Lina al-Hathloul: 'Most Saudis know MBS not a reformer' 1

Lina al-Hathloul: ‘Most Saudis know MBS not a reformer’


Lina al-Hathloul, sister of Saudi women's rights activist, Loujain al-Hathloul, talks to Christiane Amanpour about her sister's release from prison and says in Saudi Arabia, "activism is considered terrorism"

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  1. “Terrorism” is an arbitrary label that can be used to criminalize anyone for anything. Look at Saudi Arabia for reference…

    1. I agree, terrorism is what a government deems. It seems like there’s got to be a simple definition easily understood by all. Certainly a government that doesn’t allow it’s citizens to explain themselves in full view of the world cannot claim to be a credible arbitrator for terrorism charges.

    2. We saw democracy hit America in the elections for Trump and Biden, and how the Congress decorated it with flowers, there is no democracy in the world, only the idiots believe that, the difference is only that some countries are frank and some are deceitful

    1. @INISE You have been busy. Your link is on almost every newsfeed I’ve seen in the last two days. Do you do this full time – like you know – a state employed troll?

    1. @Noora Queen Interesting. I thought Arabs always identified as white. Of course, in my eyes, clearly they’re not.

    2. @EbbN Flo that 98% of arabs are Arabized nations and only 2 % are pure Arabians and those are the majority of the gulf Arabs it is a misconception that all people from “Arabic” countries are Arabs, Arabs are people from the Arabian peninsula, while Syrians and Lebanese and Palestinians and some Jordanians are just Levantines, they speak Arabic as mother tongue; There is nothing called Arabs of Egypt or Arabs of the Levant except for an ethnic minority in both of countries!

      Neither Egyptians nor the current populations of the Levant are Arabs rather they are Arabic speaking peoples so people must differentiate between Arab people who are to be found almost exclusively in the Arabian peninsula and Yemen and between the Arabic speaking peoples who are found in North African countries , the Levant and Mesopotamia

      Egyptians mostly are Arabic speaking Muslims with a Coptic ancestry with a minority of modern Egyptians who can trace their ancestry back to Arabia or to Yemen

      The Maghreb nations “Libya , Tunisia , Algeria , Morocco and Mauritania “ as well are mostly Berber or Amazigh people who as well as the Egyptians had been Arabized culturally and linguistically Levantines usually have lighter skin as they live relatively in the north and in a colder area, there are very white nordic-like people, and there tanned people too, just like Turks, Greeks, or Italians; blue and green eyes are more common, blonde and ginger hair are found too, while it’s almost impossible to be found in pure Arabs.

    3. @EbbN Flo also you have to differentiate between Original Arabs :The people of the desert regions of the arabian peninsula Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

      (2) Arabized people groups : Levantic people groups such as Syrians, Jordanians, Palestinians, Lebanese and so forth. These people groups originally had their own languages, until the Arab invasion of their lands and with Islamization, they became Arabized gradually by adopting Arabic . But are genetically different ! People of the levant are in fact white !!! But people from Arabia are not white you have to visit the gulf countries

    4. @EbbN Flo Now most people would say that the Muslim invasions have ended the old civilizations and peoples who were replaced by Arab people and Arabic language. The Arabs were a minority, they did not have the huge populations of Levant, Egypt or Mesopotamia, a city like Constantinople would have had more people than most of the Arabian Peninsula. Having these people replaced by ethnic Arabs in 2000 years is impossible, for reference the entire peninsula is barely hitting 50 Million including Yemen. North Africa and the Levantine are at 349 million
      So the people who had lived there for at least 5000 years have not been the exact same, but they did not have enough diverting genes to make them that whole lot different from Europeans. Many Levantine people would have a somewhat white skin and soft hair akin to the Turks who came later and mixed with the locals.

    5. @EbbN Flo It wasn’t about migration so much, though it played a role. Basically, the locals adopted the language of Arabic and the Arab identity. It wasn’t completely voluntary as some may claim. There was an active effort by some Umayyad rulers, for example, to make the various peoples speak Arabic just as you had Turkification at the end of the Ottoman Empire that Arabs didn’t like. The Aramaic speakers of Syria and Iraq didn’t have too much of a choice in the matter. Also, they were under pressure to convert due to the taxes, which were sometimes high if rulers needed more revenue. This part of history isn’t really mentioned much. And so many Christian Aramaic speaking peasants or country people converted to Islam to have the economic benefits of being a Muslim, but that meant switching from reading a religious book in Aramaic – their bible to reading the Quran in Arabic. You won’t really see these discussions in Arab countries.

      Of course, in history, it’s not only the Arabs who did that. I mean in Latin America, the Natives were pressured to speak Spanish. The Turks in Turkey are not mostly of Turkic stock and are descendants of converts and people who took on the Islamic religion and Turkish language instead of Arabic.

      Anyway, DNA studies show that most of the DNA of the Levant is quite different from that the Arabian hinterland. And only 20% of Egyptians have Arab ancestory

  2. So they can physically broke her now they’re trying to mentally break her thank God she still has family somewhere

  3. China, Saudi Arabia, the only reason these countries don’t suffer more serious consequences directed at them is because of their economic and political clout.

    1. What “more serious consequences” are you suggesting? Hot war? Last time I check we beat those Yankees pretty badly in the Korean peninsular when we had only a few fighter jets, think about what we can do now smart boy. By the way, you are right about the economic clout, wondering who is benefiting from it? The wall street guys! So, talk to your own people first.

    2. Check who the media called a Dissdent and an activist who had his “freedom of speech” impaird. He was a little known person called Osama bin laden. And look how that turned out? You guys scream fake madia and fake news but somehow eat whatever is made up about KSA. Its Iraqs WMDs all over again and the west is repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

  4. Wait but Kushner loves MBS he thinks he was the best thing since slice bread. And Ivanka went to Dubai to support them because they give women rights .

  5. and still the so called beacons of democracy the UK and the US sell arms to these regimes to impose human rights abuses on their and other countries citizens

  6. Watching this the only thing that kept going through my mind is they will probably do something to her and to the sister for speaking out. i do hope I am wrong.

    1. I hate when this happens when the changes is going on in Saudi Arabia right now we are in the process and they saying this is really not good to talk about

  7. When I was there, the mutawi (religious police) were everywhere. Since all the employed expats (at the time) were men, their family were treated like dogs. Not from the standpoint of being dismissive or abusive, but from the responsibility the man had for his family. So if anyone had a run-in with police, no matter how trivial, the husband would be called to ‘take care of the problem’.

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