LGBTQ community hijack #ProudBoys on Twitter with photos of gay love 1

LGBTQ community hijack #ProudBoys on Twitter with photos of gay love


In response to the U.S. president’s call-out of the hate group, members of the global LGBTQ community flooded Twitter with images of love and positivity using the hashtag #ProudBoys.
Read more about how the social media campaign took off in British Columbia:

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  1. I am sure they don’t care… this “troll” just proves to them you have no understanding of what they are.

    1. We’re far past the creation of the narrative, welcome to the next step into the logical conclusion of the narrative. Coming up next: Twitter takes to getting anyone who doesn’t bad mouth the ProudBoys fired from their jobs and later in the hour: why cancel culture is a complete myth that doesn’t describe anything Twitter has ever done.

    1. @PhoenixHinds Um..what? How can “anti faci…..” What? You’re honestly not that stupid. You can’t be.

    2. @TheBlackJesus No, you are incorrect. I am against fascism, I am antifascist…or antifa. I am not a part of any group about it either online or IRL. Just because you want to believe something doesn’t make it so. For instance, I believe it is the ALT-Right that is PRETENDING to be ANTIFA causing the problems. Now does that make me right even though it could entirely, if not likely, be possible?

    3. @PhoenixHinds sorry to burst your bubble (insert preferred pronoun here).

      There are numerous photos and sources of the group you defend directly working along the remaining ISIS caliphate members (I guess they’re just an idea too huh?) Or how about your organization hijacking and then promoting BLM that is openly a marxist group, wants to destroy the nuclear family and has direct ties and is funded by an organization in bed with the CCP?

      Please, explain these findings that are ALL over the internet?

    1. dude the real joke is that the PB’s were actually started as a joke to poke at the ANTIFA children….all a bunch of nonsense from ALL sides!

    1. Then it isn’t worth commenting on, is it? Clearly, you felt the need to clarify something you claim is unimportant. Hmm.

    2. @TheDeadManSwitch
      It means pay your taxes to fund the military and serve in said military when called. Simple!

  2. Video begins with a comment saying “F” Trump. Video ends with a comment saying the lgbt community answers hate with love. All this while sappy emotional music is playing in the background. Total inversion of reality. This video made me sick.

    1. @007VitaminD Then why do “news” stations even exist, if they mischaracterize, slander, and fabricate? I thought they are here to provide unbiased / fair and balanced truth, not spin?

    2. As always, LGBT navel-gazes and overinflates its own relevance. It’s always, only, about itself — it has no concern for anyone else.

  3. The only.thing they hate is antifa looters and arsonists…. apparently they are ok though…they are just “protesting”

    1. Art Vandelay shout out to Seinfeld! They never would have been able to do it in today’s climate! Cancel culture!

    1. Nobody with a degree in journalism or employed as a fact checker at least. I’m pretty sure that lot is only aware of Twitter.

    1. @Louca Dufault yeah music is emotionally manipulative you can use it to stimulate the reaction you want. If you put circus music over it you wouldn’t feel the same way I guarantee.

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