1. @Aaron Olafson Hey ! Great slam !….

      Can you send some lo mein and crab rangoon over here ? Gonna need ’em for the next 6 “face” vids….😂😂😂😂

    2. @William H Hey dude…..
      I liked you better as Whitey…..
      Send that guy back where he came from…
      And get the old dude back….

    1. @Beverly Vinson Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha

  1. When the crowd was chanting “SEND HER BACK!!”, trump made that face a baby makes when it farts and kinda smirks a bit…he friggin’ ate that up, he loved it.

    1. Trumptasrd is HORRIBLE we’ve a lot of problems in life seriously we don’t need people like that

  2. It takes less time than the President took by 5 seconds to score full points in a bull ride.

    1. It is.. haha.. CNN made ANOTHER one just before this one. About what? TRUMPS FACE ! HAHA this IS NEWS for CNN! You cant make this stuff up! NOT THE STORY.. Trump was listening to.. NO.. they ran with TRUMPS LOOKS. THAT was to CNN more news worthy

    2. It kinda is.. i love watchin americas reputation go down the toilet! Could they be any more of a joke? 🤣

    3. @Richard Parker where do you find the time to care about American politics in between sex reassignment surgeries?

  3. A Narcissist doesn’t care what other people think only what they think is important, they also don’t care if they Hurt their own Family Members. So don’t think for one minute they care about Country…

    1. @Lilly Adu Forgive me but isn’t skin bleaching a thing? Why do you think people would bleach their skin? and before you assume, assuming you’d assume, I am not talking about anal bleaching. I understand why some people wouldn’t want their anus brown. Its because they’re perverts.

  4. How can patriotism be a partisan calling when we all know patritism comes from both parties working towards common goals?

    1. Hahahha fcking hell this is so funny. The convo is so awkward and forced it makes me think of 2 dudes talking about their wives and life.


  5. Don Lemon said this quote:
    “We need to stop demonizing people, and realize that the biggest threat to our country are white men”
    DON LEMON went full DON LEMON
    NEVER go full DON LEMON

    1. @Genevieve Marie LIBRALS are PRO-ABORTION because they too don’t want NlGROs over-breeding and having to spill over into their LILY-WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS… The LIBRAL loves its PET NlGRO just as long as it does not wander into his WHITE PRIVILEGED SCHOOLS or NEIGHBORHOODS…

    2. @YouWillbe Mocked You are pathetic, a real keyboard warrior. Can we meet so you can say that to my face? I bet not because you are just a sniveling coward who uses the internet as a springboard for your bigotry and racism!😁

  6. 13 seconds of infamy .. he could have stopped it , they went low and he went even lower .. lol !

  7. You got remember those women who he attacks have family their daughter their sister a cousin to somebody maybe even a mother

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