1. WELL SAID!! So pathetic that the prime minister didnt have the leadership skills or intellect to say this himself.

  2. Wow…now was that really so hard to say ? It’s not so hard being a REAL politician, you just have to speak the truth and have compassion and bravery. We aren’t asking for much just true leadership from our leaders. This is well over due…

    1. @Darren MichaelsenIt is simple…. Trudeau is trying to build a dynasty to rule Canada forever (a la Cuba)… and they didn’t want to lose their spot at the trough.

  3. Finally, a voice of reason. We Canadians do not understand your directives because they are NOT based on science. This pandemic has been politicized almost from the very beginning, and we are sick of it. Do not underestimate ordinary working Canadians who pay your salary.

    1. @Gary Angelstad Enough. There’s been enough mudslinging. Regardless of your differences, he is trying to bring everyone together to find a solution that works. Time for reason.

  4. This is the speech a Prime Minister should be making… Mr Joël Lightbound is a true leader. So inspiring.

    1. @Jonathan Belanger Scared and isolated like most Canadians. It’s never too late to speak your truth. Let’s not beat him up anymore than Canadians feel beat down and abandoned by our so called leaders.🙂🇨🇦

    2. @Vaga-Bard GTF funny you say that because this “scripted speech” addressed all of the points while Trudeau’s speech is devoid of any substance other than blabbering about inclusion.

    1. Integrity! My foot. They are all the same, every party is in this together. Time for Canada to do house cleaning Top to bottom. Step down Trudeau, no one cares what you say.

    2. @Trish Pharaon O’Toole was almost as bad I agree and you can see how evil Kenney and Ford are also. You’re right.

  5. All measures SHOULD be lifted immediately. The hardest thing about the pandemic has been authoritarianism.


  6. Finally a voice of reason from the Liberal party. Calling these brave truckers racists etc. has been a very disappointing message to hear from our PM. So much hatred there for some reason.
    Thank you Joel!!!!

  7. Shame on Justin Trudeau!!!!! Stay strong Canada 🇨🇦 & America 🇺🇸 our thoughts and prayers are with you. Australia 🇦🇺 stands with you 🙏🙏❤️❤️

    1. We love you Australia 🇦🇺 my friends and I here in Canada have been so worried for you because of you’re insane government. Hold the line!
      We will win united.

    2. justin trudeau has nothing to do w provincial policies…it’s the ineffective premiers and the health agencies that can only see this pandemic from a medical point of view and not one based on the need for a livelihood or education

  8. A Liberal with common sense and some critical thinking skills? Somebody is about to get Jody Wilson-Rayboulded out of Trudeau’s party, again.

    1. So much common sense to remain silent for two years. Now that it’s politically safe because average Canadians said enough is enough you suddenly find a backbone. At best you are an apologist for the liberal party. 2 stars max.

  9. I am a conservative. I like this guy. All we ask for is genuine dialogue and at least an attempt at understanding our perspective. I can promise the same in return. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this speech he made.

    1. @madtabby Well if the past is any indicator, he certainly will be. His constituents should be proud of him.

    2. And I lean more liberal, but I’m sick to death of being pitted against my fellow countrymen. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we do need to get back to listening to one another.

  10. Bravo Joel. A government representative that at least is willing to have a discussion, rather than irrationally demonizing persons holding different views. The points you make are bang on.

  11. This guy should be leading the Liberal party. Thank you for voicing your thoughts! I hope you’re not penalized for it.

  12. While a liberal vote from me will NEVER happen in the foreseeable future, i respect what you have done here Joel. Your/our leader is nothing but a national disgrace and a completely underqualified person for the job. The future doesn’t look bright for Justin Trudeau.

    1. I made a life-long vow to never support the Liberals after JT.’s dictatorship. I will however write this gentleman to say thank you.

  13. Finally a liberal who is speaking with some form of logic. Shout out to this guy for speaking his mind even though it could have serious implications on his career, unlike all the other spineless liberal politicians.

  14. Well done to this Liberal MP, who clearly has the ability to think for himself, use his critical thinking skills and common sense.

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