1. Can the liberals stop blaming Harper previous goverment. At this point liberals are the previous goverment

    1. raymond mailloux so what you’re saying is you’re a taker not a giver. Try doing something for all Canada instead of just Quebec.

    1. Everyone will get nothing when the oil industry shuts down! Alberta should follow Quebec’s example and leave their resources in the ground. Then Alberta can live on transfer payments from Ontario and Quebec!

  2. I hate these politicians who just won’t answer a question. Almost all of them do this and I hate them for it.

    1. @Richard C I’d rather that our politicians would move. Just because there are places worse than Canada does not mean we shouldn’t expect Canada to be better than it is.

    1. Gary,

      Not sure where u’re from here’s a small example of what was spent in Calgary.

      According to Hehr, here are the top spending items by the Liberal federal government from 2016 to 2019:

      Green Line LRT: $1.53 billion.

      Gas tax fund: $342 million.

      SW Ring Road: $333.6 million.

      Springbank Dam: $178 million.

      BMO Centre : $167 million. 

      Affordable housing: $100.6 million.

      That works out to 2.8 billion….plus a pipeline so that’s evidence of some positive actions….let’s hope they do more.

  3. Catherine still won’t acknowledge that a Quebec gas pipeline isn’t common sense. Hypocrites have no credibility.

  4. she “delivered on the climate file” alright…she delivered the destruction of Western Canada’s energy industry.🙄

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