1. Your cold heart is not capable of sympathy, your trying to score political points let’s tell the truth.

  2. He’s sure got a lot of hate in his heart for preaching ‘beyond tolerance’

    1. I love how everyone is divided and hates each other now. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back.


      @ShiftyMenno “got an example?” Yes we got one, Trudeau preaching divisions.

  3. Listening to him speak is literally like listing to nails on a chalkboard, its the epitome of cringe.

    1. Until Canadians figure put how to shift election control to the whole country and away from the gta

  4. 20 or 30 words were all I needed to understand that this about Trudeau .. smile please, wave to the camera.

  5. Will this tolerance extend to the unvaccinated? Or will they continue to be held as prisoners in their own country?

  6. This dude just dances on the Graves for his own gain. He couldn’t care less about anyone unless he can gain points.
    He loves this so he can have photo ops.

  7. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian… unless you happen to be a trucker. Then you are not a Canadian.

  8. Yes Trudeau words matter especially from a PM , calling Canadians that disagree with you are not useless like you called them

  9. MeanwhileTrudeau persecutes and discriminates against innocent Canadians who have done no wrong who own firearms. Why is he not holding car drivers responsible for these murders? And motor vehicles?

    1. According to police , half of all “illegal” firearms in Canada began as legal purchases here in Canada.

    2. @yourmanwatson I seriously doubt that. Handguns are registered and tied to their owner. If I lost my handgun or it was stolen because I was lacking in my secure storage methods I would face jail time…

  10. How does anyone take Trudeau seriously? I feel for the family bur if Trudeau came for my family i would ensist he leave.

  11. I cant believe the final portion of his statement is ‘getting out and voting matters’, if i were the family of the victim, i would feel entirely ashamed and embarassed.

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