Leon Panetta: Biden 'Recognizes Russia As The Adversary They Are' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Leon Panetta: Biden ‘Recognizes Russia As The Adversary They Are’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Former Defense Secretary, CIA Director, and White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Biden administration's relationship with Russia, and the prospects of bipartisanship on infrastructure.

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Leon Panetta: Biden 'Recognizes Russia As The Adversary They Are' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Meanwhile, the GQP is trying to implement the same anti-Democracy BS that the Russians are. Anti-protesting laws, voter suppression based on a lie that the election was “stolen.”
    Good look there, republicans!

    1. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes So you do not think that Ro G sounds like a Trump cultist or a Russian troll?

    2. @Danny Boy Unfortunately that is not all that Putin wants:
      > Putin is an old “Cold War” warrior.
      > Putin does want to stay in power.
      > Putin also wants to make Russia strong again and restore its prestige in the world.
      > His goal is the destabilization and the overcoming of the whole Western order.
      > To do this Putin’s Russia creates chaos wherever possible and then seeks to take advantage of that chaos. (Consider, for example, the takeover of the Crimea and the conflicts in Syria, Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine.)
      > Putin wants and was succeeding in manipulating America to destroy itself, by doing a text book job of divide and conquer by his backing of Trump whose own ego was of more importance than international obligation or global alliances. Putin is a shrewd player and Trump was no match for him.

      What is beyond debate, however, is that Putin continues to do his best to make the West lose faith in democracy and our institutions, including the media, that prop up that democracy.

    3. ​@Borvo I don’t want to overthrow the Syrian government. I want Assad to stay in power he is protecting Christians and is secular. In some places democracy doesnt work. Overthrowing Gaddafi was the biggest mistake Obama did. Sure Gaddafi was no Saint and was a “mad dog” during the 70s-90s but he did hold the country together. Ever since the fall of Gaddafi Europe has been suffering with mass migration.

    1. Why do people who upload these news outlets do such a crappy job? I’ve seen this before. I guess good quality isn’t needed anymore in the US…From BC Canada


    1. Likely because once this legislation can be implemented, it will demonstrate to R voters that they have thus far been poorly represented and poorly served by their elected partisan hacks. If the nation can be turned blue, it will be due to proving the D elected officials do a better job than the Rs at restoring our nation and governing it better than the Rs have. That is accomplished by exposing the inferiority of the R elected officials. To ignore them proves nothing.


  3. Lying Joe Manchin says he’s not going to be an obstructionist. Let’s put him to the test. Bring the Bill to a vote and lets see what he does.

    1. @alex silent dude,
      Spoken like a died in the wool conspiracy theorist. Why don’t you practice the skeptical skills you guys profess to have. Try it on both sides of the coin, truth has a funny way of making itself known.

  4. This is silly, the $1.9T has bipartisan support throughout the nation. That congress can’t see this is a GOP leadership problem.

  5. Leon Panetta is stuck on stupid just as Joe Biden as Mitch McConnell has already determined that Biden was going to get the Black President treatment like his former boss.

  6. Getting ten Republicans Senator’s to vote for the Democrats infrastructure bill would be harder than finding ten Republicans with spines that should’ve voted to convict Trump of abuse of power.

  7. Any sacrifices we make now in the name of fiscal responsibility will just be swallowed up by the next GOP billionaire giveaway.
    There is no point in trying to work towards a balanced budget until BOTH parties are living in the realm of fact and reason.
    If the GOP ever comes down from la-la land and returns to reality, THEN we can work with them again. Until then they are not our partner, they are our enemy and should be treated as such.

    1. dbahhhhhhhhhh baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh baaaaaahhhhh congratulations! you are qualified to give rectal swab tests on the mexico border, and drive bus loads to sanctuary cities; serve your lords of the church of global warming.

  8. Biden can get consensus from the public and drive a wedge between Republicans and those who voted for them.

  9. There’s zero point in negotiating with bad faith right wing corporate lobbyists and corrupt politicians.

  10. Question: why do people insist democrats be bipartisan when it’s the Republicans who constantly change the meaning of the word?

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Republican be asked about bipartisanship. Why do Democrats have to give up ground. All Republicans have to do is just promise to obstruct or rant about some silly things issue like Dr.Seuss

    1. Exactly, the Republicans say that Biden is not being bipartisan on this infrastructure bill, but McConnell has already PROMISED there will be NO Republican votes for the Infrastructure bill! WTF !

  11. The adversary they’ve been forced to be since before WWI. Let’s be real. America has no enemies America didn’t create for itself. Every enemy America has and had has been forced into the position by America itself.

  12. Good luck. God bless America . The native American prophecies will soon come true.. make sure your house is in order

  13. he knows if he doesn’t resolve some of these issues himself the Ghosts of Foreign Policies Past Vladimir S Semenov and Brent Scowcroft will resolve it for him.

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