Lieberman: I Hope McConnell, Schumer Will ‘Rise To The Occasion’ Of Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Lieberman: I Hope McConnell, Schumer Will 'Rise To The Occasion' Of Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1



    2. @Richard Miller You have no idea what you are talking about. Congress appropriates foreign aid. Turn off fox news and educate yourself.

    3. The shampeachment process was a brutal exercise in raw power. It ignored legal precedents, legal principles such as due process, and it trampled upon the rights of the accused.
      The Articles are a joke. The first is void and the second is baseless. The House Dems have been acting in bad faith for over three years, as has the controlled socialist press.

    1. The GOP is scrambling to start another war to fool and scare people into keeping their criminal operation in power.

    2. Obviously, because he’s best at everything….. I’m thinking 5 should hold the record until another ObamaNation is elected…. Then it will be impeachment all day every day.

    3. @Freedom & Liberty Bot When the when the clown-in-chief has committed so many offenses why stop at only five?

  1. Now that there is more unrest in the Middle East this makes it easier for Saudi Arabia , Russia and China to be in full control of the oil. The people in that area will be more vulnerable.

    1. Except the fact that North America now produces 2/5’s of the oil and the Saudi’s are on our side…. You get to vote, Lord help us all

  2. The middle class is what protected the wealthy from the multitudes of the poor. The hollowing out of the middle class proves that the wealthy are incompetent and undeserving of leadership. The establishment needs to realize that they have more than they will ever need for 15 eternities, and let thinking people lead.

    1. bellamoon when is enough enough. I despise this mentality of ever increasing growth. Now we understand that ultimately neither matter nor energy can be can created or destroyed, only changed in form. So for every population area that has ebbed and flowed over time, others have been consistent, while a few have seemed to grow beyond what might seem sustainable(looking at you, London, Paris). Every company manager is always pushing for growth. Look at Wells Fargo. They were committing fraud en masse just for “numbers” that didn’t matter in reality. Sad stuff. The goal should NOT be growth, but sustainability. Some 35 years ago I learned in school that the earth could only sustain so much for so long. Some things have not come to be, while other unforeseen consequences have taken root. We can’t handle growth as it. Sustain.

    2. The Establishment IS the wealthy. It’s like telling a dog to stop licking its own balls. They never will. We have to rise up and stop them ourselves. Power to the people. Speak truth to power. TYT Army!

    3. @Andrew Higdon what an unintelligible rant that was unprompted. I skimmed over that and ugh what a mess of points. You need to clear up what you want to say. I get your concepts and I agree but that word salad was trash.

  3. Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham will not keep their oath because they don’t care about their oath unless it’s a Democrat in the WH.. Trump, a life long Democrat, ran as a Republican because he knows, as he himself stated, they have the poorly educated..

    1. *~You Already Knew~*
      Only way to do
      Go out and vote blue
      Get out the vote blue
      To set our path true
      Let’s try something new
      Progressives not few

  4. Lol trying to now say that raising a lot of money isn’t a guarantee. Lol first of all it’s not the 34.5 Bernie is concerned with. It’s the 5 MILLION INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS Bernie is raving about.

    Also I can’t wait for them to see when mayor Pete who raised so much money and is the 3rd favorite by these wealthy donors gets none of the votes. Cory Booker and Joe Biden are 1 and 2.

  5. Lieberman threatened to shut the government down if a public option was not removed from the Obama Care bill to protect his insurance donors. He is trash of the highest order.

    1. Did you see what the left did to Detroit, LA, san Francisco, Baltimore, etc? It’s a good thing the rest of the country isn’t led like these cities

  6. The Rigor Mortis Tortoise Mich McConnell has been bought lock stock & barrel by Donald Trump. He’s sold his integrity, his soul & the dignity of his office for a few pieces of silver. 🐢☑💰

  7. He needs to be recused because of the only rule that McDonnell can’t control and he’s already admitted to his intent to break and purger himself

  8. —-> …. “Trump is tapping his vast fundraising network for a handful of loyal senators facing tough reelection bids in 2020. Each of them has signed onto a Republican-backed resolution condemning the inquiry as ‘unprecedented and undemocratic’. The president is tapping his vast donor network to buck up lawmakers whose support he badly needs — but who also need him.”
    Trump lures GOP senators on impeachment with cold cash (politico)

  9. Impeachment has helped Trump. He’s raised $103 million over the the last year and 45% of it came in the last quarter of the year thanks to impeachment

    So he should call Nancy up and say “Thanks for the cash and for rallying my grassroots for me!”

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