1. When was the last time Republicans came up with a major policy proposal that would better the lifes of Americans? All they do is think of new conspiracies, attacks, and memes to further divide the nation.

    1. Our brains can’t comprehend how cool heaven is. So, practice serving God, by serving others. This is our purpose on Earth. Spread the truth by spreading the “Word of God”.

    1. @Flamingo Girl even if I would have gotten one he has taken way more from us than he gave that little check wouldn’t pay one month of my bills much less 18 months worth so if you think he gave you something do the math you’ve paid back 20 times what was given you

    2. @Lisa Leteff You are so right you didn’t get A stimulus check , you got two possibly Three . As much as you are concerned , How I handle my Expenses , is just fine and I don’t care to complain on YT in great detail about expenses and bills ! And the money from the Government, how Magnanimous ,
      of you ,not to
      take the money ,because it was approved by you know ( I will whisper the word Democrats )😵‍💫 , If you are a Dependent on Someone , That someone got your Stimulus 💰Moolah ! Yes I did get the stimulus checks ,and was grateful! So Sorry you are Triggered ! Nothing left to say ,to you , outta here !

  2. Listening to republicans trying to spin this into a hell fire and brimstone crisis has been hilarious. They just don’t get embarrassed easily. Or they don’t know when they should be embarrassed.

    1. @Dirty_D_2015 ha ha sure sure, and Jesus will be right back, he just stepped out for a pack of smokes 🤣

  3. Lindsey Graham has been in the Senate since 2003 and the nation has gone downhill ever since. That makes him a big fat failure.

  4. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he must be indicted!

    1. @toeknee no thanks I like my brain dont need that junk but your welcome to continue believing in fairytales

    1. @Glena Garrett As usual can you provide sources to support what you’re saying vs. your emotion and ignorance? Truly, it’s not that I like Republicans any better as I”m a libertarian.

      1. Brand of religion?
      2. Get rid of medicaid, medicare, social security?
      3. What Climate Crisis?

      If you’re not going to provide sources to support what your saying from the three things listed don’t bother responding back.

    2. @John Thomas haha why on earth are you asking this person to address commentary that has nothing to do with their response or the discourse in this thread? Also what on earth do those questions even mean, they are hardly even complete sentences. Here is a statement instead of a question, why is that self identifying libertarians are the ones most often way off the spectrum?

  5. One thing that the American people can count on is Senator Sanders will always look out for what would best help the people and although he knows that the bill doesn’t do enough, he would not stop it from moving forward.

  6. “sanders represents the further left of the democratic party” he is an independent, doing what he thinks is best for his people, and he is right. this bill is something, that is better than nothing, but it is a good start.

    1. @Jamie Thomas WHEN IT COMES TO THE ECONOMY, please turn off caps lock it doesn’t make you cool or right. Bernies tax proposals were more than 10 times to the right of Nixon, any time some “left wing” organization labels him extreme left, they’re setting the bar for where the “left” is allowed to be, further to the right.

    2. @tata eight name 1 thing biden has ever done to help the country!! trump did a lot to help us!!!!

  7. “Make the _average_ person’s life more difficult …”

    He means the _average_ *billionaire.*

    1. Well, anyone making over $400,000 should be getting a sizable tax hike, but because of Sinema they’ll go on as before.

  8. Yay!! This is great news for America. Thank you Democrats – for protecting women, the environment, families, gay people, veterans, and … the economy. VOTE BLUE IN 22!! (and 24!)

    1. @Joe Mama You do realize we are FORCING it to become warmer, don’t you?
      I hate that all of the contempt and sarcasm cannot come out via typed words that they are being typed with.

    2. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin its like going outside when its flooding and pouring a bottle of water in the already flooding street and going “wow i sure am contributing to this flood”

  9. It will improving the lives of most Americans. That’s why Senator Graham and the Republican Party are opposed to it.

  10. Ms Lindsey says average people will suffer, but he really meant it will upset the wealthy money grabbers and his financial backers

    1. In his mind, his donors are the average people. Those that average people regard as average people do not even exist in Graham’s mind.

    2. @Kay Bel poster intentially does this every time thinks he is clever to address elected rep this way on his sexuality status. its at once immature and nauseating, and, UNAMERICAN. But poster thinks he is very clever so continues embarrassing self.

  11. “Use my words against me,” Lindsey Graham once said. Even he recognizes that he has no credibility.

    1. @Charlotte B Dirty D still believes in Ron Reagan’s trickle down economics, so don’t expect a logical answer there.

    2. @Dirty_D_2015
      Are we talking about CNN, FOX or any other media?
      No, hon.
      We are not.
      We are spraking about Lindsay Graham, and as he instructed, we are using his own words against him.😏

    1. @G M actually Russia is saver them American as of now! We are literally being lied to about everything!

    2. Awww! Well I’d rather be a rational American, who cares about reality, and doesn’t make decisions based on unhinged, simple minded FEELINGS!

    3. @JosefinaL Go troll somewhere else! The only liar is you! BTW…how’s the weather in Moscow!?

  12. Wow….. I can’t believe that they used Graham as there spokesman. I wouldn’t have. Lindsay is a man of no honor , integrity , and no sense of common decency. His voting record will bear truth to that. He’s been around since 1992…..
    First in the House of Representatives and since 2003 , a Senator. He’s a partisan politian and is one the many reasons WHY there needs to be term limits in the Senate. He’s worth over 100 million dollars…….so now you know why he cannot vote against taxing the rich and wealthy. He’s one of them.. He’s gotta go.
    And vote this guy out next time you get the opportunity.

    1. Do Nancy Pelosi next since you brought worth… These politicians won’t pass anything that will have an effect on them unless there’s a loophole to get away from it…. When the CBO says that it won’t reduce inflation significantly you should be very concerned

    2. @Brandi Rose yes it’ll be a wait and see game keeping my fingers crossed. I just didn’t like that if you call a bill “Inflation reduction act” and it has a lot of stuff that actually doesn’t address the title that will really work.

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