Legal Heat On Trump: Insider Thinks Money Man Will Stay Silent 1

Legal Heat On Trump: Insider Thinks Money Man Will Stay Silent


Citizen Donald Trump’s kids are speaking out amid an ongoing criminal probe after their company, the Trump Organization, and its longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg. Donald Trump Jr. posted a thirteen-minute-long video attempting to defend the company, but he could have made the case against it worse. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses the growing pressure against Trump and Weisselberg with Trump’s former campaign adviser Sam Nunberg. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Way to go Lil Conald. Throw daddy under the bus. In the streets what you did is called ‘Dry Snitching’…Nice!

    1. @mustafa1name Trump corp didn’t pay taxes either. That’s where Trump corp failed yet again.

    1. @John Ryskamp Sure he will. Allen’s attorney is telling him to not flip until you gets the best deal. It’s just negotiation strategy. Nobody accepts the first offer(s). Allen has the ‘goods’, so he’s very powerful.

    2. @Keeper of The Lists don’t forget to pay the taxes on any $$$ made. Torturing weiselberg 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    3. He’s a trump loyalist, the canary won’t sing. Jail him in full.term. ,I don’t think he’ll want to die in prison

  2. If these grifters had a nano ounce of tint in their skin they would be jailed. All of them.

    1. Nope. I get what you are saying but the Green in the bank determines more than you clearly think.

    2. @Drew Benz now a lot of credibility has to be given to YOUR point. but thinking race isn’t it’s main means of operation, is to ignore strategy’s involved; divide and conquer specifically, thanks!!

    3. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture Just in case in your missed it….being racist is not rational.

    1. @T Electronix She had the documents in storage from the lawsuits back when Donald screwed her out of her inheritance. The reporters hoped she still had all of it and it took them awhile to convince her to share it. At least that’s what she said in an interview.

    2. @tubruton She absolutely did not say she had all the documents, nor that she knew for any length of time what they contained and implied about the fraud carried out against her.

      The idea she could have stopped trump “if only she had come forward sooner” is incorrect.

    3. Yes. Sadly, corrupt New York State and City facilitated the Trump family crimes for half a century.

  3. The Trump “organization” is nothing more than a money laundering organization.

    The main difference between an LLC and a corporation is that an LLC is owned by one or more individuals, and a corporation is owned by its shareholders.

    That’s why the Trump organization is built on a mountain of multiple LLCs and real estate properties. LLCs and real estates have always been the preferred method of laundering money….. especially Russian money.

    1. @cuki-Face No but they believe that Aliens are visiting Earth and about to introduce themselves to us 🙂

    2. There’s a few key differences between an LLC &
      a Corporation, mostly being beholden to shareholders, formal record keeping & tax filing. Those are the big 3. I don’t think it was really about money laundering, although I’m sure it makes one feel better to say it, it’s just not the case. Money, yes certainly, laundering? No, tax savings? Sure. Trump is a full on narcissist, that alone explains the LLC filing really. Lol

    3. @Baybarb27 My boss was LLC. Do you think he was a narcissist?

    4. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture that’s a false equivalence & I’m going to assume you knew that. If not, well you learned something new. You’re obviously in a pugnacious mood here, I’m not interested.

    5. _”The main difference between an LLC and a corporation”_
      *WTF? A Limited Liability CORPORATION IS a CORPORATION.*

  4. ooh let them keep talking is like giving candy to the courts. wow, can they get any dumber?

    1. We’re seeing the panic of the guilty, who know they’re on that list of, “unindicted coconspirators.” I don’t care if The Wiesel doesn’t talk. Let his lack of cooperation and refusal to take responsibility be reflected in his sentence? Once he’s convicted, that proven case will lead to more indictments and convictions. I have no problem with that.

    2. I call it the Jan 6th effect. You know commit a crime, document and post it one line for the authorities to use it to arrest you.

    3. I’m sure anything they say on Faux Noise can easily be excluded. It’s not under oath. Junior can say he doesn’t know if paying the tuition is true and was simply reacting to the headline. We all KNOW the skinny, but I doubt this will be admissible. Plus, I doubt a Trump attyvis going to allow anyone to be questioned under oath.

    1. @Al Notterbot What are good video games these days?

  5. Seems like Don Jr is trying to throw Daddy under the bus first, before Daddy throws him under there.

    1. @Tammy Brothers You kids should make a video game for IPhone about it 🙂

    1. “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning” – Donald J Trump

  6. Weisselberg’s entire identity seems to be wrapped up in Donald’s persona. Hmmm, prison at 73 years old?
    Roger Stone would have flipped in a heartbeat if there hadn’t been a pardon dsngling.

    1. The guy is probably more terrified at the prospect of losing his position in trump org than spending the rest of his life in prison. I don’t think the reality of that is getting through to the guy. If he’s spent his entire life in trump’s cocoon of privilege, he probably can’t imagine that would ever go away. Prison or no prison, he feels safe and comfortable in that. Cohen only flipped when he realized trump had already withdrawn his favour.

    2. But really who is the grand pupa that is helping Donald with billions? Not just The maga club house? Trump has a billionaire some where.. Just saying. Trump just does his usual grifting. Just saying

    1. @B Bodziak That’s HIS problem. You can’t do crooked things like this, and hope to get off scot-free forever.

    2. With all of the documentary evidence they half, why do people keep thinking they need Weisselberg to indict Trump, when his sons and daughters are up NEXT!

    3. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture if you actually watched the video you would have seen why your comment is so Republican.

    1. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture I can’t believe you think people will ever take you seriously with that ridiculous user name. It may work at Faux News but any legitimate news org.

    2. @B Bodziak My user name is perfectly serious and describes a serious development in North America. It applies to Fox news too, by the way 🙂

  7. If the Trump Organization is deemed a criminal organization then R.I.C.O. Comes into play and I believe that happened today

  8. Well if they can’t get to Trump through Wiesselberg, then the next best thing would be to put the Trump Organization out of business.

    1. An innocent person would leave the car keys on the porch 🙂

    2. That’s fine. Let his lack of cooperation and refusal to take responsibility be added to his sentence? Once he’s convicted, that proven case will lead to more indictments and convictions. I have no problem with that.

    3. @Ash Roskell This time Trump can’t hide behind his presidency nor provide pardons to his criminal associates.

  9. What about the refunds they applied for and received, that they weren’t entitled to, Don jr? The stupid apple doesn’t fall far from the unimaginative and dumb tree🙄😒

    1. What about the lottery tickets and bananas you promised?

    1. Well, I listened to the argument. “Where could he go?” He could go home and retire! The old bird has plenty of money saved up. does the guy want to die in prison, even if it is White Collar Prison.

  10. Weisselberg isn’t the target, he’s the example set for Trump’s kids so they will flip.

    1. If growing up Trump makes them as dysfunctional as I think, they may well have that now very predictable habit of throwing people under the bus. ~~ Either way, I imagine Trump’s insecurity has him worrying about this. I wonder what kinds of threats he levels at them because of that insecurity.

  11. The “Kids” evaded taxes the same way. Are we going to get them all? One at a time? Who’s next?

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