‘Let us do this!’ Parents try to storm Uvalde school amid shooting

CTV's Merella Fernandez reports from Uvalde, where there is growing frustration over the police response.

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  1. Unreal.. standing outside knowing my child is being murdered feet away?!
    My heart is so broken for these poor souls. 🙁

    1. @Geron Fletcher Nah, that was a false story. Turns out they broke windows to try to get anyone out they could, and their own children were among those.

    2. @samurai champloo no hunn, Police admitted there were no officers present when the shooter arrived at the school

    3. @Jocelin Mendez They also said the shooter had on body armor and they had him pinned down so it seems they’re saying anything to cover the full story

    4. @samurai champloo Initial reports said he had body armor, but it’s confirmed now that he only had a tactical vest on. The vest had no plates in it.

  2. Schools in the Bronx all have metal detectors since the 90s because of gangs. So, it proves adding metal detectors to schools is more than doable. Now, locking perimeter doors and screening anyone coming in before they enter the buildings is also perfectly doable, in fact, it is a current policy at the Uvalde school, however, this common sense practice is not enforced at many schools, and sadly it was not enforced at Uvalde. They ought to start holding school principals accountable for ensuring their premises are secured. This does not cost any money, just a minimum level of care on their part. At least some schools actually have it in their policy, it shouldn’t take more than a responsible principal to ensure the policy is carried out.

    1. @idonotsuckeggs imagine that being the better outcome for the United States. Other countries have access to guns, we just dont have the due diligence to prevent these situations from happening. Its better to learn how to live in a society where the civilians have access to firearms through background checks and mental health evaluations and other things, rather than the government being the only ones with them potentially in the future, where we the citizens have no way of fighting back or defending ourselves from those who were always going to have them, the government. The criminals who would break into your house or mug you on the street with a firearm will always find a way to purchase a gun since it doesnt matter to them if they do it illegally or not.

    2. @idonotsuckeggs I dont want to discuss a political issue that has been argued for over twenty years and has never or will never be solved, while kids continue to get killed. I rather focus on other solutions that can be attained realistically.

    3. @Oddjam oh thanks for bringing me back to reality where gang and guns dont exist, thanks sane bud!👍🏼

  3. It was confirmed some of police pulled out their own kids from the school, but refused to storm the room where the kids were being murdered

    1. How convenient…. I’m going in if my kid is in danger PERIOD… How the hell they let this last for an hour??? Outrageous

    2. Someone gave those the police the orders to stay put. They should be charged for these murders as well.

    1. That’s disgusting…. No way I’m standing outside while my kids are being hunted down in a building…. Something ain’t right here

  4. every one of those cops obstructing parents from saving their children deserve to go to jail for the rest of their lives, every single cop there should be shunned for being the disgusting cowards they showed themselves

    1. It’s on the whole department. Someone gave those cops those orders to stay put. That person is even more so guilty. There should be an investigation.

  5. If you blocked a parent from teaching their child during this crisis you should be be jail for murder

  6. Its not really feasible for them to storm the school. These parents have multiple kids that would be orphaned, increase the chaos and possibly have more dead bodies. But the police needed to go in sooner.

  7. Teachers and students need guns to prevent this from happening again. Get trained, carry your firearms 👍 👌

  8. FKN sad!!! Wild horses…
    I can’t even imagine the pain those parents are feeling. 😥

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