1. @Matt T There are enough GOP witches who got their prison sentence. Yeah, well, there are more corrupt swamp lizard, Q witches, Trump crazies, Fascists, far right idiots and Nazis in the GOP than elsewhere. Can’t help it man, the GOP should clean their party from the inside out.

    2. @Scott Hughes that’s because some people put links to other sites which can be harmful they harass people or completely use false information. You are given an option to report such posts therefore they remove them.

  1. I mean… if you’re rich, the law doesn’t apply for you. It’s always been like that.. our country is broken lol

    1. The fact that you apply that to trump is very telling. Bush? Biden? Obama? McCain? Pelosy? Cheney? Waters? Feinstein?

    1. No lol this will never sort out the way you want it to. They’ll keep you scrubbing for more. Never. Ending. Cuz it’s a fucking lie

    2. @C0Y0TE Lol The orange diaper has become a joke .He is getting clowned by Ye .Some Republicans are started to see that at the end of the day he is just an old crazy man .Best of all , he will never be president again .I don’t need to wait It’s happening live .Go on Truth central ,your grandpa needs you .I bet he is still reliving 2020 .lol bye

    3. @Sassouu Sasoo Some rebublicans 😂 They are money making shills. Please dont tell me you think any of them are for you. They are making million on both sides.

  2. How is this a discussion??? Can he do all this from a jail cell? We all would…how the heck he still out after classified documents leaving the White House??? This is an open and shut case

  3. Some lawyers who aren’t getting paid are being yelled at while having cheeseburgers chucked at them. Other than not being paid they have nothing to worry about, Twimp’s arm is no better than his golf swing.

  4. Trump’s appeals should be tossed out. Also any frivolous appeals should not take time away from the prosecution….those days should get taken back.

  5. Frivolous delays shouldn’t be able to run out the clock. Like a fowl in sports stops the clock, so should any frivolous tactics in court proceedings.

  6. And the plaintiff suffers another Bigly loss. Judge Cannon told you lack integrity, professional competence or Judicial temperament. He can’t deny all he’s got is delay.

  7. I wonder if Donald would keep up the delay tactic if he were arrested and told he would remain in jail until this gets solved, they have enough to arrest him and hold him because he is a flight risk.

  8. So, Judge Cannon will simply carry on being a lawless judge, FOR LIFE, without incurring any disciplinary action whatsoever, and without being investigated for improper conduct. Got it. So everybody should just accept this, shrug, and carry on as if she is competent and clean-handed?

  9. Man I’ll say this, when you have money and your of a certain group, the justice system truly becomes a gymnastics!

    1. Good question. Seem like he appeals things that were already appealed and settled. Why the question of EP was not settled on day one – when we all knew Biden has it and not Trump, is beyond me.

  10. The US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has a reversal rate of about 8.9%. To have the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reverse two of Trump‘s recently appointed Federal Judge Cannon’s case involving Trump is definitely two “Black Mark” on Judge Cannon’s record.

  11. He’s been upset that the judges he appointed haven’t been more loyal to him
    He finally found one who was and she is getting rebuked by her superiors
    There is a process for judicial review to remove judges who decide to paint outside the lines in legal matters and Cannon deserves her chance to explain herself before a judicial review panel
    The proper process of law must be followed, even for those that fail to follow it themselves

    What amused me about the special counsel was that he himself seemed confused as to why there needed to be a special counsel

  12. I’m so annoyed with all the appeals and back tracks. I think with the great importance of this case, every hearing should be pushed to the forefront, so this can get resolved immediately.

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