Lev Parnas: ‘Attorney General Barr Was Basically On The Team.’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Barr has been corrupt since long before the Bush administration, so naturally he and Trump get along very well.

    1. Ya mon   ……………  Interesting body language ‘tell’ : Rachel asks Parnas if he knows whether Barr spoke to any Ukraine officials . Parnas lets out a long sigh and looks worriedly to his right . He’s trying to ‘come up with’ the right answer, not remember . then he says he doesn’t remember in particular, but would have to refresh by looking at texts, etc . So, not an outright lie, but something he knows more about ( yes or no ) .

    1. Because half of the country is already morally bankrupt that’s why they voted for and elected this administration. Trump is only a symptom of the problem.

    2. @American Gamer – The problem is, if the President ACTUALLY legitimately wanted to look into corrupt activity, he would have done what PRESIDENTS do and used official intelligence personnel to investigate. It’s kinda what the President does. INSTEAD, he hires his personal lawyer and a couple of nightclub owners?? That’s using Mickey Mouse methods to perform matters of national security, and it puts national security at risk. Imagine what would have happened if Russia caught wind of these bumbling keystone cops and gotten dirt on what the President was doing in secret? They would have had compromising material on the PRESIDENT of the United States. It’s scary how irresponsible this was. And by the way, the GOA has already ruled that withholding the aid WAS illegal.

  2. The WhatsApp messages were what was most concerning new evidence by far, though. And the words “knowledge,” “consent,” and “No.1” written on the Ritz Carlton stationery. This guy is experienced enough to keep some leverage in case he ended up needing to save his own skin, which is EXACTLY what happened.

    1. The American citizen who was coordinating the surveillance of ambassador Yovanovich, with options to take out a hit on her, is also a veteran, a former Marine, a candidate for US congress. Pretty sure that these activities (especially with a potential hit on the ambassador) are a violation of that former marine’s service oath. He needs to “go through some things”.

    2. Trump is loyal to no one. Sammy the bull turned on Gotti when Gotti left him out in the cold, and I don’t blame this guy for doing the same thing to Trump.
      Btw, I’d rather have Gotti as POTUS than the current POS.

    3. Ben R  ………………   Crooks ( the smarter ones ) catch on quick as to what the crook’s MO is . Also what MICE are effective with the other goon .

    1. @Love Hate – first important thing you need to learn about Trump and it is the most important thing. That everything he says and does is the exact opposite of what he means.

      Trump says he’s draining the swamp. The opposite is that he’s actually adding to it bigger then anyone else.

      If Trump says he didn’t do it. The exact opposite is he did and doesn’t care.

      If Trump said I didn’t do anything wrong and there is no quid pro quo. Then you would know for sure there was a quid pro quote and that he did it.

      If Trump says I don’t you don’t golf. You would know the opposite is that he does cheat.

      If Trump says I am not using my hotels to make any money for himself. Then you should know by now that he’s actually doing the opposite he is making a ton of money off the American taxpayer.

      One basic fact that we do know about Trump is that he is a fraud, cheater, liar, most disgusting human being to ever exist and he just doesn’t care about the American people. He uses the White House as his personal mansion, Air force one as a private plane, helicopter at the White House as another private transport which isn’t cheap to operate, Fox News as his personal propaganda machine, the DOJ as his private lawyers and etc.

      This is why he must be impeached and removed from office and all his worldly assets need to be frozen and held by the courts to see what else he owes to the US government and his assets should be liquidated and paid back to the taxpayers of this country of ours.

    2. That’s the problem with politicians – you can’t rely on what they say. All you can rely upon is what they do.

    1. @Tyrone Simon
      Hey now come on Tyrone, most white folks are quite pleasant to their gardeners and cleaners, some even give ’em 5 bucks at Christmas as a bonus.

    2. @Claudette J
      An actual hit job and not a metaphorical one at that, she had to flee in the middle of the night because head office warned her about her safety. As we know this as part of record why is the investigation not moving to add “incitement to commit homicide” to the list of crimes? Oh yeah ‘coz one of the murdering scum happens to be AG, carry on.

  3. If I was a middle eastern world leader, I would be afraid of being murdered by missiles. Trump will try to change the topic by murder once again. Just like the last time.

    1. Or maybe pull out a bunch of troops and screw over our allies, like the Kurds. Moving our South Korean troops out would change the subject for sure.

  4. Everything anyone with a functioning brain already suspected is true, and worse. Trump rally visitors remain unconvinced. They want better toilets and Trump has promised to look into the matter.

    1. MVVpro except one important thing…..trumps rallies are staffed and paid LARP live action role playing actors . It is all a fake a lie, he doesn’t have but maybe 10000 hay-shaker evangelical Bible Belt thumper trumpers

    2. @Godspeed Don’t fool yourself. America isn’t as smart as Americans once thought. Approximately 40% of us are so full of despair and feelings of inadequacy, we needed to put a strong man into office to make us feel better. Not only has the education system and critical-thinking failed those people, but their own sense of decency, principals, and respect for the law have fled. Once their drug of choice is out of the WH, perhaps they’ll remember themselves. Maybe they never will. However, there really are thousands of them who will flock to a Trump rally as if that criminal is a rockstar. When you worship another human being like that, something is broken inside.

    1. I really wd love to see that fat, superior smile wiped off Pompeo’s face too, with a jail term. He didn’t lift a finger to protect Amb Yovanovitch, one of his own State Dept employees, even though he knew abt the plot against her. He’s scum, imo.

    1. Was doing his job. I am in total agreement. Timeline simply does not follow. The whole thing is obviously an attempt to distract.

    2. @Erick Beard I am really ready to get the Russian mob boss out of our Whitehouse.
      He owes Putin BIG. Things are not working well on his payback to release sanctions. ????

  5. Parnas is extremely believable throughout this interview! The Trump crew had to have been extremely worried about the day Parnas talked publicly!

    1. Taralya Mcdonough I don’t see any tweety tweets from mob leader in Chief 😂😂😂😂 he’s probably grabbing his ankles for Barr ‘s snake , then for Lev 😲😉😉

    1. We wish. The GOP Senate will classify Parnas as a ‘criminal who’s words you cannot believe’ and will dismiss this for the narrative that they adopted long before any evidence came in. They did the same thing to Michael Cohen who’s testimony should have sent Trump up the river for campaign finance violations. This was excused and swept under the rug under the guise of ‘can’t trust anything he says.’ Trump has gotten away with things that even a fraction of would have sunk any other presidency. Nothing Parnas says will change that pattern of enabling and excusing by the GOP and other Trump supporters.

  6. Wow. Get Trump outta here he’s the most corrupt politician we have ever had since Nixon. Far worse because he’s poisoned the entire branch of command!

    1. But he is not  a Politician, her daughter Ivanka  said it, way back when he was already potus,  so he continues to be a corrupt businessman, the title does not match the person, he  NEVER STEP UP TO THE TITLE AND HE NEVER WILL, this is an  OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME !  I am sure any other “normal and honest person” would have been GREATFUL AND FORTUNATE TO HAVE BECOME POTUS……………….

    2. No comparison between Repubs in Nixon’ s day and Repubs now. They had integrity in 1974, and put country before party.

    1. I know just the right person for a Special Counsel to investigate Barr. Andrew Weismann, federal prosecutor, not sure if he was SDNY, but Enron was one of his cases. Or Neal Katyal would be great, experienced in law and politics. Oh well, I can dream…but it wd be PERFECT! Oh no, somebody has already used that word!

  7. FFS, the USA is coming to its knees over a few people whose personalities can only be described as *”used car salesmen.”* Admit it, America, we got stuck with a lemon! There’s a solution to this, but you need to VOTE!

  8. Lev has a lot to lose and nothing to lie about. In a true democracy, this joke of an administration would be immediately imprisoned indefinitely.

    1. IX XI I agree. Parnas has no reason to lie, he is already under indictment. He could just keep quiet like his friend Fruman. I think Trump denying knowing him has something to do with his decision to speak up. And seemingly like a lot of people who had dealings with Trump, he kept records. With a conman like Trump, best to keep yr back covered.

    2. @Michele Mcneill remember when Cohen was gonna tell all cuz he had nothing to loose…turns out he also had nothing to tell…same as this fukbag… watch

  9. This is so disturbing to me. Out of everything that has come out of the Trump circus, to see an AG succumb so abjectly to corruption and lie so shamelessly to the American public.. it is too much. Unfuckingbelievable.

    1. @15k DOW 2022 Michael Avenatti tanked the Trump campaign finance fraud case and blew the Kavanaugh sexual assault case with his bogus witness.
      I’m starting to believe that Avenatti is indeed a Republican prosecutor, since he appears to be operating on the same professional level as Giuliani.

    2. Ron Murr the markets follow Trump. As he is winning they go up. If you haven’t noticed they are up up up, and so is Trump.

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