Legal Hammer Could Drop On Trump Org. Within Days Sources Say

Sources are now telling NBC News that the Trump Org. could face criminal charges from the Manhattan DA's Office within days. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg.
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    1. @Giovanne S Hate to tell ya but there wont be a Trump running in 2024. They all will be ineligible because of federal crimes.

    2. Lol, mobster! Research how many “mobster” trials end in failure of conviction. This could backfire and be the END RICO after Giuliani, ironically, fought so hard to reinvent.

    3. @Paul Ranger I’m not even a physician, and I can see incompetent behavior by Trump. There will be no question that he’s incompetent. He’ll never spend a minute in jail. Too much money, too much influence.

    1. He’s suffering as we type our comments. He will always be known as the one term, twice impeached disgraced president. No way getting around that.

    2. Why? Canada still hates Biden. Even his toxic CRT almost spread here, but the woman was kicked out of the schoolboard Zoom meeting for being a black supremacist.

  1. I am getting concerned there won’t be any real punishment here… I don’t care about the Trump Organization being punished. I want Trump jailed.

    1. @Jonish ramirezhey smooth brain, he would be in prison for financial crimes. Stop using phrases you just learned on OAN.

    2. @may wilson that’s what people thought the first time! And there is no law prohibiting a convicted person from running for any political position.

    3. The ONLY thing Trump cares about is MONEY. Indict the Trump Organization and all their loans will be called and the Trump Organization will have to file for bankruptcy. NO more shell company for his criminal activity. This will hurt Trump MORE than going to jail. 😉

    1. @jj welsh75 yeah, what assets?? Can’t take what’s not owned by percentages. Yup, more loopholes.

    1. @l l very revealing documents aren’t enough to convict wealth and white privilege. Consequences are for poor people and minorities

    2. Come on man demented biden is a criminal and you are a criminal as well for supporting such demented old man.

    1. @Ford Perfect REPTILIAN AGENDA IS REAL !
      KEEP HOPE ALIVE, an after the audits of Fraudulent Voters activities, “Those People ”
      Are Getting to the Bottom of that FLAT EARTH THEORY,,,Next!. 🤣🤣✌🤙

    1. Are you trying to start a riot-in jail? Putting Trump in jail on the fourth of July is like sentencing him death before we have fun following the trial. I have some serious popcorn saved up for the Trump trial. And my invitations for our viewing party are not quite ready.
      I’m waiting to see if Trump will be indicted on the 6th of July.
      His attack on the Capitol was on the 6th of January.
      The 6th of July would be another telling 6… And it would also be 6 months since the insurrection. There. 6-6-6 for Trump. Just watch as this may happen.

  2. Please. I know it takes time, but Please, I need to see him in a suit that matches his bloated face. Soon.

    1. It won’t happen. But don’t worry, he’ll have to sell almost everything, his wife and family will distance themselves from him… and since his ego is the only thing that gives him a reason to live, he’ll die fairly soon.

  3. Please let it happen. It’s time for them to atone for their crimes, which we know are plentiful

  4. In the past 40 years the only thing Trump has spent more time on than defending litigations is golf and his comb over. His golf cheating and his comb over are indefensible.

    1. His combover is the reason behind the hole in the ozone layer. Seriously, wouldn’t it be interesting to see $ spent on hairspray a year?

  5. Would be could be maybe, put weaselburg in prison for a week then ask him if he will throw Trump under the bus

  6. Now is the only time I’d condone trump having his Twitter. His public meltdown over this would be glorious

    1. @TesserId
      Sorry straight jacket just come in pale white only. But better than an orange straight jacket is the free orange colored padded room.
      If you have a vivid imagination you can imagine what a beautiful vision that could be…
      Hope is a wonderful thing…and wishing is still free.

    2. Oh, let’s take the fantasy one step further. That Hannibal Lecter transport rig: face mask, straight jacket, and hand truck.

    3. You forget that a large swath of people follow every conniving word he utters. It wouldnt be nearly as satisfactory or meltdown-y as you think.

  7. Hammer, heck with that we want a avalanche! Then go after the fraud court cases Trump stooges have filed while not winning a singla case! Same on the Audits! Arizona better have significant results or they need to round up the state senate republicans plenty of chain gangs needed for fighting fires and field work!

  8. I can’t go to jail, my doctors wrote a “very strong letter” that I have jail spurs.
    I should know, I’m the greatest at jail spurs. Nobody does jail spurs better than I do.

    1. Would love to see him lose all his precious golf clubs! And take that gaudy gold name off that building in New York city!

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