1. @Operation Stratos101 WTF are you talking about? This interview is kindergarten level for a professional actor. You obviously REALLY want to believe the BS. smh

    2. My daughter & son-in-law only heard the audio & they were thinking it sounded screwy. Wonder how much they paid him?..from OUR tax dollar$, no less.

    3. @12weasel100 @12 Newsflash! The so-called conspiracy theorists are the only ones left that can still think straight.

    1. @mtlicq Consuming the “news” without realizing you’re being duped is one of the most dangerous thing a person can do.

    1. What are you talking about. (unless you’re being sarcastic). Almost everyone who gets this virus will survive.

    1. for a generation that legally classed news as ‘entertainment’ this is pretty entertaining not gonna lie s

    1. @Jeff @Jeff The reason he’s on instead of a regular Joe is precisely because he’s an actor and in this interview he’s doing his job- acting. Only because there’s no disclaimer, he’s actually lying right to your face.

  1. Kevin Mundy was born on October 29, 1977 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is known for his work on Charmed (2018), The Arrangement (2017), The Birthday Wish (2017) and CTV’s Surviving Covid-19 (2020).

    1. @Sisko the kid He kinda gives actors a bad name. A bit on the precious side. Needs to have a Bear Grylls experience.

  2. It presents differently in SO MANY WAYS??? Just bloody terrifying, to ME anyway!!!! Glad that Kevin is recovering well…💙 Take is easy.

    1. LOL I know, right? If you die in a motorcycle accident – convid. If you die of terminal liver disease – convid. Cancer – the convid. Etc, etc, etc Apparently, the rashes caused by the excessive use of hand sanitizers is ALSO a convid symptom. Crazy world.

  3. Seems this got shared in a social group the intellectually challenged lmao, wow the stupid is STRONG in these comments.

  4. Had it, wife too. Mild flu-like symptoms. Wife had annoying cough. And we are a lot older than this fella. Not sure why he suffered so much.

    1. As you mentioned, you got only minor symptoms. Even the most physically fit who got the worse case and recovered now have life long illnesses like Diabetes etc.

    1. you hear that everyone? apparently actors are not allowed to be sick now . if they’re sick, they must be acting sick

    2. Your mum and the government never lies. See why we don’t know what to believe anymore? It’s not impossible that he is acting and you will never have proof that he was or was not sick. So many lies around this covid thing.

  5. I’m in the same boat. The suffocating and being tested negative twice. I know there is something wrong with me but Dr.’s aren’t taking my symptoms seriously.

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