1. Lets put our differences aside and thank our doctors and nurses. They are in the battle field fighting an invisible enemy. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Yes we need to keep spreading virus to keep numbers high, if they fall Trump will look good. We can not have that!!

    2. Your life has meaning God damnit lmao democrats all secretly want more people to get infected they just hate trump

  2. “Who clicked on the vid and came straight to comments?😂”

    (OMG Cnn thanks for commenting on my new video❤)

  3. Donald Trump is the type of person capable of believing people are dying from covid19 just to make him look bad.

    1. Blaming trump for a virus you really are an idiot if it wasn’t for Trump this guy probably wouldn’t be alive he put out ventilators right away after Joe Biden And Obama left the cupboards empty Joe Biden flip-flops more than a fish out of water

    1. Politifacts & Fact checkers have been caught out red handed manipulating scientific advice on masks:

      *Disclaimer on Surgical ear loop masks* (Type being required worldwide): _Does NOT protect from COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases, (just blood splashes)_

      Fact checkers say – FALSE because the *N-95 masks* protects people from aerosol particles & airbourne diseases.

      Well, that’s like saying eat chalk because cheese is edible?

      They’d gone on to say – home made masks – help asymptomatic people from unknowingly spreading it?

      Yet, *W.H.O.* have said many times – it’s very, very rare for asymptomatic people to spread or transmitting the disease onward atal… _that is not published in their literature either?_

      That is the *Politicization of Science.*

      *Fact checkers are full of misinterpreted $hit & need Fact checking!!!*

  4. I gurantee you there will be muppets talking about “bUT bUt BuT hE’s jUst a CrIsIs aCtoR!” 😂

  5. Did you hear that cough?? I actually moved my phone away from my face it was that bad🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. You can’t make claims Of existence without evidence lol it was guttural. Like one of those hung over after vodka and Xanax mixed with blunts type cough.

  6. I’m happy the family is pulling through and acknowledging this with seriousness and spreading the word

  7. 5ex traffickers around the world were moved by Trump’s warm words of support for Ghislaine  Maxwell. I just wish Trump had cared about the 140 thousand American lives lost to the coronavirus the same way he cares about a human-trafficker like Maxwell.

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