Legislation Authorizing Insurrection Commission Could Come This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Legislation Authorizing Insurrection Commission Could Come This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Legislation authorizing a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol insurrection could come as early as this week, according to reports. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Legislation Authorizing Insurrection Commission Could Come This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Why would republicans NOT want to get all the facts around how this attack was planned and carried out and who was respon…..

    Ohhh, I get it now.

    1. Mitch, the GOP’s leader, basically said trump caused Jan 6th to happen. He didn’t specifically told them to storm DC but he still radicalized them into it.

  2. 56 members of the Senate is close enough to bipartisan, the remainder can go spend more time with their families.

  3. Of course he wants to limit the scope because he doesn’t want everyone involved to be held accountable especially when he might find himself on it.

  4. Dems must remain deaf to Republican pleas. Leave out the 43 traitors, him included, from any “fact” checks by the Commission.

    1. And the ex-president who killed far more people than Cuomo. If you want to criticize, be fair. Of course, that wouldn’t be the MO of the party.

    1. Republicans only investigate and waste money on conspiracy theories, they won’t devote any time or resources to things that are proven true.

      Just as my Grandfather used to say, “If you want to upset a Democrat, tell them a lie. If you want to upset a Republican, tell them the truth”.

  5. This was a terrorist attack on American soil. It should be treated with the same vigor as any terrorist attack on our soil.

    1. @mike briganti CHAZ looked more like a brief attempt at secession by a relatively small portion of one state. They seem to have resolved their problem.

    2. I suspect the world court and the UN have some complaining to do. For good reason, we sucked on the 6th at being Americans.

    3. No you think that cause main stream media presented it to you that way. They make up there version.. research yourself. No domestic terrorists attack occurred. And that was the conclusion in the impeachment trial. Why he was AQUITTED. The version congress swore happened was disproved in court. So try to stay on topic. Your clearly brain washed and still suffering from Trump derangement syndrome


  6. This shall never go away, nor the exposure of Republican traitors within the US Congress. It is written in history now..

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