1. True but you know some fans and even celebrities would have bashed him for not taking stronger action, meaning they wanted something to happen to Chris Rock. I think that possibility (which Smith should have not cared about happening) and the fact that Smith played a father who at times forcefully took care of his family had something to do his slapping Chris Rock.

  1. Bruce Willis we love and respect you. Sending prayers and huge hugs to you and your family. Thank you for all the delightful memories of all the great movies we enjoyed for so many many years

  2. Bruce was the hero of my childhood.
    I adored him. No other actor came close to him!
    I will miss his movies and I hope he gets the proper help 😔

    1. @UCtDrVR4XrtjXQ6UjUN_H2Cg Remember Sixth Sense, he took a detour from action movies, I thought that showcased his talent.

    2. But is Acosta anyone’s hero 🤔? He always nails that airbrushed stuffed animal in a suit look, can’t take that away from him.

    3. It’s a progressive kind of thing…it only gets worse (tho you can slow it down). Really sad 😔

  3. Thank you Mr. Willis. I’ve enjoyed your performances in every film I’ve seen you in: 12 Monkeys, Unbreakable, The 6th Sense, The 5th Element and others.

  4. We as a species going forward will hopefully be able to read the brain’s vitals as easily as we can read the body’s. Very sad.

    1. Yes, I thought they had alot of technology to do some of that. Dr. Amen does his spect scans, there are PET scans and FMR. Tech for Psych does alot of research for brain evaluation. By the grace of God Bruce will get all the cutting edge treatments and care that’s available and out there.

    1. Every single interview he does for the rest of his life, this incident will be brought up. Will Smith will get so sick of talking about “the slap”, his punishment will be a life sentence.

    2. It is only going to be remembered by those who allow it to be. When the investigation is done and discipline is handed out, the it should and will be forgotten.

  5. Will Smith was wrong for assaulting Chris Rock. He has a responsibility to set a good example for others, and he should have handled this more professionally. Also, I pray that Bruce Willis will receive the care and support that he needs and is able to maintain a quality of life 🙏 .

    1. Had Mike Tyson been the presenter and made that joke, would Will have slapped him? Of course not. Will is twice the size of Chris who is also a peacefully guy. This was a pure act of bullying, especially after the slap, with the yells and threats. If Will wanted to make a pint that the joke was distasteful, he should have walked up to Chris, put his arm around his shoulders: “Chris you’re a funny guy, but a joke stops being funny when it’s just putting someone down who is suffering, and I don’t appreciate that, at all.” Or something like that. Then Will would have come out the hero. He fuked up.

    2. @Metalosopher the fact that Will was laughing at Chris’ joke at first, then looked his toxic wife rolling her eyes, that’s when he felt pressured to make a scene. He’s scared to death of Jada and she’s nothing but a toxic person. Their marriage is a shamble. I lost all respect for Will.

  6. The News about Bruce Willis.. Is TRULY Saddening… He’s been a JOY to watch for YEARS… His versativity in the parts he’s played are MORE than entertaining…
    Best Wishes Bruce… Thanks for all the Enjoyable ENTERTAINMENT.
    You have a Star in our HEARTS…

  7. My heart goes out to Bruce Willis. May God accompany you and your family on this rocky road. May you find peace.

    1. @Real Aiglon Only and ignorant person makes a claim and doesn’t back it up. But of course, you have no proof.

    2. @Real Aiglon These people who wear their religion on their sleeve ARE irritating. Not sure that those who wear their atheism on their sleeve are any less so.

  8. Let him keep the Oscar .. so that ever time he looks at it he has to remember that night and his stupidity 👏🏻

    1. My bias is showing, perhaps, but Will Smith is known for being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. It was not his intention to inflict injury. Just register a protest. Not completely sure that qualifies as violence. More like an astonishing faux pas. A near inexcusable social blunder.

  9. It truly feels heartbreaking to hear about Bruce Willis. He has a great collection of films under his belt and I hope that he can still have a good life off the set as time goes forward.

    1. Yes, absolutely. I love Bruce and he is loved all over the world. Hopefully he will get the very best of all the care he needs, holistic and modern medicine. We need to keep Bruce in prayer, meditation, and healing positive visualization. Agape , Namaste Bruce and family.

  10. I’m sad. I met Bruce Willis only through television and and I liked him. And I got to love him. I got to know him through the TV-Series “Moonlighting”. And I loved him and Sybill Shepherd. I’m devastated. And on top of all he was half of what America really made great again: he was Half German. I might not even liked him as a person, but I love him for what he became to mean for the world. Thank you Bruce. I also loved your music.

    GEE S. from Germany

  11. *The Sally Field thing wasn’t an embarrassing moment for the Oscars. It’s considered one of greatest moments in the history of the show*

  12. I’m so sorry about Bruce, I experienced aphasia multiple times after seizures (common temporal syndrome of epilepsy attack), the sensation of not being able to speak and write is one of the worst experience to deal with.🙁

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