Lin: Boycotting Beijing Olympics will send message to China 1

Lin: Boycotting Beijing Olympics will send message to China


The Macdonald-Laurier Institute's Anastasia Lin says the Chinese government will use the Olympics to exert more control over its citizens.

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    1. They have a choice to compete or not, the two Michaels had no choice…unless you pick between starving or torture.

    2. @Niki L You don’t have a clue how geopolitics work. If the athletes willingly go to a country that kidnaps Canadians and holds them as political prisoners, they are dumb. Pure and simple. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

  1. It’s the athletes that need to boycott, not sending diplomats does nothing. No athletes no Olympics I know it’s a lot from them to sacrifice but for humanities sake I pray many do

    1. The “athletes” aren’t going to boycott their own INCOMES. They couldn’t care less about the politics… they’re after the GOLD… and I don’t mean the medals.

  2. Boycott the whole thing. No athletes either. Literally no one cares if Canadian diplomats don’t attend. I’d be mad if my tax dollars were spent to send politicians to a sporting event.

  3. If Canada wasn’t such a 3rd world country. Canada should have done it as soon as the two arbitrarily detained Michaels were back. Pathetic.

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