Lev Parnas To Maddow: ‘It Was Never About Corruption’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. Bwaaaaahaaaahaaaaaa!!!! This is even less credible than the Russian collusion. You folks getting facts here are laughable fools.

    2. Just more false statements from someone trying to get a reduced sentence. No credibility just like schif and his whistle blowing fools with no facts.

    1. see GLENN BECK , UKRAINE and the whole OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN IS BIGGER than the DEMS’ Story to SMEAR TRUMP WAS !

  1. We knew what it was about months ago. Don the con at it again. He knows he can’t win 2020 without cheating. He’s cheated his way through life.

    1. mitch103178 The Democrats are just gonna hand him re-election on a silver platter. People are gonna co crazy after he wins again. Mass protests and fires.

    1. @DamnedXtians hahahah ..ok ok ok..do the one with Hillary And the Russian Uranium scandal!!! baaahahahaha

    1. @Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! 1.) I hate Trump and can’t wait until he is escorted out of the Office and sent to prison. 2.) Giuliani should be sent to prison right along with all of the other enablers for Trump. 3.) Who is “You Traitor Trump”. Trump and all of his enablers are the Traitors NOT me, I hate Trump, I Love this country .

    2. ​@Jeannette Sikes Agreed, and I definitely misread it as what he’s done “to” Trump.” — my mistake. I said “You Traitor Trump – Trolls, so you also misread that. I didn’t call you a traitor. I said Traitor Trump, bc that’s his name and -Troll, bc I thought you were trolling for him.

    3. @Jeannette Sikes I spend a lot of time battling the trolls, so I’ll be more careful of that. Cheers!

  2. Rachel Maddow interview: Lev Parnas statements

    1. Parness says, “Trump knew everything he was going on” and gave orders to both him and Giuliani on what he wanted done.

    2. Parnas met with Trump at many events including one-on-one conversations during round table discussions where there were roughly 6 people.

    3. Stated he was with Rudy Giuliani 4 to 5 days a week. Stated he was with Rudy when he would speak to the president, overhearing the phone conversation on speakerphone, or often because Trump with scream into the phone, and he could hear the conversation when standing next to Giuliani.

    4. Parnas stated that the entire objective of meeting with Ukraine was strictly to get dirt on the Bidens and go after Bidens to help Trump with his reelection.

    5. Said he wouldn’t do anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani or Trump. Ukrainian officials have no reason to speak to him and only did so because they were told to meet with him.

    6. Said Trump’s interest in Ukraine was never about overall corruption but was strictly directed at Burisma and the Bidens.

    7. Said Rudy and Trump made it clear to Ukraine officials that Parnas was working for Trump and Giuliani speaking on behalf of the president. Parnas would actually get Giuliani on speakerphone while sitting with Ukrainian officials and Giuliani would state that he is Trump’s attorney and Parnas was working on behalf of them.

    8. Parnas was told to make even more demanding threats to Ukraine. Parnas contacted the senior aid to president Zelensky and conveyed the exact quid pro quo that Zelensky must announce investigations into Joe Biden or the funds would not be released to Ukraine. Giuliani instructed him to give the threat in a very harsh way and it wasn’t just military aid it was all aid to Ukraine.

    9. They demanded that there be an announcement of an investigation into Bidens, and the US would stop showing support for Ukraine by not attending Ukrainian’s president inauguration and by not having the Ukrainian president for a White House visit. He told Ukraine that Pence would not show up at his inauguration — nobody would show up. This occurred on Sunday the 12th, the following day Pence’s visit to the President of Ukraine’s inauguration was canceled after the Ukraine government wouldn’t agree to the terms.

    10. Trump was supposed to meet President Zelensky in Poland, but was angry because the Zelensky was not making the announcement. He backed out. He decided to send Pence to straighten it out and make it clear to President Zelensky that the announcement needed to be made. Pence couldn’t get Ukraine to do the announcement. After that, Trump decided to hold the aid. Getting the announcement on Biden was the main objective.

    11. In the end, Bolton went to Poland. Parnas won’t talk on behalf of Bolton, but said Bolton is a key witness. There was tension between Bolton and Giuliani on this issue. He said Bolton 100% knows what went on.

    12. Parnas stated that the only motivation for getting rid of Ambassador Yovanovitch was because she was in the way of the effort to get the announcement into Joe Biden. Parnas turned over text messages from Mr. Hyde showing surveillance of Ambassador Yovanovitch. The messages were disturbing to Parnas. He did feel that Mr. Hyde was just a sloppy drunk.

    13. At a meeting in Trump Hotel, Parnas was told to establish a relationship with Dmytro Firtash, part of a Russian organize crime, and currently under federal indictment on multiple serious felony corruption charges under house arrest in Vienna waiting extradition, to get information from Firtash that would supposedly discredit the Mueller investigation and he could also help with the Ukrainian situation.

    14. They were told to promise Firtash that his case would be treated as worthless and he was being prosecuted for no reason and that it could be taken care of. This is the offer they made to Firtash in exchange for the information. The case would be dropped at the Department of Justice.

    15. Parnas’s role was to broker/get attorneys to represent Firtash. He provided documents showing the attorneys (Fox News attorneys) would get $1 million plus $100,000 a month for expenses.

    16. Parnas stated Attorney General, Barr, knew everything. Parnas never spoke to Barr. He was there when Giuliani and others did. Giuliani and the attorneys representing Firtash all stated they spoke to Barr about these issues. Reminder: in the summary of the telephone call with the Ukrainian president, Trump specifically said Zelinski should be in contact with Barr.

    17. Parnas stated he knows Devon Nunez. He was told to be in contact with Nunez’s aid, Derek Harvey because Nunez was on the Ethics committee, and it wouldn’t look good. Parnas relayed the entire scheme to get Ukraine to announce an investigation into Biden. Nunez already knew about it. Parnas actually set up Skype interviews with Derrick Harvey and prosecutors in Ukraine to get the dirt on Bidens.

    18. Parnas did this interview with Rachel because he wanted it documented in case something happened to him.

    1. @South London Metal Detector obviously you didn’t watch. There’s evidence to corroborate his statements. Open your eyes and your brain.

    2. @South London Metal Detector you have serious critical thinking issues. People that still support this administration are incapable of processing information or dead.

  3. It’s a pretty dependable sign that something is bad news for Trump and company when the number of trolls posting on MSNBC clips goes way up. Like on this one.

    1. Don From Mpls I’m going to watch you scream at the sky again and maybe die laughing. Please, when I’m dead don’t let me vote democrat

    2. @Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN If by “came out of nowhere” means “had this account for more years than I can remember,” than yeah, I’m totally busted, dude. Any more gibberish-filled theories you’d like to share?

    1. Brilliant Hooligans – Hilarious. When Trump say 50K – it really only 3K Trumpeters are lying about that. Fact check this https://www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&safe=active&sxsrf=ACYBGNS6PIgJkrcNRQLsZNVdd1gARDqV-w%3A1579202905961&source=hp&ei=WbkgXvnrN8Pz-gT0t58Y&q=last+attendance+at+trump+rally&oq=last+attendance+at+trump+rally&gs_l=psy-ab.3…4149.10406..10842…2.0..0.243.3880.3j25j2……0….1..gws-wiz…..10..35i362i39j0j0i131j35i39j0i10j0i20i263j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j33i22i29i30.99qr8MizOD0&ved=0ahUKEwi5_PCh7YjnAhXDuZ4KHfTbBwMQ4dUDCAs&uact=5#spf=1579202916030ItTRUMP is all smoke and mirrors. He pays people to attend his rallies! LOL  Happy Impeachment YEAR 2020  WAKE UP from the mind control!! stop LYING!

    2. Yes. I think he has a little.black book of lies and he just randomly opens up on a page and quotes that LIE for the day and then all Republicans do is shake their head in agreement like good little puppies.

  4. If I was a middle eastern world leader, I would be afraid of being murdered by missiles. Trump will try to change the topic by murder once again. Just like the last time.

  5. Trump claims he’s innocent. It’s a witch hunt. So all he has to do to is publish his tax returns, allow the Mueller report to be made public without redaction, and for witnesses to testify at the impeachment hearings. He won’t because that would be the end of his presidency and lead to him and his cronies going to jail. I just can’t understand why his supporters can’t see through him.

  6. If you have an open mind and compare this to Watergate then you have to admit that Watergate was like illegally feeding the Pigeons in the Park..

  7. G00gle “Parnas lsraeI” heck:G00gle every Trump crony with “lsraeI” and you’ll see who’s really behind the collusion.

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