosis: ‘Sad Day’ For Those Who Have To Be Around Anti-Maskers | MSNBC


  1. All it takes is one selfish individual to infect all those around them. Gohmer needs to good swift kick in the…..

    1. @Eric Klaus you idiots bringing up chris cuomo like anyone likes or gives a flying eff about him 🙄 Try again. Oh, and he’s NOT an elected official. He’s a guy on tv who isn’t progressive, he’s just a tv news personality.

    1. Yup, science and health should not be madepolitical, sadly thanks to Trump it has been. You would think wearing a mask is worse than getting a tooth pulled after listening to his supporters whine.

    2. Bob The Builder how about I kick you out of the country for hating it and encouraging people to riot and protest and cause chaos around the country..? You brainwashed socialist traitor’s need to do some research.. 👌🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸✊🏻

    3. mike litoris who’s the cry babies in the street protesting every day across America..? You socialist traitors never stop crying and rioting because you don’t get your way.. 🤣👌🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸✊🏻

    4. @Dak Ota Crybabies were protesting against the shutdown/against masks. Now there 155k deaths in America.

    5. mike litoris and you brainwashed dummies still pint the finger at Trump even though it was China’s fault. Idiots..! Don’t you got a BLM riot to attend to lunatic..? 👌🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

  2. No it’s not a sad day, he asked for it! I feel sorry for the people that has to work for this clown?!

    1. That’s right my friend. That guy respects nothing, it’s sad not because he got it but because of people forced to work for him. .He spends all his time disturbing Congress in the most lawless way. What a pity!

    2. At least one of them is defecting. At least one staffer is leaking information to the press because he is unhappy that the entire staff, including interns, has been told that they have to continue to come to work to “set an example for reopening.” But I agree: congressional staffers are not stupid or disenfranchised people. They choose to work for these members. So my sympathy is limited.

    1. Its amazing how stupid leftist are ……the state with the most cases California Democrat the state with the most deaths NY Democrat coincidence? Nope

    2. @Kevin McNeil CA is not all DEM or ALL GOP just like any place we are a mix of people. Just so happens though we have one of the highest populations in the union might just have to do with those numbers right?

    3. ​@Kevin McNeil trump and his clown posse, including Gohmert, have politicized simple, effective measures like mask wearing. It affects the whole nation, including CA.

    4. Kevin McNeil, you add new dimensions to stupid. California is the most populous state in the country and extends the distance equal to New York to Miami. New York has five international airports that move hundreds of thousands of travelers a day, and a transit system that moves more people in one day than live in most states. Cuomo was the first governor to deal with a major outbreak of the virus. He was forced to bid against other states for equipment PPE and supplies. He was the first to shutdown the state, first to deal with shortages, and shortages of beds and workers, doctors ventilators and PPE, and supplies costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars more. Since New York’s experience the drugs have improved the survival rate, and New York went from worst to first in flattening the curve through social distancing and shelter in place orders. Once masks became available to the public the numbers dropped precipitously. We are currently keeping the rate at about 1.08% through testing. If the rest of the states had learned the lessons from New York, they wouldn’t be experiencing uncontrolled infection rates.

  3. Louie Gohmert, the Gomer Pyle of Congress, is proof that ignorance is not bliss. How did this guy get elected? If he is the best and the brightest of his District, one has to wonder what goes on down there?

    1. LOL and he’s trying to say he got it from wearing a mask….just what tRumps cult needs to hear

    2. Pollution and lax environment laws that gets into the water supply and rivers, especially the Houston Ship Channel and San Jacinto river. My sister and I used to go to the river on tje south side of I-10 to fish and crab (catch & release only because the fish and crabs would have tumors on them. It’s just a little south of that pit where a chemical pit is and it’s now underwater and leaking (for over a decade now) and instead of the state just going ahead and cleaning it up they leave it and make a half-hearted attempt to find out who owns it. And there is a rusty barge parked on the west side for at least 30 yrs now.
      So Texas republicons don’t care, they get all that money from the oil & chemical companies!

  4. Covid-19 is NOT unpredictable. Everyone that knew how to do basic math and understands 4th grade science saw all this coming. Only to the GOP is it unpredictable.

  5. Maybe she’s experiencing the anger the rest of us feel when a loved one suffers from the Trump virus. It could be slowed but we are fighting so much stupidity and selfishness. 😡

    1. yahoosier indiana not that big of a deal to me, I wouldn’t think of going without one.
      I’m severely claustrophobic, and hyperventilate every time I wear one. I still wear one tho. Just remind myself to face the anxiety and that I am contributing to community safety.

    2. We all need to respect and care for each other!!!! We all live on this planet together!!!! 🙏💖🇺🇸

  6. I hope Gohmert recovers, but only after some time on a ventilator. The anti-maskers need to hear from their own about just how dangerous their beliefs truly are.

    1. It’s hard to understand why adults don’t understand the danger our Country is in with this virus so easily to catch 💐

  7. I’m not wishing Gohmert well at all. He should have worn a mask. He was told, he chose to be stupid.

    1. Regis left 20 million to the trump campaign… he is a smart man! MSNBC is on an agenda… wake up America

    2. @PMAGOO 100 My respect for Regis just went from 0 to 100. Had no idea he was as brilliant as he was.

    3. @Richard G Sorry, but he has been pictured with the big boys; republican colleagues, bill Barry, etc, maybe even mike pence.

    4. He chose to please his cult leader & look what happen. He couldn’t go to the party on the party plane!

  8. This are not stupid people, they allow this virus in.keep tapping on that bench,hope he tapped out.there is no vaccine for stupidity.

    1. @mike litoris I’m from Texas and I remember when I was about 12-13 the other kids talked about that a lot and I knew that they heard that crap from their parent & grandparents!

    2. This is about a man who HATES democracy. If you consider that none of this would be happening and all of it,decrees gutting,closing depts, and pretending he doesn’t believe in climate change (he lives on the beach, he KNOWS the ice is melting, most sunny days you cannot get to your car without wading at least ankle deep in tide washing over streets–dont buy it, he knows he is supposed to be doing something but he has his maga brood saying they don’t believe it for him!) No the only theory for EVERYTHING he has ever said and done, from the seemingly idiotic tweets, to baiting race hatred, to sucking up to ALL dictators is..
      HE HATES AMERICA, as there have always been a few way-outs that believe a powerful tsar-ist class could make it run right, like in the guilded age when the starving just remained dumb and over-worked because they didn’t know any better. He believes he was chosen by billionaires to make a better world for those that matter just like Putin–who in his 2000 inaugural speech cited USSR principles and openly AntiAmerican plans saying western democracies ruined everything, that NATO should be closed, Germany should shrink–we are getting out before he leaves the WhiteHouse–and England should leave EU. Trump is shutting down govt. They both agree our governments are too big and should be run by one man.Impossibly huge, but the Soviet style column of power with Justice under the Presidential Branch, is here. NOW, only Congress can save us and half of them think it will turn out ok if we just “eliminate waste and lower taxes.”

    3. @Cynthia2020 Word True, so true and keep telling the truth. You speak “real” Ruth Too, many speak their blind, truth.

  9. *Gohmert is a Texan…* which means he should be sent home to expire among family if he gets real sick.

  10. Why is Melania being allowed to redecorate/remodel the Rose Garden during this pandemic and economic reality???
    Oh yeah I remember,
    She doesn’t care, do you?

    1. Actually she’s waiting for Election Day too 😉. She won’t stay with the orange man any longer than necessary I bet.

    2. kare more why it’s the perfect time for it sweetheart, cheer ya right up😘 Why not brighten an otherwise gloomy day(pats head) Now go play in your little flower garden.
      Dismissed 😊

  11. Gohmert will be well treated. He has socialized health care coverage – courtesy of the taxpayers.

    1. And that sucks,they should get their insurance from the same exchange we purchase ours and pay for it themselves!!!!!!

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