Life after the Collapse of Sugar in Lionel Town | TVJ News – Nov 9 2021

Life after the Collapse of Sugar in Lionel Town | TVJ News - Nov 9 2021 1


  1. Worthless government and mp the one factory in the aria the let it closed shame on you stop talking about tourism because uno not promoting the place

  2. Kmt…unuh tek people fi fool….dem a still mine ,them even still slash n burn….who yah tell bout new era…we naa live to see that

  3. Tell the politicians to address crime and violence and many Jamaicans will move back home and invest in their country. With crime and violence the way it is now Jamaica and Jamaicans will continue to struggle for survival.

  4. Tourism is important to Jamaica but everything shouldn’t be about Tourism. Restore the sugar factory in a more modern way and create jobs for the residents. Jamaica shouldn’t be importing sugar and many of the other food items that are being imported. Local farming should be the way forward. A wise man plants his own food.

  5. Why them don’t start back regetta in Rock point it use to bring lots of people to rock perneal Charles Hope you a read this

  6. Charles talking about tourism, doesn’t he have any productive to contribute any original thought? What some of the taxpayers money that you all claim will be used for St. Thomas will be diverted? Kmt.

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