Lemon: Trump couldn't resist the spotlight for more than a few days 1

Lemon: Trump couldn’t resist the spotlight for more than a few days


CNN's Don Lemon discusses the latest coronavirus task force briefing held by President Donald Trump, in which the administration offered a blueprint for where they believe the boundaries between federal and state responsibilities for Covid-19 testing are.
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  1. There are probably more that million- two million cases of COVID 19. We won’t know because there isn’t enough testing.

    1. @Ilona Verhagen 6.1 million tested and 1 million with covid. Thats16% positives out of the tests with 60000 deaths. That’s less than 1% tested that died. Those tests were also given to high risk groups. Current estimate indicate with today’s data that 14.9% of the population may have had it. So look at the total picture

    2. @RFI-Crypto Lab Troll spreading lies. Ohio just jumped to 5.4% from 4.5%. Without mass testing well never get to the true numbers. Likely much lower but currently unknown.

    3. @Ethan Smith And that’s with 10’s of millions getting the flu. If only one in 100 get this one it’s 130 to160 k dead.

  2. He wouldn’t know how to be truthful if it hit him up the face, and all his puppets just stand by watching. Don’t they have any concern for the America people.

    1. I think pretty much all Trump supporters have a lot of concern, that is why they don’t want the county run by big government for all Leftists, Socialists,-communists.

  3. He needed his “fix”. Like an addict needing heroin. Also like a moth to flame. He can’t resist. Christ if he could have a mirror in front of him he would. Bet he watches reruns of his shows too?

  4. “Covid19 is no more dangerous than the flu” they said and yet more people have died in the first quarter of this year than an entire year of deaths from the flu.
    There’s a vaccine to combat the flu but none for Covid19 and these greedy politicians and a few lunatic Trumpster’s are rushing to get unprotected citizens back to work to infect and kill more people.

    I can bounce back from broke but I can’t bounce back from dead. The choice of six feet apart or six feet under seems to be an easy one to someone with common sense but it seems that sense is not so common anymore.

    Blessings to everyone in these difficult times. My prayers go out to those whose friends and family’s are suffering with or have passed from this deadly virus. Stay safe!

  5. Actions we take today, we will revisit when our time is up. You will revisit how your actions affected others. Wish everyone the best.

  6. ”And the tests are beautiful” Can someone pleaseeeeeeeeeee enlighten me,an explain to me what is a beautiful test?

    1. @madcurls You have won today, with that comment! I remember that episode. This is a perfect explanation by comparison.

    1. Should Trump be putting together test kits in his basement. He has implemented the war powers act and is encouraging industry to do all they can.

    2. Daniel Green Where is your hatred toward the evil creators of germ warfare – China? At least Trump is at work while the DemRats are on vacation

    1. @jumplittledoggie jumpjump … Says the guy who doesn’t know the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than.’

      Kinda sums it up right there.

    1. Dineo Kekana Funny how CNN reported in January this expected to be the worst flu season. For some reasons they do not report on flu – everything is Covid. Wonder why that is to get millions of federal dollars.
      And NY governor places Covid patients in old folks homes resulting in death
      Misinformation drunk Don Lemon? You work for DemRat CNN the leader of bogus news
      President Trump 2020

    2. Blue Skies I guess you forgot Bill Clinton going for a run to the hamburger joint. Forgot LBJ. Forgot Grover Cleveland.

    1. @Veronica Davis
      Don’t be embarrassed, just block him. BLOCK ANYBODY THAT GETS STUPID! That is my motto these days. The trolls are out in droves. The interesting thing is he can follow you no matter where you post, so block him. BLOCK anyone that taunts you that way. That is how they get off.

    2. @Veronica Davis
      Anytime! You are too intelligent for his BS! Don’t give him or any person your energy unless they are supporting you 500% and then still hold something back for yourself.

    3. After it has annihilated the covid 19 virus in trumps body the narcissistic personal disorder takes over completely the few existing brain cells at his rectum.

    1. @mahbin Trump thinks disinfectants can be injected. Literal six year olds know better. Are you on crack?

    2. @mahbin so trump’s incompetence has cost 60,000 americans their lives and 26,000,000 americans their jobs… and you’re looking to give him another four years to screw up the country even more?

      Buddy, you need to rethink your priorities.

  7. why wont they let fauci speak anymore he was the only one who was giving any comfort to people.

    1. I saw a clip yesterday that Fauci is really worn out and especially tired of people asking him repeated questions not about the virus but about the TRUMPDUMPSTER. I can imagine he has a really stressful job and role already w/o having to play nice for the TrumpTard, it must just be too much.

  8. Just out of curiosity, what happens to the Covid patient that doesn’t have health insurance? Do they die at home, or do they survive only to be rewarded with a crippling hospital bill?

    1. Covid is covered under the 3 trillion dollars devoted to China’ s mistakes and cover up. But is true some Americans get ruined by medical bills, so they move to Canada.

    2. ​@Arl Tratlo I agree, I must the online media acts like they are from the “Ministry of Truth” there are so damn partisan, no country can last long being idle and they do a public disservice by scaring people. I am retired so why should I care? Because the US is still my country, now I am living in France. Down the road from me they are bright people working hard to find a treatment , could be a temporary bridge until something better is found.

      and the abstract

      An interest abstract of a paper that came out 8 days ago in preliminary form.


      Accueil Early treatment of 1061 COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, Marseille, France
      20 avril 2020
      COVID-IHU #6

      Essentially what is said results are positive if the medications are give before serious illness, once the lungs and other organs are damaged the outcome is uncertain.

      Some countries are giving this medication with all Covid 19 patients testing positive, other countries in the EU adhere to late use serious condition guidelines when this treatment is less likely to succeed.

      Poland gives this medication to ALL and to date April 23, 2020 Poland has 8317 active cases with 160 in serious condition and 28 deaths

      Yesterday 13000 infected, deaths 34 …

      CNN, MSNBC, NYT’s Reminds me of a cabal of mutineers on a ship that would sink the boat to kill the captain. A country is very analogous to a boat and the sea is stormy. CNN and MSNBC and at times the NYT make the ammunition enemies of the USA use in their narrative of not liking the USA and Americans and they do not make exceptions for Democrats, they consider them more stupid for undermining their own country via the Internet. Nobody utters a bad word about the president of the CCP – China

    3. @Michael Law lol, i am from Europe to, born and raised here, and i went to France for vacations!
      this year, my plan was to drive from Austria to north spain with my motorbike, passing the french alpes from east to west and turn north in San Sebastian…and driving via Paris home…. and its not looking good for my plans, but i had a 2nd destination just in case, and that was a 3 weeks trip to South Korea…no good idea again, but i had also a 3rd place in my mind, that was 1 week Singapore, and that is also a bad idea, so i will stay at home, driving to the next supermarket for shopping, with my motorbike..

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