1. I never thought I would see Messi leave Barca, until I read what the manager and team had done. It was like they were intentionally destroying the team. You would think after 22 years on the team (Since he was 12) they might have consulted their best player and arguably, the best player in the world on personnel. Anyway… I am planning to be in Paris next summer and will definitely try to get to a PSG game. I hope my timing works out.

    1. @Miranda Al soccer to you, football to the rest of the world. And it makes no sense to call a sport you play with your hands most of the time football.

  1. It was a total club mismanagement on the part of Barcelona. They lost their “Golden Goose”, not just the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT) player, but their team biggest product marketing for game attendance, TV rights, and team merchandise items. Messi wanted to end his playing career at the only team he had ever played for and was going to take a big pay cut, but Barcelona’ poor money mismanagement totally destroyed their future for years to come; I don’t know when they will recover.

    1. no they reached a deal and Messi was all set to stay but La Liga’s salary cap stopped from happening. It is the leagues fault not FCBs

    2. @Kalakkal USA Boys! La Liga President Javier Tebas had warned Barcelona they risk not being able to register Lionel Messi next season if they didn’t reduce their wage bill. It’s not like it was a shock to them La Liga wage rules weren’t totally new and was in place.

    3. @Kalakkal USA Boys! It was no secret that Barcelona was having salary cap problems and might not be able to register Messi. There is a rumor that Neymar was the driving force in bringing Messi over to PSG since he knew about the money problems Barcelona was having. It does seem logical since the signing to PSG was done so quickly after the deal with Barcelona crashed and burned.

      WOW! Here’s how NEYMAR CONVINCED MESSI to join PSG

  2. I never ever thought in a million years that Messi would leave Barcelona!! Just WOW. Best to you Leo I will always follow you and cheer you on !

  3. The G.O.A.T (GREATEST OF ALL TIME). THE GAME OF FOOTBALL IS BLESSED TO SEE YOU KICK THE FOOTBALL ON THE PITCH. You will forever be in Barca fans heart but we pray for your success in PSG and we will support you everywhere you go

  4. Sleepy Joe:CPi showing prices again raising at the fastest pace since 2008 is ” Is a good monthly report”…Sleepy Joe violates his own mask mandate while hurrying from questions…

  5. Bruh tbh I never imagine Leon Messi wearing the PSG shirt damn Messi is going to do great things for the team

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