Letting States Go Bankrupt An 'Evil Option': Sen. Tim Kaine | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Letting States Go Bankrupt An ‘Evil Option’: Sen. Tim Kaine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., calls Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's idea that Congress to allow states to declare bankruptcy 'pure evil.' Aired on 4/30/2020.
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Letting States Go Bankrupt An 'Evil Option': Sen. Tim Kaine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Moscow Mitch is anti American and anti democratic this man hates anything that says democratic republic.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr i answered this hogwash on another string. Go read it and it will shut you right up.

    2. He’s in a panic to fill the courts with young ultra conservative judges now, he sees Trump cannot get reelected.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr What has an illegal immigrant , a person with very little power, ever done to You?

    4. Elaine, he’s a bigoted racist, moron like most Trumpsters. Facts don’t work, reason doesn’t work, they’re ruled by hate and nothing else, Trump validates their hate that’s all that matters to them. You can’t cure stupid, but I think hate may be even harder.

    1. @Lucy M where see did all the money the blue states have to red states go? Better question then anything you mentioned, see that money was not used for the state. Why do red states have to carried by the rest of the country? Why can they not support themselves? I thought right wingers were fiscally responsible?

  2. Mitch McConnell got to go he’s evil, he’s been doing this for a long time, gov Cuomo exposed how double standard that SOB is .

    1. @John DiGiacomo : If our game continues around a party line as Democrats vs Republicans, we can never come to the core cause of the problem. We just move around in a vicious circle with no end.
      When You say”Democrats are better”, then another person will tell You that”Republicans are better”. Unless You are out of this game(box), Then You, Yourself will be part of the game.
      The power holders love that.

    2. Terefe feyssa, what I was saying is the Democrats are only better by comparison. My friend’s father had a saying, the Democrats steal 95¢ of every dollar, and the nickel keeps the country going. The Republicans want the whole dollar. Apparently I didn’t get my point across. Although Trump is the most dangerous president we’ve ever had, a combination of incompetence, stupidity, greed, narcissism, and demagoguery.

    3. @John DiGiacomo : I understood your point clearly. My core point is,doing comparison and pick one is does not hit the core point.
      That is what I said: If we live in a world of comparison of two entities which are very close in character then our world is very limited. We can not even talk about Trump, He is the most insane public figure the world has ever seen. Nobody even knows what He is saying is true or false. why?
      Because, He can totally denies what he said and turn hundred eighty degree opposite.
      He was grateful to China and the the Chinese leader a while ago how the virus was handled in China. All of a sudden, what He is saying is the opposite of what He said. There is no reality in Trump world.
      He should not even deserve to be responsible since He took down His dignity at a very low level and acting like a little kid.

    4. George feyssa, then we are in basic agreement. Sanders would have changed the complexion of this country but the corporate democrats wouldn’t allow it. The “liberal” media was complicit . When this crisis is over,I’m leaving. At 68 years old, I would rather start over in a new country, than watch the incompetence, stupidity, bigotry greed and hate continue to consume this one.

  3. The biggest welfare queens in the country are Trump red states. California, New York and Illinois have great economies than all the red Trump states.

    1. Mr. Nix, we know that there are people in every state that have enough common sense to see what’s going on, even some in deep red states. Unfortunately Trump supporters are more concerned with bigotry and hate in the final analysis. Cremeans calls Trump good and Obama bad despite all evidence to the contrary. He’s only trying to make economic arguments (which fails) to justify his racism.

    2. @fireson23 Cali pays the same fed taxes all the other 49 states pay. There is no special Cali tax. The problem with the blue states is uncontrollable spending. The states you listed are where Californians flee to avoid the high taxes they voted for all their lives. I mean, who wants to pay $4 for gas when the rest of the country pays $2? lmao And Cali is still broke. ROFLMAO!!

    3. @WaysOfTheWarrior You miss the whole issue. ALL states are getting assistance for the shutdown. I am sure the because Cali, and NY have more businesses the will get more money. That is not the issue. The issue is bailing out Cali and NY from decades of mismanagement of their state funds. Yes on help for covid. No on bailout for out of control state spending. You spent it you pay it.

    4. @Mark Cremeans No I didnt miss the issue I was replying to someone’s comments about how blue states shouldn’t get aid.

    1. I’m in Moscow, be sure to say thanks again to Hillary, Bill. and Barack, for selling Putin the uranium!

    2. @Mike Laing Really, poor Young Sheldon had to scrape Americineum (spelling?) out of smoke detectors to obtain nuclear material to run the home’s refrigerator.

  4. But for some reason it’s OK to give corporations large amounts of money with basically no oversight?? No hypocrisy here!!

    1. @Don Quixote Don”t any of you people believe in God . The God of Heaven still lives. Jesus is coming back one day and He will judge us ALL.

    2. Retrograde – not just America, the world is full of contract slaves, we follow an illogical illusion if you sit down and rationalise the idea of capitalism, there has to be a better way, this idea from the 19th century just doesn’t seem to work in our times?

    3. loretta leffew – don’t peddle your Bronze Age nonsense here, if you choose to believe anything other than scientifically proven facts go to your weekly, cult congregation and sing in the same key, the world is changing and you are forgotten, you just don’t realise the truth as yet. There will be no other reply, understand?

    4. @Don Quixote There is absolutely a major flaw in any system that depends on people but excludes them from decision making. Am a personal fan of employee owned and operated situations where the management team is an elected body as opposed to rule by some divine right.

    5. Retrograde – anything, any new ideas are worth a thought and this is precisely what the 1% do not want every working person doing, to think individually, automatons, soldiers bowing to every wish and whim is what the masters require?

  5. Has McConnell been questioned about why he is ok sending a blank check to big business and not to the states?

    1. @Ann Owens thanks, Ann. Yes, McConnell’s Senate enablers need to be voted out along with him. It is staggering that he now doesn’t even attempt to hide his intentions, he has had so much power, for so long, he thinks he’ll always be able to get his way. While of course I hope Trump* gets booted out in Nov, if at least the Senate flips, then we may get oversight, checks and balances and a less partisan judiciary once more, all things that McConnell has blocked. Stay safe!

    2. That’s a very simple answer, Trump and Mitch are turning the USA, into Mexico 2, (and there’s a lot of support by the trumpers) where politicians can rob the population and say it to them, in their face, the founders got one thing right dough, God bless America.

    3. Maybe he thinks a big business operates and employs people in multiple states? IDK I am not him, but its reasonable if he thought it that way.

    4. @Bruse jorden states also employ and provide services to thousands of people, arguably much more important services

  6. Here is a FACT.. NY takes out $.90ct of every dollar they put in.. Kentucky takes $2.47 for every dollar they put in.. Red States are always bailed out by blue States.. Don’t take my word for it, look it up.. Mitch is just a very evil and selfish individual..

    1. Well said. And the red states always complain about others getting $$ from the federal government. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  7. Between Senator McConnel’s incompetent evil and President Trumps evil incompetence there is little to choose.

    1. @Joseph Nemetz Well, yes, and ageed. But I was thinking that competence in evil would mean effectively hiding the fact of evil motivation or somehow camouflaging evil action effectively.

    2. @Steve Sloan I don’t know why it is so but often, those pointing out spelling errors make similar mistakes in their “helpful” comment.

  8. Mitch wasn’t worried about future generations when giving billionaires tax breaks at the cost of greatly increasing the (before virus) deficit…..eh?

  9. Moscow Mitch has displayed his hand, he is all for destroying the Untied States, because he wants everything his way and that is not being very united. Mitch McConnell needs to be removed from office this coming election.

    1. The GOP is basically the Confederacy resurrected – that same resentment has always been there since the civil war and these people are just exploiting it to gain and keep power through their congress seats.

    2. @HerbSaint I apologize, But The Secretary of Transportation Ms McConnell/Chao ETHNICITY ISN’T THE PROBLEM. It Is Her And her Husband, Mitch McConnell’s Endless GREED, NEPOTISM And Heedless CONDUCT that is The Issue.

    1. Mitch were you favor of not telling Americans that in a couple months thousands of people were expected to die and who idea was it 2 months later to call it a Political attack on Trump and then for weeks We heard HOAX.
      You sat by Trump while sat by for months waiting to see Americans start dying .

    2. Like Bitchy Mitch McConnell,
      Putin’s Obtuse Traitorous Unfit Sheetstain, Donald Jessica Trump, and Lyin’ Little Lindsey Graham are also guilty of a massive disregard of voters. What Aholes.

    1. @cs e God knows the GOP seem to forget it every time they get elected until they lose power again, or when a democratic candidate gets even remotely progressive about health care reform.

    2. @Michele Mcneill … Precisely. GOGGLE McConnell/Koch brothers and Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission the U.S. Supreme Court Decision that funds McConnell’s Controlled over the GOP Senators and Representatives.

    3. cs e what does that have to do with anything. You don’t pay for tax cuts. You pay for spending increases.

    4. @Charles Bickel You still pay for tax cuts if spending simply stays the same and the cut tax rate does not cover that level of spending – if the original tax rate was already not covering the budget you really have a problem when you start cutting it.

      OTOH this government has significantly increased spending while massively reducing tax – surely you see the problem there?

    5. @Ann Owens the Koch brothers, Mercer family, De Vos family have always been among the hidden puppetmasters pulling the strings. What’s so sad, imo, with the Citizens Utd decision, is that SCOTUS itself no longer seems to uphold impartial justice, but to make decisions on partisan lines e.g. 2013 ruling which struck down part of the Voting Rights Act, and the recent Public Charges decision to wealth test immigrants. There’s a pattern there of “conservative” judgements which is scary, because it will affect US for generations. McConnell’s legacy.

  10. lets start with Kentucky, see how that bankruptcy goes and if anybody still wants to live in Kentucky after that

    1. jim harmon your missing the boat NY contributes to the National Budget and Kentucky is a taker welfare state

      So you saying , you make more so you pay more .
      That is not inline with what the Dems a saying.
      You people need to get your stories in line .
      Today you say one thing and tomorrow completely different.

    3. @jim harmon No dude, we are saying you dont force one state to go bankrupt and support other states.

    1. @Dianna Hill that is rich, considering that msnbc and cnn and others networks for the demmy sheep are nothing if not about negativity!!

    2. That 60,000+ deaths in 3 months is preventable,not all if it,but allowing that kind of very high casualties and then act as if they-re just statistics is a crime.A behaviour so cold it’s vile.Those are human deaths leaving behind deeply grieving families.

    3. eric marie you are right, the results of the trial could not be upheld in USA courts … BUT …. none of these people would be able to travel to places that do AND it’s the anti-Nobel prize.

    1. @Melissa H Oh no, he was already good at it before he was elected – his voters just ignored this.

    2. He’s just too talented at bankrupting. Please don’t give him any more time, or he might actually “succeed”.

    1. @tim johnson So typical of Trumpsters, attempting to run down President Obama. Instead, why don’t you brag up Trump’? Enlighten us, what is Trump’s healthcare plan? Infrastructure plan? Education? Better wages? Environmental protections? Besides helping the super rich and himself, WHAT has Trump done?????

    2. Trump: hey i take no responsibility for anything. Hold my disinfectant . I am the chosen one to make unite state great again. U fake news

    3. Lying, cheating, stealing is all he knows. His father taught him that and look, he’s treating his children to do the same. OMG

    4. Mr. Johnson, were you in a coma in 2008? Obama inherited the worst economic crisis since the great depression. I’m eight years he cut unemployment from 10.1-4.1%, saved the American auto industry, had longest consecutive streak of growth into Trump’s first year (Obama’s last fiscal year ended in September,2017 but was extended into December because Trump had no plan) and saw the stock market ride from below 7,000 to above 24,000, and killed Osama bin Laden. Trump will leave office with a greater mess than Obama inherited. Trump had did bankruptcies to his credit before coming into office, it looks like he’s trying for number seven.

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