'Like 190 moonshots': Weir analyzes Biden's climate promise 1

‘Like 190 moonshots’: Weir analyzes Biden’s climate promise


President Joe Biden kicked off a virtual climate summit attended by 40 other world leaders by announcing an ambitious cut in greenhouse gas emissions as he looks to put the US back at the center of the global effort to address the climate crisis and curb carbon emissions.
At the White House summit, which is taking place over two days, Biden committed the United States to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%-52% below its 2005 emissions levels by 2030. While the goals are a part of the Paris climate agreement that Biden rejoined upon taking office, they are non-binding and the administration has not rolled out a plan on how the US will meet them. Officials said Biden and his team arrived at the final number in a meeting at the White House on Wednesday morning.
CNN's Bill Weir describes the challenges facing President Biden and why his vow is so ambitious.

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  1. It’s ok if we don’t live up to our standards so let the world know we have one. Before we can be effectively leading the world, we need to enroll worlds population in that goal. Their governments will follow.

    1. @sammyshott23

      In 1960-69 the US suffered only two derecho events. A derecho is a “widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms known as a mesoscale convective system and potentially rivaling hurricanic and tornadic forces. Derechos can cause hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, heavy rains, and flash floods….” Wiki

      1960-69 2
      1970-70 2
      1980-89 4
      1990-99 10
      2000-09 19
      2010-19 27

      In 2020 the US experienced 9 derecho storms. A third as many in a single year as all of the highest decade total. The October 2020 derecho caused more than $7.5 billion dollars in damages.

    2. @Andrew Pinson Andrew, you’ve had yours. As have I. I have little reason to be personally concerned about climate change as I am old and have enough money to move somewhere safer if necessary. But I got to where I am because people before me did the work to make my life possible.

      I was born into a world with an electric grid, decent roads, decent medical care, etc. Cars and airplanes had already been invented. And while I was napping in my crib others were defeating Hitler and his crew.

    3. @Andrew Pinson Has the entire south-west ever disappeared under the waves before? Because that is what is predicted to happen by 2100.

    4. @Bob Wallace Well I will not be moving. And most of us our age have done a fair share of sacrificing to get to where we are. Lots of things are getting better with new inventions every day. I do not see where questioning things that the government has in store for us is a bad thing. I see a lot of what the “crowd” meaning those with a louder voice and more money need to tell the rest of us what is good or bad. Since I see a number of decisions by the government as just plain stupid I question what else feeble minds have for us to swallow. And yes I could be wrong.

    1. @420KinK that’s your argument?
      Okay we are devolving into pointlessness. how many solar panels require mined minerals and manufacturing practices that also cause harm to the planet, not to mention land is also a finite resource and solar panels needs a lot of land aka being invasive to species.

      420…. let me guess your a grower

    2. No. The Alien Observers are saying “They’re doing it, I can’t believe they’re doing it. They are falling for this BS. There is no hope for them, lets just blow their planet to pieces in order to facilitate an intergalactic highway construction project for a hyperspace express route”

  2. This is a situation where it is better to aim high and risk missing the target is better, than aiming low and then reach its goal.

    1. @sammyshott23 I keep trying to send you his link, but it keeps getting deleted for some reason. Just check out his links on yt

    2. @Jrue Jo I did look him up though and he said never vaccinate people in the middle of a pandemic with an vaccine that doesn’t completely prevent transmission. Is that what you were talking about?

  3. Raja Rajamannar
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    1. right ! Green energy , green products, electric vehicles – beautiful ! I’m glad you got that (finally).

  4. I am well beyond caring about political promises. My only concern is for practical actions. So lets wait & see if at last this actually leads to something productive.

    1. Me too. I wish they could spend money wisely instead of paybacks to their friends…Almost like doing it right

    2. you are not supposed to be just a consumer of politics, instead it’s everybody’s responsibility to participate in change and become more aware of how the individual can contribute to a better environment.

    3. Take a couple of minutes and push on your representatives and senators. At both the federal and state level. Make it clear to them that you want action.

      Two things motivate politicians, other than their personal belief system. Campaign contributions and voter support.

    4. @grandma k. True…but governments need to establish laws that ban plastic’s made from fossil fuels and make packaging biodegradable, put together proper recycling systems etc etc….only a pig shits in his house, this planet is our house….. we have to stop shitting in it

  5. The only people denying science and making up their own are those on the fanatic left. The left is single handily destroying the world one bad decision at a time.

  6. The danger isn’t in setting the bar to high and missing sometimes. The danger is setting the bar to low and hitting it every time.

  7. Well it’s great that they’re setting a high bar but the problem is if you miss that is where the issues come

    1. Gration, before I go, I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re going to disagree with me, and that more than anything it will be on political grounds. I’m talking pure economics and that’s my prediction, based upon economic metrics and how I view what’s on the horizon. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. I urge you to keep a close track on the rate of inflation, the price of your basket of food, wages, tax rates, and unemployment relative to pre-covid unemployment rates. We’ll watch and see how it pans out.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 America was at it’s most prosperous with decent tax laws in place around the 1970s, and we’ve been steadily declining ever since, with companies paying less and less in terms of taxes and wages to keep up with inflation, which happens naturally as time progresses. What economic trend are you following? Tax cuts only affect poor people’s spending, not the super wealthy and companies. They’re going to buy and open whatever they want.

      America’s dollar is worth maybe an eighth to a tenth of what it was during that time and inequality is the highest of any developed, westernized, free nation in the world.

    3. Gration, last post, it’s past midnight! How are you judging prosperity in the 1970s as against, say, pre-covid in 2019, so that we can look at a time when things were less distorted economically that today? Which metrics are you using? I’m confused about the comments on the dollar’s worth over that period, that’s natural, given the passage of time, inflation, the odd financial mishap here and there along the way. Are you judging it by spending power?

      The tax point is that across the board reductions would generally lead to greater cash circulation – generally that is – and for low to middle income earners, those tax cuts would genuinely have put more cash in pockets. Of course, the wealthier would better off in absolute terms, but relatively speaking, the low-middle earners would be better off. I know people come in with the argument to debunk the idea of trickle-down economics, or the multiplier effect, but it leads to greater capital investment, an incentive to entrepreneurship, setting up new businesses, employing staff, stimulating economic activity. Pre-covid, the employment numbers were good, weren’t they? That has to be the ultimate goal, the one that provides greater prosperity, achieving optimal employment.

  8. That fake news cnn clown Weir is going to be disappointed because five seconds after Biden made those promises he had already forgotten them

  9. The cool thing about 190 moonshots is that, if only 5% of them pan out, you get 10 successful moonshots.

    1. Exactly! I came to the comments to make sure someone pointed this out. In fact, if the continuation of your civilization depends on reaching the moon, I WANT TO SEE 190 MOON SHOT PROJECTS at once. It really makes sense.

    1. Which specific proposals do you disagree with regarding the actions being taken against proven anthropogenic climate change occurring as we speak?

  10. He Joe, where’s all those green jobs you promised Keystone Pipeline workers, whose lives you destroyed.

  11. His next speech will be from his private jet before he’ll get in his big diesel limo to go

    1. Regardless of whether someone is doing something that is deemed inconsistent or hypocritical, the bottom line regarding Climate Change is that it is backed by as much science, data, and evidence as you could possibly find. Objectivity is required as always on this issue.

    2. @Queliosha I’m all about objectivity. I just find it odd that those who push for climate change the most are often those who have the biggest carbon footprint. If they’re serious about helping our climate, they could start by reducing their own pollution.

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