Leonnig Says She’s Spoken With GOP Who Are Afraid To Say What They Think In Their Own Districts


    1. @Immortal Asirpa yup, Miss Lindsey trying to look like Rambo was worse than pathetic 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. To all Republicans afraid to speak your truth: itʻs okay. You donʻt have to. Just keep doinʻ what youʻre doinʻ and being afraid. Because in 2022, you wonʻt have to worry about that anymore. You wonʻt have your job. What a relief for you.

    1. @Jesse Bianchi fair point! In that case, these magarrhoids have definitely fallen off. Good luck, y’all!

  2. In four years, Trumps ratings never got above 50%, so anyone that believes Trump had to have won, is obviously refusing to believe in anything that doesn’t fit their narrative.

    1. @Debra Cottrill way more ppl voted. more republicans voted, way more dems voted. america is more progressive than they are conservative.

    2. @Debra Cottrill You make a valid point. If one assumes that the numbers are correct, then it goes to show how deeply divided US voters behave. After all, your nation has been governed for many years alternatively by Democratic or Republican majorities and presidents. Yet, trump seems to have managed the very dubious feat of making this specific election, not about values, but about himself, as a beacon for whatever he decided would be the lowest common denominator for his releection, namely himself. No values, no platform, no actual programs, just himself. And indeed, 74 million people voted for that. So, it is up to yours or even the next generation to figure how this was even possible. Many people blamed a lack of education. Many people blamed growing inequalities. The very sorry fact remains that so many people thought trump was their ideal of a president. Time to go to work. Good luck and stay safe.

  3. I like the part where the leader of the GQP scammed individual donors by setting up recurring donations by default without telling them. 😅😂

    1. It’s trumpapotomus’ greatest gift – ‘the art of the grift’. It’s what he does and he’s mastered it.
      That and his ‘red hat mark of the beast’ base are truly GOP; gullible only please. It’s a cult.
      And trump so loves the uneducated.

    2. Because he knows people don’t read the fine print. That means no instructions on how to stop it.

    3. @Simply Amazed that’s exactly what the other side thinks. Unfortunately, neither your statement or theirs is true. Both are seemingly infinitely influenceable.

  4. NO Public Town Halls, EVER, means NONE of them know, or care, what ANY of their constituents want, EVER.

    1. @FACTS ONLY
      Why are you a poootin bootlicker??
      Why are you supporting a foreign leader and his american gop sidekicks when they are attempting to destroy us?

    2. @FACTS ONLY I think you forgot to mention the Covi dead. You remember that pandemic the LOSER denied and lied about. Bugger the price of gas, remember the dead.

    1. And if they don’t change their messaging they’ll be on the outside looking in for many elections to come!

    2. @FACTS ONLY You (or indeed I) might not agree with using a tax avoidance law, however, it is within the law.
      People are entitled to use any provision tax law in their own self-interest.
      The law needs to be changed. It needs to be simplified, it needs to be more transparent.
      This is not a world of “saints and sinners.” Relying on people’s personal “code of honor” is a waste of time.
      We need a huge tax overhaul. It needs to start as a popular demand.
      Despite the national debt, old infrastructure, etc, etc, the United States is the most successful state in human history.
      Tax law needs addressing.
      (Look up, David Cay Johnson on YouTube.)

    3. @FACTS ONLY And how many Republicans haven’t paid taxes for decades, including the Orange Orangutan! Don’t push your bull, because no one is listening.

    4. @FACTS ONLY , lol! And yet you don’t mention the trillion dollar tax cut Trump gave to the richest Americans and largest corporations. Shamelessly dishonest much?

      Someone needs a hug.

      And I think it’s your mom, poor woman.

  5. A (R) majority House with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House???

  6. I cannot as a man be held in sway by anyone in such a manner. This is like the start of the Soviet Union.

    1. Worst, this is like in the Victorian age. When people did anything and everything to the people to maintain power. Kept people in poverty, shipping them of to America, the poor where youst just like they are know.

  7. There is no Republican Party. The Republican Party is dead and buried. The day of its death was January 6. They are now morphing into a fascist movement.

    1. The only difference between the Republican Party of the 1980’s and the modern GOP is that In 2016 the fascists stopped ‘associating’ with the supremacists & instead took over their party!

    2. The conservatives aren’t dead and the Republican party is getting stronger and more respected everyday that biden is in office. Furthermore…its leftardarted news networks like MSNBC who keep on talking about Trump and keeping his legacy strong and present…so thanks to MSNBC, CNN and every other libtarded network

    3. @Houston Conservative
      ThanQ (litterally) for paedophiles being in power, in Congress.
      Trump, Gaetz, Moore, Jordan & their “friends!”

  8. If the Republican party gains any control, then you can rest assured that your house is NOT safe. That is a proven fact.

    1. @Lee Everett yeah but Trump supporters are morons that are tried to overthrow our democracy. Simple morons who would believe the dumbest stuff. Jewish space lasers. Inject bleach to cure covid. Rigged elections. Anti vaccine. Flat earth. Qnon! These people are simple idiots. Or racist a holes. What are you Lee?

    2. @BILL W I mean republicans cratered the nation already, doubt the dems could do worse lol… Least they got a vaccination plan working as well as rebuilding the burnt bridges that trump and his goons set fire to. China’s scared of president biden as oppose to a telegraphing trump who shows his hand at the worse of times.

  9. I dont think it’s interesting that a handful of GOP are sitting on their hands. I think it’s cowardly.

    1. You say it yourself right there, a handful. Because most people already disagree only a few of them are stupid enough to be on the side that’s clearly wrong as far as their constituents are concerned.

    2. No thinking about it we all know its cowardly but no one calls them out on a national level. Great strategy for the real Republican DNC.

    3. *”THATS A LOT OF POWER”* she says – people only have as much power over you as you allow them to have…

      The GOP had the opportunity to market trump powerless, they chose to make him their king. Why? Cos they are weak and feckless.

    1. Voter suppression wasn’t evident or existent in the 2020 election. There were actually more votes than voters. So…

    2. get your ID to vote. if you are too stupid to do that, you shouldn’t be voting. we ALL know what this is really all about.

  10. Afraid of their own constituents? 😂😂😂😂. Good. Now they know how the rest of us feel about Magats.

    1. @channeleightythree083 time for another civil war. The north against the south. Split the country into two countries and let those far right hicks eat each other.,

    2. @GNR Forever Correct. The Republican Party is essentially a confederate party. It started down that road when the Democrats adopted a civil rights platform sometime in the 1950s. Culminating in the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Nixon Southern Strategy in 1968. “We Just Lost The South For A Generation” – LBJ. The only thing he got wrong was the number of generations. Nearly three so far, with no sign of changing.

  11. Just make sure that all of you show up and vote against the GOP for all local and national elections! Let’s send them into extinction like the dinosaurs!

    1. If we don’t get voter reform done it won’t matter. It’s going to be so gerrymandered they’ll take the house and spike the ball until chaos can rule again

    2. I think more ppl need to volunteer and help spread the word and get ppl out to vote, that’s of course if they don’t make it illegal to go out and get ppl to vote, I’m sure these repubs are trying to find ways to make it to where ppl can’t go knock on doors or give ppl rides to go vote.

    3. Yes!!! Happily, the worse the GOP gets with all the desperate moves, e.g. voter suppression, the more it is going to ensure people will want them totally booted out. They’re running about in sheer desperation with their hair on fire bumping into each other. It’s like watching the Keystone Cops. So let’s all just enjoy the GOP’s final, and INEVITABLE, annihilation in the very near future.

    The fact that he calls her a “17 year old woman” is a red flag.”

    1. Anytime a 38 year old man has to specifically clarify that his date was of legal age… something is wrong.

    2. Not really In most states she has reached the age of consent to have sexual relations, which means she is a woman.

      AGE OF
      Alabama 16
      Alaska 16
      Arizona 18
      California 18
      Colorado 17
      Connecticut 16
      Delaware 18
      D.O.C. 16
      Florida 18
      Georgia 16
      Hawaii 16
      Idaho 18
      Illinois 17
      Indiana 16
      Iowa 16
      Kansas 16
      Kentucky 16
      Louisiana 17
      Maine 16
      Maryland 16
      Massachusetts 16
      Michigan 16
      Minnesota 16
      Mississippi 16
      Missouri 17
      Montana 16
      Nebraska 16
      Nevada 16
      New Hampshire 16
      New Jersey 16
      New Mexico 16
      New York 17
      North Carolina 16
      North Dakota 18
      Ohio 16
      Oklahoma 16
      Oregon 18
      Pennsylvania 16
      Rhode Island 16
      South Carolina 16
      South Dakota 16
      Tennessee 18
      Texas 17
      Utah 18
      Vermont 16
      Virginia 18
      Washington 16
      West Virginia 16
      Wisconsin 18
      Wyoming 16

  13. Anyone who has listened to anything coming out of the GOP for the past 5 years knows that it’s worse. We never had congressmen, let alone SENATORS, stand with seditionists, nor have we ever had them outright deny reality itself to get their agenda through, regardless of the feelings of the voters who put them there! It’s BAD. And I think only criminal charges and arrest will stop some of them. I hope it comes soon, for Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar and the rest of them.

    1. exactly none of them are being held accountable for their actions arrests need to be made for any of them to take things seriously. They can say and do whatever they want with impunity. They lie blatantly in the face of America. And they get away with it, ppls lives have been lost because of their actions from 500k of covid to the cop during the insurrection. Yet nobody is being held accountable

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