Legendary Activist Noam Chomsky On Biden’s Presidency And The Modern GOP | MSNBC 1

Legendary Activist Noam Chomsky On Biden’s Presidency And The Modern GOP | MSNBC


When it comes to climate change, there is always more to be done. President Biden has signed an array of executive orders combating the crisis, but the modern GOP’s stance makes it difficult to get long-term legislation passed. Legendary political activist Noam Chomsky joins NBC’s Mehdi Hasan to discuss the threat this position will have on the future of our environment. Aired on 04/19/2021.
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Legendary Activist Noam Chomsky On Biden’s Presidency And The Modern GOP | MSNBC


  1. 2009? I think I remember that year and it was right after we elected a black guy to be president when suddenly the gop decided to become what they are now. What a shocking coincidence.

    1. @Paul Crozer Who cares if the Biden administration is the most diverse…its the biggest Trash administration too…Worse than Obamas and that speaks volumes.

    2. @Black Lies Matter Right! So clearly you’d have absolutely no problem if the exact opposite were occurring and black law enforcement officers were killing unarmed male Caucasians at alarmingly high and staggeringly disproportionate rates of incidence. Surely you’d be just fine with that scenario!! Sadly, you’re ignorance and apathy are the result of your complete void of empathy, compassion, sympathy, understanding and gratitude. In other words, you lack the capacity for wisdom as your existence is obviously steeped in seething anger and paralyzing fear.

    3. @Borvo Since the start of covid I’ve read thousands of comments on youtube on different subjects so, I have to tell you that this yours is one of if not the best and most intelligent so far. I raise my hat to you, sir.

    4. @Black Lies Matter It’s not hatred of whites, it’s hatred of blatant Racists, Hypocrites that accuse others of the very thing they themselves are doing, you know, everything the Republican party currently represents.

    5. @Black Lies Matter I will pray for you. I pray God heals your soul to see beyond your racism and hatred. I pray that God heals the cancer of hatred, that eats away at your heart.
      I pray God convinces you to manipulate your own citizens and leave Americans alone.

  2. He’s got an amazing mind. His voice is a welcome one now.
    Thank you for including him on msnbc. He’s spot on about the gop.

    1. Absolutely correct about the GOP being the most dangerous organization in the world. And not just because of their ignorance about climate change. That is only one of many strikes against the GOP.

  3. I am proud of Noam and that he is a American! He will never know how much he helped me! Eye opener and wiser than many!

    1. @David Guelette If you like leftist populist conspiracy, you like Chomsky.
      If you don’t like conspiracy, you don’t like Chomsky.

    2. @David Guelette No, imperialistic media propaganda conspiracy. As if every single news outlet in the country can’t have their own opinion different from him.

  4. The living legend Noam Chomsky. Always a pleasure to hear from him. His voice is more relevant than ever in these times.

  5. Noam’s message on Biden and climate change, as we say in Scotland, “Wee bites is good fishing”. They have a lot of catching up to do.

    1. @BigMug Bob Oscar Wilde: I wish I had said that.
      James McNeill Whistler: You will, Oscar, you will.. Hope you are all well, take care from Scotland.

  6. Noam Chomsky is an absolute legend, his work in linguistics as well as his knowledge of politics, the misuse of mass media, and world affairs in general is incredible

    1. @wrangler space buh ,whu about trummmppp. hahahahaha. . trump is gone , you cant use him to excuse bidens mess..

    2. @El Cruzer if you remember the last 2 presidential elections , liberal democrats weren’t able to hold their own in a debate ..
      Chomsky. is a pseudo intellectual at best .

    3. @Peter Stoops Give me an example of his writings where he claims that family unit is not proper for human beings to go grow up in. Cant’ wait 4 your answer.

  7. Thank you Noman, you heard him he said Republican are the most dangerous for the human species ,And
    that didn’t came for me, here an activist for more than 50 years struggling to protect the human race annihilation from Extinction ? We going to have to pick up the torch after this great man is gone !

  8. The first time I have heard or read about Noam Chomsky was in middle school. Even then, he said things that were relevant.

    1. Right we’ve become the people who turn their head away. We need to stand up open our eyes and ears to the wrong that’s entered our way of life.

  9. I remember 10-15 years ago when this subject was laughed out on certain radio shows, now the same hosts for those shows are quiet, all the bravado fizzled out, now they just sound like idiots when you play their old discussions.

    1. @J W You have absolutely no idea what socialism is, which is evident in your comment. The means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. It states that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers. This means the money made belongs to the workers who make the products, instead of groups of private owners. Funny how you are all so indoctrinated in making the wealthy, wealthier. You have no idea that capitalism literally enslaves the everyday people.

    2. @Red Dwarf Lmao!! Fantasy land doesn’t exist..the government controls the means of production and is given all the power to control your life..
      Capitalism has faults in an imperfect world but, better than the false utopian idea that someone sold you on..
      In addition, any of the hybrid communist and socialist systems that are in place today only continue to do well because of capitalism…otherwise it could not survive…

    3. @J W You remind me of a sleepover my children had a few months back. They were playing video games and I kept hearing them scream “Republican” at each other. I finally asked what was going on. Turns out, in our very Red State, children in the High-School my children go to, refer to anyone caught lying or cheating as ‘Republican’.

    4. @J W I can see why the GOP attacks education and anyone who has completed College. They must maintain a base, and those who finish High-School and know how to read, rarely stick with the GOP. My Grandfather said it best, when he said, “An educated Republican, is a Democrat”.

    1. I would also add that I know it is difficult for Medhi to do so with such a limited amount of time, but I appreciate that the let Noam Chomsky finish his points this time before moving along.

  10. Chomsky is looking like he’s been hibernating during quarantine! Thank goodness he’s taken the pandemic seriously, we need him around as along as possible!

    1. He’s in his 90’s.

      But make no mistake. He’s as sharp as can be, his memory and knowledge of history is astonishing.

      Chomsky has been taking interviews. This being a 6 min video, I’m surprised Noam even showed up. He usually speaks for an hour or so.

  11. We are so fortunate to still have this man expound on these crucial matters that not only effect to Americans but every living thing on this entire planet.

    1. @Kingmobmor
      Hate to break it to you but second tier universities in a third tier university system is hardly impressive. The US has the best universities in the world by ranking every year. The best minds on earth compete for positions at our elite schools. What was a great university system 150 years ago is now a distant third or forth compared with other countries. Great schools are defined by great faculty and resources. My university has produced more Noble Prize winners than any other university on earth. Remind me how many Nobel laureate are from Bristol?
      Also no one is discussing sociology except for you. Public policy is not sociology!
      Lastly it’s clear that you don’t understand the lottery analogy. You claim the NC is referenced in you university. How on earth does that translate into his work being widely assigned or taught in university circles? It’s does not! It’s you claiming that one of your professors references NC. See methodology as that’s inductive not deductive logic.
      This is why we track which work is being assigned and by whom. The world of Political Science has little interest in the work of NC as it’s lacking in rigor and offers little in the way of supporting research. He simply makes connections between A and G without ever citing how he arrives there. Then again he is NOT a policy analyst. Imagine that!
      In you missed the last century England is no longer the intellectual, cultural or political center of the world. You are about a 100 years too late.

    2. “effect to Americans”. holy cow dude , you can barely string a coherent sentence together ,
      most marxists are ignorant , propagandized and brain washed puppets .

    3. @DrSteve J Citing methodology misses my point. It’s like trying to explain quantum mechanics using the methods of Newtonian physics. When going to the core of any political, sociological, or economic issue, we recognize that all are predicated on the same basic principles. These principles can be extrapolated and applied to any situation that is founded on human thinking and actions. This is the genius of Chomsky… the problem is not the problem, though he often needs to move to that macro level when engaging with the general public. In some ways, it is the simplest of all wisdom, requiring a superior mind to be able to get out of its own way.

  12. Woah — it’s news that Chomsky actually appears on a mainstream media network. Good. His extremely well-read, critically-minded, scientific and philosophic points of view are important to consider.

    1. @J. A. Smith nahh you’re good,, there’s no need to spend any empathy on feelings of pity for those upon whose
      They stay dumb bc it’s
      Against their own desires to KNOW, they instead resort to “knowingly claim” what they “believe”
      is the side with the magic space wizards favor upon them .. but seeing they do not want to have him convict them of their ‘thought crimes’ of secret disbelief they mostly don’t yet ..know that they don’t believe

      That requires self Indoctrination to maintain

    2. @J. A. Smith why would you care , by your previous comments , its obvious that logic and observation could never hope to undo your brain washing . and that you aren’t capable of an adult conversation , and were merely seeking an excuse to be irrationally argumentative ..
      you needn’t bother , i’ve witnessed Chomsky disciples
      and the marxist bs more than once . mindless bullshitters that cant survive in the real world , yet think that they have to save it from humanity . lol

  13. When Gandalf speaks all people of earth need to listen! Seriously, thank you Mr. Chomsky for being an insightful, knowledgeable activist.

  14. First off I want to say much respect for this reporter for not being a somewhat typical reporter that constantly interrupts and or asks all the wrong questions just for ratings and such!!!! He gave Noam the respect he deserves!!!!
    And I mentioned my respect for the reporter first because anybody who knows me already knows I have huge respect for Noam Chomsky!!!!
    Thank you for continuing to light our paths of life and society with truth and hard work!!!!

  15. Noam Chomsky is one of the greatest voices of sanity on any number of issues. Keep talking man, we’re listening.

  16. This must be the first time I’ve seen Professor Chomsky on any of the large “mainstream” TV-news channels. Imagine how much the American people have missed by this wise man being censored.

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