1. Why not limit amount of money that big corporations can donate to political parties?Looks like big money and corporations have been entangled with each other for too long🙏🇺🇸

    1. @Dixon Uranus riiiiiiiiight…that’s why dems won everything last year…cause none of us exist.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    2. @Rico Suave McConnell statements is ridiculous because he accepts money and there are instances where he embraced support from private companies and non government entities… the NRA isn’t a government agency, that pillow guy hasn’t been elected, Hobby Lobby and Citizens United are examples of government and legislation being influenced by a commercial entity…. the guy is being hypocritical…. that is the point… pretty clear

    1. @Mega Watts umm you CAN stimulate an economy by taxing corporations and the wealthy more than the middle and lowe class. It worked before Regan was in office moron.

    2. @Cecil Brisley you don’t understand the reason behind our voting system… Without it people in less populated areas of a state would have their voice over shadowed and nulled at the behest of metropolitan areas where generally a certain party has a huge foothold…. The popular vote would leave our ranchers and farmer’s that feed the world with no voice… It’s not an outdated concept…. It levels the field

    3. yes morons libs let go out and buy jeans that are made over sea’s we better not use any common sense and buy jeans made in the USA to help put money into our own economy .

    4. @Andre Caron you literally just made their point. In non white neighborhoods people have waited 8, 9, 10 hours in line to vote.

    1. @Kevin VanDeventer Haha, usually the person calling names. Is the name they called that person. Bless your heart, you will learn one day child.

    2. I just bought 2 pair from Macy’s. I was going to return them, but I think I will keep them.

    3. @Kevin VanDeventer I wear chick pants. Americn Eagle – only thing that fits me right under $50. Let’s not go too gungho justyet, Mr. Strauss’s compay needs to bring all those jobs back to America. The pants aren’t made here

  2. I am suddenly craving a new pair of jeans 👖 right now despite the fact that it is around 90 degrees already here in Palm Springs.

    1. I enjoyed your comment. It appears to have threatened the egos of the pathologically insecure so you must have done *something* right. 🤷‍♂️

    2. @Ronda New – not any more. This is a globalist company. They don’t give a sht about America.

    3. @Scott Harrison So how am I racist if I’m supporting all these other third world countries ❓🤣

    4. @Ronda New – do you really think that black people are unable to get an ID?
      You should step back and read the law and not listen to these globalist. They hate this country

    1. @J O you are not a very effective communicator. Do you think you would have trouble probiding identification to vote?

      Also you can bring your own water or food. How are any of these complaints you have racist?

    2. @tc1uscg its not illegal to pass out water in those states, they CO for example mails out ballots to EVERYONE, and all of those states have more than 1 location to drop ballots off per district. Their laws are completely different than this bill in georgia.

    3. @ShaySlay

      Colorodo mails out ballots to registered voters.

      In order to register to vote in Colorodo you need to provide a valid form of identification.

      The laws aren’t really that different imo. What is so bad about the GA law?

  3. Mad respect for this CEO. He knows he might lose money and he doesn’t care,And he was in the military.Dude deserves all the success he has gotten.

    1. @thomas benau that’s a Russian government tactic, sure we murder our citizens, but look at what they do.

    2. @andrew Andrew he pays a slave wage of 24 cents and hour, he does not care about black voting and neither do you. dope

  4. As a Levi’s customer, this makes me incredibly happy. Levi’s just got themselves a lifelong customer. The pants of the people!

    1. @Megadog And? If I only bought stuff made in America I would be very limited in what I buy. While I don’t agree with them not making their clothes in America, I agree with them standing up for voter’s rights much higher. Goodnight

    2. The pants of the commie b*stard people who make them you mean. Spend some money with your people I always say and buy some union made Roundhouse or even Carhart (look for the union label, some are made in sweat shops). Better to spend a few dollars more than to support communist China and put a few more dollars in Levi’s pockets. But you do you and give your money to who you want.

  5. I’ve worn nothing but Levi’s for over a decade, and this reconfirms my decision to keep it that way.

  6. I love Levi’s ever since high school. I’m 67 now and i buy only Levi’s pants and nothing else. Thank you Chip and the Levi’s company for standing up for what is right.

    1. Levi Strauss uses slave from from China and child labor from Bangladesh. However that is not as oppressive as making someone show their ID when they vote. But when your base out of San Francisco you can get away with it. CNN however is a Georgia company and should be boycotted.

    2. Levis aint good at all…they had a hype once but lost it since there 250$ shoes broke down in a month!
      35$ keep even better up🤣🤣🤣

  7. Today I am wearing Levi jeans, socks, t-shirt, sweater and shorts.
    Coincidence but all are my favorite.
    AND a jean jacket too.

  8. I’m so happy to hear this I am going to break my sacred vow – “Never Go Double Denim”. Ordering LEVI’s Jacket, jeans and a shirt…. going to go TRIPLE DENIM in praise of LEVI’s leadership.

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