Lee: Trump Didn’t Care About Flynn, But Wanted To ‘Undermine The Mueller Investigation’ | Deadline 1

Lee: Trump Didn’t Care About Flynn, But Wanted To ‘Undermine The Mueller Investigation’ | Deadline


NBC News correspondent Carol Lee discusses her extensive reporting on Donald Trump’s motivation to pardon his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and how it connects to the president seeking revenge on special counsel Robert Mueller. Aired on 12/3/2020.
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Lee: Trump Didn’t Care About Flynn, But Wanted To ‘Undermine The Mueller Investigation’ | Deadline


    1. only thing that stuck was ratting out his partner and kid so they wouldn’t prosecute the kid, then a trumpian judge threw out his traitor/partner’s conviction after the fact so all three walked

  1. Never forget…it is ALWAYS about how it can benefit Donnie.
    Not justice
    Not what is good for the nation
    Just Donnie….

    1. @Amfonee Granilla Is that the best you have??? Trump don’t like turd eaters who can’t lie with a straight face..

  2. If the FBI can bamboozle Flynn and the GOP so easily (as they imply)…imagine what the Russians have done…

    1. I wonder how many Senators are being blackmailed by kompromat that Putin’s cabal dug up to hold them hostage to Trump. Clearly Lindsay Graham is on the top of that list.

    1. I guess your line of reasoning is “let’s count millions of illegal votes.” I don’t think you’re qualified to speak for reason.

    2. @No Name My line of reasoning follows fact That’s how I make a logical conclusion
      With the Republican Party as the country’s leading party , it is logically inconceivable that Republican Governors and Senior members of the Republican Party
      agree with the courts findings – There Is No Proof – There Is No Evidence Guilliani & Co have seen their bogus claims thrown out of court’s across the land
      Trump’s Own Hand Picked Legal Team has failed to challenge the election’s real outcome Biden Won Make America Sane Again

    1. Actually, you’re in the dumpster right now because all the voter fraud evidence is being released now. I watched Georgia voting fraud on surveillance today, these clowns are lying to you. Why be fooled?

    1. Flynn looks like he could have been a good friend and associate of Whitey Bulger. (organized crime boss and FBI informant)

  3. Trump & cronies ALL useless… very scarey 70 million Americans voted for this fool… Thank god Biden won the election

    1. But the Damages that he’s doing could last a lifetime, he can’t be trusted with update National Security Briefings after Office, like most Ex-Presidents, his taxes says lots.

    1. @Bruce Smith you are what is wrong with this country. You overlook the crook in the white house to make baseless accusations against the cure for this dying country. ESADA

  4. Always remember, a piece of paper handed out by a person purporting to be president will never, ever remove the fact that Flynn admitted to lying.

  5. Trump has two parts of a brain: ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

    1. Ha ha ha…. there should be an additional REPLY option in the Comment Section that simply laughs “HaHaHa” to indicate that I “agree with your comment.”

    2. Ya Trumps still got two brain cells left. One’s lost in all that empty space, and the other one is running around trying to organize a search party.

    1. @Michael Stephen I’d settle for
      Trump’s remaining years with a happy button and a straight jacket in a round rubber room while 15 years of Obama speeches are piped into the room. After he’s convicted for treason he should be Locked up in disgrace as a menace to society in much the same way Charles Manson was.

    2. @geofo60 Geof Harris Just as Hitler deployed imaginary armies while in his bunker, Trump is claiming imaginary votes

  6. This is exactly what happens when you have the GOP in charge of the country… Nothing Good comes out of this party… They need to be voted out and NEVER be in charge again!

  7. Very bizarre. Flynn lied to Pence and Flynn lied to Trump! He was all for himself accepting bribes from foreign countries! Treasonous Crook!

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