Legacy Road Projects – Part 1 – 3 Years Later | TVJ News – April 4 2022

Legacy Road Projects - Part 1 - 3 Years Later | TVJ News - April 4 2022 1


  1. So called,it is indeed a fact! Jamaica’s infrastructure badly needed upgrading and expansion,once works are completed, we all will reap the massive benefits.

  2. The delays and heavy traffic congestion is telling me that government for years neglected to keep up with necessary infrastructure developments. We must plan with future growth in mind.

  3. We can solve the traffic problem in the city. By building an overhead rapid rail system for Kingston and St Andrew, Portmore and St Catherine

  4. I believe the traffic in corperate area is not only cause by the legacy road project, but this project was also well needed and most person are greatful. The roads that were recently upgraded would normally have more traffic in the mornings where you would find persons who are heading to work and in the evening when that same group of individuals would head back home using that same route, I believe to fix this issue is not to add extra lane but to provide better quality jobs in the area where these people live. These persons are coming Portmore, Spanish Town, May Pen and even as far as St. Ann for some, the quality of jobs in these areas is limited, I am not only calling on the government to fix this issue but also the private sector to be more open minded and think about Jamaica as a whole and not St. Andrew & Kingston, and develope the other towns and cities in the different parishes so that they can be more attractive for businesses.

  5. These loga heads its not the roads it more people bought cars so more vehicles on the road more taxi more bus a lot more bikes….so imagine the little roads with this amount of cars dam and yea tthe time lines if everyone is going to work and school at the same time and going home back the same time period what you think would happen

  6. Which country does not have traffic ours is very good compair to some places ….im giving thanks for just making it to and from safely🙏

  7. Deal with the traffic congestion in Portmore so the traffic on Mandela highway going into Portmore will move freely. Thus lessen the traffic on Mandela for drivers going beyond to Portmore.

  8. All I can say there is always negative people, and Jamaica seams to have more than there fair share of those people; especially these persons at TVJ. They were complaining while the road was been built, and every other aspect of Jamaica development, why??? Because they and their 18 years in power do nothing Government PNP, didn’t do anything, and one have to wonder how comes so much development is taken place in Jamaica within 6 years, and nothing done in 18??? It just show that all they do is talk negative, and action? nothing!!!

  9. Don’t blame the it on getting new road but on the lawlessness of the road users. There is by far more person driving than before and it is only going to get worse because their will be more person buying cars and less road

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