1. This is really sad and heartbreaking and my condolences to all the families that were lost in this tragedy

  2. Very sad, what a way to live, hopefully one day things will return to normal for these people. Everyone deserves to live peacefully.

    1. Should have told that to the Nobel peace prize recipient Obama who slaughtered these people wholesale.

  3. It was happen to my country when I was young😥 I saw my farther fighting with another team next to my house in my village..😥 Wish the world fully by peace.

  4. I don’t know who is the leader of this….but wanna say that please stop this…..😭😭😭😭

    1. @Eiz Qarqash it’s wrong for Native Americans to wear something disrespectful like that

    2. @Eiz Qarqash I have to ask, why do you make your women wear those, we all look different for a reason, and honestly it’s bad for the scalp, just ask bald men who wear hats and rags

  5. god bless you syria. i have nothing to offer but prayers and educating myself on the reality worldwide. just horrific what these people are going through, so heartbreaking.

    1. I do not think you understand what is going on here. This is a naked attack by the Shia to capture Damascus for themselves. No the city per say but the religious meaning of controlling the holy sight.

  6. Russian state news reports on American “warmongers” while Putin is dropping bombs on Syria.

  7. Heart-breaking
    So sorry for all the families who lost their beloved ones in a war they’re not responsible for

  8. These type of stories always break my heart. It’s so sad what some of these people have to endure on a daily basis. I wish there were ways we could help. 😞💔

  9. It amazes me that the West is hellbent on destroying the only secular government in the Middle East that is welcoming of Christians. Anything for their Jew and Saudi masters though right?

  10. CNN should focus more on US related news. The US getting involved with other countries’ affairs does more harm than good.

  11. Syria is dying, and in other parts of the world, people are jubilantly enjoying fire work and merry making. Where the the so called Top leaders of the world??

  12. Did Tulsi gabbard have you make this video? Is she going back to Syria for a photo op with Assad?

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