Life in the Controversial Church in Jamaica | TVJ All Angles – Oct 2021


    1. @Angela Slack PLEASE calm down…. do you not understand what quotation marks mean? The word is in quotes which indicates clearly that it is not church…duh

    2. @Angela Slack sorry dear you can’t blame ppl because they said that they were a church they used the Bible they were extreme it was a church because they were registered and operated as such . And they are more like this .

    1. If a did me interviewing him mi would ask him what about Davion who was like head cook and bottle washer under the Bishop. Mi would not be surprised if Davion a one a the man dem who get lock up with the fake bishop

    2. Hortense my views as well. He just may be too scared to speak a lot of stuff🤷🏾‍♀️. The congregation are all eeeediots..firstly there’s one true GOD n a nuh him

  1. All of these guys were told to “leave women alone”. And he had no females there. Even my 4 yr old daughter could solve that puzzle

    1. People need to realize there is more than physical forces here. Check African pastors who are coming out and confessing. They will tell you they used spells to influence the people.

  2. The man always discriminating women and teaching boys to leave women alone????? But pupa Jesus! Man hate woman I pray 🙏🏽 this young man get protection

  3. This is like a dictator shepherd, Jesus said the higher should serve the lower, we all need to study the bible so we will know the word and discern the enemy. Too many fraud in the pulpit.

  4. The so called pastor Kevin Smith is living like a king 👑 while some of them can hardly make end meet 🤔

  5. Why would Jamaica poor ppl not trust him.. if politicians and entertainers are his friends police..?? Why would they think he’s a bad person? These are the things you have to take in consideration that this man wielding power over these young ppl. This is sad on all front… pray he stay in GP for the rest of his life!!! That’s justice!!!!

    1. @Diana Pinnock yes and to his poorer “parishoners” it would appear he has friends in high places…. How dem fi I know different?

  6. For him to be handling the financial side of things, he would have been a high ranking member .
    He might not be saying everything but, he has to keep himself safe.
    He is intelligent, therefore he knows much much more.

  7. What this young man is talking about is abuse! Straight forward narcissistic abuse! In the US the “pastor” would be heading to prison… this is not something Jesus would approve at all

  8. People, I am a Jamaican living abroad and I feel this young man’s pain. This poor guy being poor, got caught in a bad situation!

  9. This young man maybe holding back, but he has said enough to give a glimpse into the evil life of a so called bishop. As a society, however, we failed these young men, because there should never have been any situation where teen boys had to find themselves under the same roof with a monster like Kevin Smith. I hope justice gets done for all those who suffered at the hands of diabolical Kevin Smith.

  10. The poor guy sounds like he is afraid to “spill all the beans”. I can understand his fear and hesitation after being in a controlling environment.

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