‘Legitimacy Crisis’: Hayes Says NYPD Milkshake Incident Reveals Larger Police Issue | All In | MSNBC


  1. In case you wanted evidence as to why the police union isn’t about protecting and serving you the people.

  2. Precious, fragile, sniveling monsters rampage, sadistically suffocate a man on film, terrorize and even murder our families then WHINE THAT THEY ARE THE VICTIMS.

    1. THEY Have Always Been Pathological Liars, Planting Drugs On People, Placing A Weapon On Someone THEY Have Just Killed, Sexual Abuse, False Police Reports,
      The List Is Long, And Has ALWAYS Been A Part Of Their Criminal Behavior, Nothing
      New Here, They’re The REAL Thugs and Licensed Criminals.

    2. Its another glaring hole in the system. Police can literally write events however they want like crime novelists and THAT becomes the irrefutable evidence? Make believe can’t be scrutinized?

      Just another fine example of everything about our justice system and political system is basically one big pinky swear to which it seems everyone crosses their fingers with the other hand behind their back.

  3. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” – George Orwell

    Please vote to put an end to dystopian Trumpism.

    1. Choosing to NOT vote for a President who CREATED Opportunity Zones, Prison/Justice ReformFirst Step Act/2nd Chance Initiative, funding HBCs, School Choice…make you a RACIST.

    2. Good observation but you can come up with a better analogy. Try. We’re looking for the solutions.

    3. @Biden is NOT the candidate HBCU’s were positively given funding by Obama, and prob administrations before him.
      Trump did absolutely nothing new.

  4. “A few bad apples pool the bunch.” The entire barrel of fruit is contaminated and rots because of those “few bad apples.”🤔 🥴

    1. Yes they all take the oath they all dress the same some people call that a gang cops are all a bunch of thugs

    2. That must include all the black cops right? This reasoning is dumb. I have a idea how about only black cops lol what a joke

  5. Of course cops are corrupt and lie. Everybody knows it. Even right wingers who defend cops know they lie. They just don’t care.

    1. The Fraternity Known as the police is actually a secret society/brotherhood that’s why it’s always a lodge near most police stations🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. lets just jump in a time machine and back to the 60’s where just dumped the bodies in the woods.

  6. Here is what the media and politicians simply do not understand. Legislation on police tactics is futile and useless. Even if this legislation passes, it is a waste of time and effort. It is to pacify the masses. The problem is police culture and hiring practices. White male, between the ages of 25 and 40, military background and has a background in firearms and is not afraid to use them. Take that recruit, put him in a brotherhood of police culture where it’s “us against the world”. Police knowing the criminal justice system is on their side along with aggressive, conservative police unions. This is a short and concise recipe for disaster. Police union leaders have no respect for the chief or other forms of authority. They hold the power and they know it. Derek Chauvin is not an aberration. He is more the norm. There are hundreds of Derek Chauvins in police departments all over the country. The real issues are not even being addressed.

  7. “…a world in which gangsters can rule nations and almost rule cities, in which hotels and apartment houses and celebrated restaurants are owned by men who made their money out of brothels, in which a screen star can be the fingerman for a mob, and the nice man down the hall is a boss of the numbers racket; a world where a judge with a cellar full of bootleg liquor can send a man to jail for having a pint in his pocket, where the mayor of your town may have condoned murder as an instrument of moneymaking, where no man can walk down a dark street in safety because law and order are things we talk about but refrain from practising; a world where you may witness a hold-up in broad daylight and see who did it, but you will fade quickly back into the crowd rather than tell anyone, because the hold-up men may have friends with long guns, or the police may not like your testimony, and in any case the shyster for the defense will be allowed to abuse and vilify you in open court, before a jury of selected morons, without any but the most perfunctory interference from a political judge.“

    Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder, 1950

  8. I lie, you lie, we all do it with usually small stuff, but the vast majority of us don’t carry guns and have police unions to protect us.

  9. “Police will no longer be allowed to use choke holds… unless they really want to. They’re beautiful choke holds. I know choke holds and they’re great.” — Trump on Executive Order

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