Liberal MP: Canada chose ‘second best’ vaccine procurement | COVID-19 pandemic

Liberal MP: Canada chose 'second best' vaccine procurement | COVID-19 pandemic 1


    1. Because our government did nothing to upgrade and build manufacturing labs. Our government is useless and incompetent.

  1. Britain did not have the capacity in the beginning….but now they do, as could we. Canada should be ashamed of taking vaccines from the poorer nations,..shameful 😞 a new low for canada

    1. @Sixty 9er
      By threat of incarceration I pay my taxes. But they are far from incompetent. This little “pandemic” is working out for them perfectly

  2. This government is so incompetent and embarrassing. Now we are taking vaccines from a supply set up for third world countries. We are the only g7 country doing this. Who keeps electing these fools.

    1. Ontario and the Maritimes. Quebec doesn’t help either by electing a group that no one else in the country can vote for except them so they are useless but honestly it would be no better if Sheer or O’Tool where in charge. The debt might be less cuz P.P would be the Fin minister but really hes one of maybe three competent MP elected

  3. There is no task so simple it cannot be done poorly.

    Job: get Vaccines for Canadians (build or buy)
    Budget: unlimited
    Timeline : 1 year
    Result: “hey let’s poach some of that developing country supply we paid for.”

  4. This is what happens when you outsource everything to other countries and depend on them for your survival. MANUFACTURE AT HOME.

  5. We used to be able to produce vaccines! How short-sighted of Canada to have destroyed our own capability to produce vaccines not only for ourselves but also to export.

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