1. As pathetic as this sounds , does the United States allow a President to commit treason and pardon himself ? What other civilized country operates like this ?

  2. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    1. @notyuu It’s past the curve near the Q man. We’re getting over this curve. 2 weeks, we got em. Audits are racist

    2. @drainbrain So we the people of this great nation “SHOULD ACCEPT” that a lawful United States of America election is somehow unlawful and how? “Where’s the corruption?”
      That graduate courses are now somehow taught not just at some law schools, as an elective, but is actually being taught in K-12 schools and not only that, but at the elementary grade level? Graduate courses mind you, no prerequisites necessary… Where are these courses, what do they look like? And don’t tell me a book written by Michelle Obama, a book about Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King… “Show me the material?” How else do you justify these “Fahrenheit 451 philosophies like an actual school board president burning books (That actually happened in Nazi Germany) or a freaking Governor in the U.S. banning certain books written by a former first lady or simply a true story about actual U.S. history in an entire state? WTF.

      Oh and by the way, we “SHOULD ACCEPT” that the GOP and Trump gave billionaires a huge tax break of over a trillion dollars and that somehow it’s sensible governance? When so many people either have mental illness or are homeless, including children and widows. But we can’t afford to pay for a jobs program to fix the infrastructure and to provide sustainable jobs that could reduce our dependency on fossil fuels sold mostly by tax exempted multinational fossil fuel producers and foreign countries like Saudi Arabia (the birth place of people like Bin Laden – some of their people want us Dead)! And it ain’t peaceful Muslims!

      We now “SHOULD ACCEPT” having national news organizations and popular radio personalities that can legally radicalize weak minded or mentally ill citizens (Like some kinda sadistic “Order 666.”) They can fire up racists and in fact help to cause the deaths of innocent people and children all under the guise of white people being replaced and the right to carry, “not just guns, but actual weapons of war?” Full clip and thousands of ammo! (In case you aren’t aware, that made up narrative goes by the name of a replacement theory and oh the 2nd amendment).

      We also “SHOULD ACCEPT” building a wall to keep people out that we should have helped economically decades ago, if you wanted this region of the world economically sustainable then there would have been less of a need to prevent immigration if we had made sure they could sell us goods the same way we did with Taiwan. Oh unless you’re from Ukraine, then you can get here in mere days, skill set or not?

      And now we “SHOULD ACCEPT” a president that is actually trying his level best to be a decent humane president despite people like you doing whatever you can to tear this country down just to prove these sick politics.

      We “SHOULD ACCEPT” diminishing voting right’s and holding truck after truck knowing full well that all these supply chain issues are really what’s driving this inflation like governor Abbott in Texas! Or the war by Russian Greed Himself (Putin) (similar to American Greed) driving up fuel prices and don’t forget at least two of trumps cronies, one of which his son-n-law have made millions off of Saudi Arabia. Again a country that we depend on for fossil fuels and are literally making record profits selling us all that oil! Hum, they won’t discount one penny???

      But again we “SHOULD ACCEPT” all this. Just ignore the truth and let people like yourself delude yourselves and us into thinking this is all just normal political discourse. Man, are you Crazy?

    1. Because there is zero evidence that there was any wrongdoing on his part.

      It’s almost like you people have just given up on thinking alltogether.

    2. @K Webber Yeah, sure don’t want anyone standing up for Truth and actual justice, do we? None of that around here, that’s for sure.

    3. @Gurka Gurkadurka ” there is zero evidence that there was any wrongdoing”
      except for him admitting it and all the other mounds of evidence.

      “It’s almost like you people have just given up on thinking alltogether’
      well, some of us have. here’s a hint- it’s the ppl who think overthrowing the government wasn’t wrong.

  3. We should do good deeds that touch people s
    hearts throughout our lives.
    Only by setting a good example for others
    will we become strong.

    1. @trumpist Bro your account is brand new and you’re completely switching the subject. Y’all will deny what’s right in front of you because it’s not what you want to see or hear. Y’all are insane and detached from reality.

    2. @Flavortown bro who cares about my account. thats racist. i was using the lying eyes thing does that work or do you do something different

  4. Just imagine people like Sinclair Lewis or George Orwell were still alive. They would say ” We told you decades ago it can happen if you don’t get rid of ignorance!”

  5. Soooo, serving Justice all boils down to if Trump REALLY believes in unicorns…or not.
    Ever had a cop or judge ask you: “do you BELIEVE you committed a crime?” WHY NOT?

    1. Rightly said, I don’t agree with it but think it may be the whole point of the collusion and conspiracy charges that he has to KNOW what he did was wrong, even when we have evidence of all the crimes that show he was trying to cheat in any way possible

    2. This is crazy!! So, the rich gets to choose if they believe they committed a crime but the ordinary citizen is told, yes you’ve committed a crime.

  6. “Legal analyst (says) ‘Liz Cheney took a flame thrower to the Big Lie’” so let’s #ConvinceItForward

    1. yeah she lied read half a tweet left out the go home peacefully than said he didn’t tell people to leave

  7. My, my….the canaries are singing! For over a year I’ve been saying I can’t wait for them to turn on each other and now the fun begins. MAKE AMERICA LAUGH AGAIN!! 😂 😂

  8. It won’t matter what she said, what anyone said, or anything that’s shown or proven, his supporters will rationalize why this is fake, or was “created” to go after their savior.

  9. What rap does it hooks you in the intro like when you hear LL Cool Js intro you know its going to be a banger an of course his raps are always bangers !! Last night was of the J/6 hearings were the hooks and the” real bangers” real dirt” ” real traitors” dirt its well on its way and lets hope the two tier justice doesn’t turn out to be truth because they really need to go after and convict the BIG FISHES without hesitation or excuses ALL EYES ARE ON YOU MERRICK GARLAND !!

  10. “I say this to my Republican colleagues: You are defending the indefensible. There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone… but your dishonor will remain.” -Liz Cheney

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