Letter of the Day: Heroes of St. Thomas | TVJ Daytime Live Chat 1

Letter of the Day: Heroes of St. Thomas | TVJ Daytime Live Chat


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    1. This is NOT TRUE. Bath people did not kill ANYONE. that was done in LLANDEWEY which is 2 hours from bath. The man killed belonged to yallahs close to Llandewey and has been bathing in that river for years. Please PLACE BLAME WHERE IT is supposed to go. Llandewey people killed a man who frequented thier area. Kindly get your facts straight. It was literally reported that way in the news.

    2. @Brown Sophia it’s amazing to me that so many people are repeating this foolishness when the NEWS LITERALLY REPORTED the location it occured AND THE DISTANCE AWAY FROM BATH. STILL people are saying Bath people did it? It’s just baffling to me

    1. Good to work together but why would sweet Jesus Christ put a innocent child through this type of cruelty? These children was just sentenced to life of trauma!

  1. Wonder if any of those heroes were among the blood thirsty mob who murdered the innocent man there in St. Thomas?

    1. Why would you wonder that? The NEWS TOLD YOU THE LOCATION AND THAT IT IS 2 HOURS FROM BATH. 2 whole entire hours AWAY from BATH. What makes you think Bath people would drive that far leaving thier community unprotected?. People please read! This is getting ridiculous now. The video is there to show who the people were who were present. I will pay you to show me ONE PERSON FROM BATH in that video. Or otherwise provide the evidence.

  2. The people of Bath did what all Jamaicans need to do whenever there is such an instance of crime within their communities. Respect to Bath people stay vigilant!!!

  3. Congrats on the letter of the day,,we must encourage people not to take matters in their own hands,,becuz if they had caught the kidnapper ,,he would be dead

    1. You do realise the reason he is at large is because the people did not try to harm him on the two occasions he was seen. They tried to catch him instead. So there’s that

    2. @perry skyi really,,and the commissioner was warning many of them with their machete in hand,,some may and some may not

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