Lev Parnas: Trump Helped Push For Visa For Former Ukraine Official | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Lev Parnas: Trump Helped Push For Visa For Former Ukraine Official | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. which is one of the reasons why they wanted our honest ambassador ‘gone’. thank goodness that she is safe! ty mr parnas and dr maddow.

    1. Donny couldn’t just fire her,so he got his goons to intimidate her, threaten her, and finally
      maybe harm her if that didn’t work.
      What was Hyde ,a landscaper, doing in Ukrain? Stalking Ivanovitsj, that’s what.
      His tweet; SHE’S WELL PROTECTED !!

    2. @Semper verum and he is running for congress, yet doing something so vile… he knew when her phone and computer were off too, her every movement. and talking about a ‘price’… it is shocking!

    1. It will, it may be after his presidency ends, but all of this will be investigated by a Democrat administration

    2. @Berengier817 Trump Crimes Commission 2021. The truth may set you free, however it will lock up a good chunk of these goons.

    1. Yes him, Pompeo, Mulvaney, all of them dudes need to go to jail… trays up. That’s what they say when breakfast is being served in jail

    2. Been saying that for a couple years. He committed crimes in the Bush White House.
      I’m not sure why that hasn’t been investigated.

  2. An American visa in exchange for something of personal value to t’rump? 🤔
    Sounds like another “PERFECT” arrangement. 😆

    1. So to all you would be wrongdoers, remember to save the notes, they may come in handy later on when you’re trying to defend yourself from jail.

  3. Are you listening Mr Graham & Mr McConnell are you happy you’re embroiled with these anti democratic criminals

    1. Liz Roberts – they don’t care. McConnell doesn’t surprise me, but I used to think Graham had something of a conscience. Not now. They have both perjured themselves. Someday someone will write a book on the transformation of Lindsey Graham and the reasons behind it.

    2. @Onair Carna I think someone has Epsteins books. Blackmail is the only thing that can explain this circus.

  4. No wonder Lindsey keep quiet about Trump wrongdoing. Because he is also not so clean… I seeeeeeeeeeeee………….

  5. Oh, #LubyankaLindsey is not only living in trump’s rectum to keep his job, he may also be in the know about trump’s scheme? 🤔

  6. Pompeo has basically thrown the people within the State Department to the wolves. As the Secretary of State, they are suppose to be able to look to him for leadership, and guidance, but instead, he has betrayed them for his own selfish ambitions, and for the sake of an undeserving con-man and traitor.  Pompeo should have his West Point graduation voided and stripped away from him.

    Impeachment hearings. November 13, 2019
    “You can’t promote principled anti-corruption action without pi55ing off corrupt people.”
    –George Kent, US State Dept.

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why the Ambassador Yovanovitch was threatened and removed from Ukraine. Because she angered the most corrupt president in American history.

  7. Trump was just looking for another “lock her up” moment. He didn’t care if the investigation was even started, In 2016 he used the Russians to get Hillary’s emails, so he could discredit her , he’s trying to do it again with Joe Biden. There is one thing that Trump didn’t count on, is that Joe Biden might not win the Democratic nomination, and that another Democrat will thump him anyway. Hey Trump, do you know that if you are no longer a sitting president, that you can be indicted? YAY!! Come on America, let’s make it happen! Let’s put the Orange clown, in an orange jumpsuit.

  8. And if poor Mr. Shokin had gotten his visa, he could now be permanently ensconced in a vacation property at Brighton Beach.

  9. So can we have an explanation as to why Graham and Barr were to have briefing meetings with this man who has already been sacked for being corrupt?

    1. She is good. She asked a lot of the right questions and seems to put it together quite nicely. I would like to see her interview Donald Trump

  10. What was the landscaper and ex marine(MOS3051) Hyde doing stalking Yovanovitsj in Ukrain?
    His tweet;” She’s well protected ” ,he should be grilled about that.

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