Lil Baby On BLM, The Trap, Drake, White House Visit And His Drawl (Full Interview) 1

Lil Baby On BLM, The Trap, Drake, White House Visit And His Drawl (Full Interview)


In an extensive interview from his Atlanta studio, Lil Baby talks about music, his signature "drawl," his approach to success, the trap, why he rarely orders platinum plaques for his hits and what it meant to make Barack Obama's playlist and meet with Vice President Kamala Harris. The 26-year-old talks with MSNBC anchor and music lover Ari Melber, and answers "lightning round" questions about what he thinks of artists like Drake, Jay Z, Young Thug and Diddy. (This video is the entire interview; excerpts aired on Melber's MSNBC news show "The Beat").

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  1. “You be trapped — and you don’t know a lotta stuff — you know what goes on *inside* the trap. So in these four years [of success], I’ve been outside the trap, and now I’m *in* the world.”

    That was one of several fascinating points Lil Baby shared — and again, our thanks for having us at the studio!

    1. “outside the trap”…..for many, this will never be a reality smh. It’s sad.

      Understand, the trap doesn’t have to be a physical place.
      You could be trapped mentally, or emotionally
      Question to ask yourself is…

      Are you trapped?
      And will you ever break free?


    2. If people take the time to listen to what he is saying, instead of just hearing words that don’t seem to make sense to them, he is very wise and incredibly intelligent.
      I love how you rephrased some of his points, almost translating for some of us who don’t quite understand at first run what he is saying. I have stopped, skipped back & listened again a few times with this interview, and I am fascinated by this humble man. I’m not really a huge rap/hip-hop person, but I like what I like, pretty sure I need to listen to more of Lil Baby & will enjoy it.
      Cheers from your home state of Washington Ari! North of where you grew up, but still home.

  2. Man I’m proud of this guy took him 4 years to get to this level and he’s still humble after all the hits my favourite rapper

  3. For everyone going through something just know that God doesn’t make mistakes,you just have to let him take control. He has a purpose for you and he may still be working through you 🤎 Don’t forget that you’re loved sm and Jesus is coming soon

  4. Ari was a good choice for this interview.
    He, like so many others that like the music has an admiration that those of us that are heavy hip-hop heads and rap connoisseurs genuinely see when it really is genuine.

  5. The trap is exactly what he said ‘it is a trap’
    The plan as i see it as someone also outside the trap and traveling the world it is about keeping people with limited education and in the church, it is all mentally Controlling people and then policing them to make sure they do not get out of the trap (shot, jail, keeping jobs from limited to non-existant, or life-time probation)

  6. Lil Baby it was so cool to see how really humble you are and also down to Earth. I am glad you got out of the “Trap” and are telling it like it is and not just one-sided! Great interview with Ari Melber!

  7. Nice job, Ari! Blessings to Lil Baby! This is a young man of perspective. Just a heads-up Ari, it was Jay-Z and not Biggie who said, “you could’ve been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me. And I appreciate that.” 😃

  8. I’m guessing Lil Baby’s team put this interview together to try to distance himself from being confused with DaBaby, who was just cancelled last week

  9. 26:24 “Well that’s facts” Ari did a good job on this interview, He threw in the lingo, and had a good demeanor, without coming off corny. 🤣

  10. I must say, this young King has my respect. I have heard his name but was not familiar with his music. I wish him well because he is so humble. The statement he made regarding not settling or putting up his records awards was mind-blowing. When I put that up that means I accept it can’t go any further! I have no limits! Yassss! Be blessed young King!

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