Liberals, Conservatives in two-way race in final polls 1

Liberals, Conservatives in two-way race in final polls


The Scrum with Nik Nanos discusses where all the parties stand with just hours before election day, and what to watch for.

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    1. @Milrlite What? I am not now , nor have I ever been a politician. Never held office of any kind. Not even dog catcher. bye.

    1. @Paul Figueiredo there are NO REAL Journalists in Canada that didn’t hold out their greasy palms for the $600 million. They’re all absolutely pathetic and apparently love the p e d o s.

    1. @Adolphus Weiβmann I’m really sorry but what does that mean? Also, I didn’t know you having a full-on debate, I was just saying

  1. The problem is the way things are drawn up the Liberals will win more seats, stupid system when a party with less actual votes can win, just like last election

    1. @Andrew Murray He means the Conservatives won the popular vote but lost the election because the Liberals won more seats. Pretty likely that will happen again though the PPC might change that by sifting away some Conservative votes.

    2. @Jeremy Mac Donald CPC won the popular vote and gained 26 seats, whereas the LPC lost 20 seats.

      Liberals started with 177 seats but ended up with 157 seats, and Conservatives started with 95 seats but ended up with 121 seats.

  2. How much medical infrastructure or training,could have been built/completed with this wasted $650,000,000 Justin? You’re a fraud in so many more ways than 1

    1. @Karen Churchill Nothing wrong with being a liberal. JT is not a liberal at all. He runs the party called liberal but thats as far as it goes.

    2. @Karen Churchill

      Do you mean as the day he will win that we will notice & see that he is a criminal’s politician just like some that we
      (” I “) know like the Lord EL Capone of Chicago , USA ,
      I mean Mafia of bootlegger drink bottles !

    1. You can say what you want but Nanos is the best in the business, almost got last election bang on (within 2 percentage points across the board), I think they’ll be more off this election but everyone will be.

  3. As a former JT voter(sadly). I have literally no idea how you could support him at this point. At all . On anything.

    1. Never voted Liberal in my life. I’m voting Conservative again today. I would like to vote PPC, but that just helps the Libs stay in. My name of the game today is get the Libs out.

    1. @With Goddess

      And so did I , I mean three times I didn’t vote for JT liberal parties since I saw how he was answering in the meeting of the Fridays to that woman who quit her job career as a politician’s of opposite party !

      Only BC the PM Justin Trudeau’s answers and tone of answering to her , once he finished the last word , sits right back and the same time put the teleprompter to his ear , as an option of meaning , Your question was to embarrass me !

    2. @C B But now you can legally smoke weed to ease your pain.Sad that only the pot heads had their promises fulfilled by Trudeau and co.

    3. @Bob McRae stole 2 years of our lives. Divided the entire country, lost friends and businesses. Don’t get to see human faces anywhere.

    1. If the conservatives had half a brain they’d realize their September 5 anti gun garbage announcements cost them this election. The polls very clearly show that.

  4. We simply can’t afford Trudeau with the constant corruption and the insane amount of debt and taxes he has laid on our shoulders. There has never been a worse PM than Trudeau and there has never been a PM that hates Canada more.

    1. I suppose you would rather them spend the next 2 years being blocked by the PC’s cause they go, agents, anything the liberals do. Or by the NDP cause, they want to give the same things just in a different colour.

    1. @Big Nebula When I am allowed to set up my churches, enter your countries politics and vote to decide your homelands fate……then we’ll talk. Oh….wait, I would be killed.

    1. Apparently not – this is already decided (most boring election ever). I would be very surprised if the mail in ballots change more then 3 seats which will have no impact on the results of this election. I mean they have to count them by law but they won’t change anything in this election.

  5. Imho “polls” is the way to manipulate. Listen, folks, just vote for the candidate you consider to be the best for the country. You know what you want

    1. @The Outsider he literally told you not to listen to polls lol if you base your vote on a stupid pole then you’re the problem

    2. I know it’s easy to vote the candidate but, from a Canadian perspective, it really should be “vote for the party”. Look into the party platform and the candidates in your riding.

    1. @J L in my 40 years it’s gotten worse and worse. A home that cost $150k 20 years ago is 400k now. Gas, taxes, inflation, bills and cost of living has gone through the roof.

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