Legault bans private gatherings in parts of Quebec: 'Situation is critical' 1

Legault bans private gatherings in parts of Quebec: ‘Situation is critical’


Que. Premier Legault announced sweeping new restrictions for parts of the province as COVID-19 cases continue to surge.


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  1. “The situation has become critical.” He has that part correct. Freedom is not something that can be granted by governments, it can only be taken. Freedom is a human right.

    1. Just google it… The govs as all the numbers on their websites. Updated every 24h. All the information is there (in quebec its even by regions, age group, sex, %, actual numbers… So many charts to look at. You don’t need the news to give you an abbreviation go make your own.

    1. It takes 4 to 8 years to make a vaccine… They are making it in 1. Chill we do this because we don’t have anything else to fight it.

    2. Claude Martin in Florida the governor showed the stats from the CDC and decided to lift the ban and open everything and no more mandatory masks

  2. 2021 Arrudas goal 4x per year mandatory vaccine..thats their goal..ask your own doctor and they will tell you that’s their plan…this will determine if Quebec is a weak or strong province

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