1. Darken up Harrison’s face in the ad – have him lurking in the shadows — off to the side of the white lady. Classic race tactics…disgusting !

    1. It’s typical racist methods to create fear for the sanctity of whiteness and white women.
      The class D.W Griffith,Birth Of A Nation black man,stealing the virginity of the virtuous white woman! A.K.A Lindsey Grahams fantasy clearly starring himself as…the white woman!

    2. Lewis Jones

      You almost said something that is relevant, but you failed to be correct. Close. I really mean it. I know you are trying.

      First, “being white” is not the highest privilege. The highest privileges will never change. They are money, power, and attraction. They have nothing to do with race. If you have one of them, you are privileged. But it highly depends on if it was handed to you or you earned it.

      To say that the majority race of a country is the most privileged would be correct! A better answer would be “Duh!”

      So we could say that China has Chinese privilege, Iran has Iranian privilege, Japan has Japanese privilege, and so in…in Uganda, Ugandans are the privileged group, of course!!!, they are the majority. So foolish like I’m talking to small children that think with their eyes.

      There is no one with more privilege than an attractive woman, for example, in the US currently.

      Race is NOT getting worse. Not even close. It’s much much much better than 50 years ago, my god! Of course. It takes time. There is nothing you can do about it. Slavery put blacks behind in education. That’s the most damaging effect slavery had on its population. It’s the saddest thing to watch.

      I feel pretty good about the laws of our land though. Yes think everyone has equal opportunities under the law. I may be forgetting something though, that’s why I asked in my last post…if you can show me where I should fight specifically, then we can work on policy or legislation for it. I fight real injustices, not fake ones. There isn’t a problem of police killing unarmed black men so not much to do there. Only 10 or so in 2019.

      Anything else you can come up with to pass legislation for or actually work on?

    3. Bace

      Shame on me for what exactly? In my last post I wrote

      “If you are struggling and blocked because of your race, then I’m here to help.

      What exactly are you held back from doing?”

      Are you saying I should be ashamed of helping? Do YOU need help with anything?

    4. k- Way

      Simply a suggestion moving forward in your life, but I think you would have better conversations if you left “Racist!” out of the conversation. It’s lazy. You can’t be sure if someone is racist and it is losing its meaning with overuse. You are actually hurting the cause. And I am fighting for the cause.

      Instead, even if you think the opponent is a real racist, still refrain and just debate the points of the topic. This is a better way to slowly change minds. And you won’t put your foot in your mouth by calling a guy of your own race a racist or make the mistake of mislabeling.

      Now…what exactly are you fighting for? I want to help. Where do you personally feel racism and how is it hindering your life?

    1. @Shake KR1 They are NOT THE SAME!!! Corporate Dems take donor money and can be corrupt, but not nearly as often or to the extent that Republicans do and are!!! Also, Corporate Dems are not Fascist. Republicans under Trump are Fascist. Progressive Dems work for the people.

    2. Ken Dodo I think what it shows is that it’s stupid to classify this as a partisan issue, when the fact is you should vote according to policy not party. The truth is, there are racists in both parties. No one person fits the full checklist of any party, and group identity politics is dangerous. We see that right now where elected officials sworn to represent their constituents and the US at large are going along with or keeping quiet about the unethical, racist, and decisive tactics just because Trump is in their party.

  2. Go Jamie, The Republican’s have turned into fish out of water – Flip Flopping all over the ground.

    1. crispy
      Firstly, thanks for writing all of that out — a decent reply in my view.
      I have issues with “higher education”; fair to deduce that the issues are secondary to experience.
      I almost want to opt for calling it ‘further education’.
      Above, you wrote, “…. The Republicans have … over the ground.”
      Your statement is false.
      With absolute conviction to the truth of any given fact, the best you could possibly have asserted is:
      “Go Jamie, some Republicans have turned into fish out of water – Flip Flopping all over the ground.”

    2. Jamtommy1
      Don Lemon has an outstanding criminal sexual complaint against him, and if/when he loses, he may be personae non grata at CNN.

    3. @Up Stairs Higher education is a term, further education is also a term, both reference the same.- semantics
      Sorry should have said, “all republicans except J Amash and M Romney”

    4. crispy
      Semantics??? I didn’t think so. The words are not synonymous. The former denotes a vertical approach: BA, MA, PH.D.; where the latter denotes distance. The latter could be degrees of eclecticism. I included the logic lesson: categorical propositions, for the sole purpose of introducing you to genuine meaning and the generation of same. Philosophy is your friend. Cheers.

  3. i’m a graphic designer. there’s no “filter” that makes someone’s nose bigger. it needs to be actively manipulated to achieve this

    1. kare more , stupid is not paying attention in an information and smearing war which clearly you have not

  4. And in Georgia they made Jon Ossoff’s nose longer. These aren’t accidents. The GOP has fully embraced Nazi propaganda tactics.

    1. And someone made a statue of President Trump nude and exaggerated his age, point being? Oh because he isn’t a Victimhood candidate.👏

    2. @Sebastian m before too long they’re going to have a reason to claim their victims. I’m a firm believer in gun rights and gun owners know who’s putting up all the gun bands regardless of whoever signs the bills and the effects we know who’s wrighting all of them Lautenberg Levine Feinstein. Look at that black guy on TV who called for white genocide but when he talked bad about Jews he got fired. There’s way more than 10% of people in all these comments even the people watching CNN. Fox News comment section way more than that way more than enough people to deal with it when things get bad

    3. We know it, America knows it and Georgia knows it. Time to vote bigotry and racism out. Sane America, speak up, speak long and speak loud. Vote like the rest of your life depends on it because it does. Vote every single republican out and throw out Trump in the washed up water.

    4. @Mike Brockway ,YOU MEAN THINGS AREN’T ”BAD”?? MIKE THE WAY THINGS GET BAD IS WHEN TOTAL CHAOS BREAKS OUT. Don’t think the military hasn’t got eyes on every aspect, the comando in chaps will not turn when you think it’s time.


    1. @Tuli Domineaux Well, if I was too harsh, I would…as they said in that movie, Star Trek III, “ahh…forgive”! But, I still believe that if Gay folks read that comment, they would take that “nobody’s afraid” crack as calling them weak. But, I do believe your explanation, I simply misread it.

    2. @keptyeti
      Wake Up, Graham’s district is SC which like all Repub states are like Trump, racist and homophobic. If Graham came out he would be voted out, castigated and maybe even hung by the conservative sickos!

    3. @Fiya Ball No Graham has never said it, but he sure looks suspects at times. And if he is, that’s cool. The problem is being in denial about it, and voting against the best interest of the Gay community.

    1. Or, as someone with a brain would notice, they darkened the background to accentuate the point–which is that rich Hollywood liberals are funding him.

    2. @mike briganti Irrelevant to today’s political climate. Don’t drag 160 yr old history into the argument. That’s complete bullshit. Republicans are evil backstabbers out to take over the country. Democrats, on the other hand, are misguided and delusional, as are Libertarians. Be an Independent. Do your own thinking.

    3. @Eddy S. Assume in court is just begging for an over-rule. that is when your money lawyer objects to everything, usually they have bad knee’s. and the judge just laughts for they already know the verdict they decided how the case was going to go , the Judge, the D.A. AND A VERY EXPENSIVE DEFENCE LAWYER, 3 WAY SPLIT. That Boys and Girls is justice @ work.

    4. @carolyn boyd
      You must have grown up when I did . ; )
      You have 5 seconds before this message will self destruct !

    1. RhondaH Antifa are the biggest fascists and hate group out there they are the biggest RACiSTs in america so if you want to say the LEFT are

      liberals are not nor are some democrats but the Left are a bunch of HATE Racist people

    2. RhondaH sì what about ALL of us Black people – Jews & Spanish people who dislike the Left and LOVE conservative views of FAMiLY – GOD 🙏🏻 PEACE☮️ LOVE ❤️LAW 🚓 UNiTY🇺🇸

      it is so disgusting that non of y’all are for any of these values

      YALL ARE BOTTOM feeders and dividers

      stop spreading Hate and division

    3. johnnyduck311 You are ignorant. A toga stands for anti-fascist. You don’t seem to be able to comprehend the most simple things. The very definition of fascist is conservative right-wing ideology. It is ridiculous and ignorant to call anyone on the left a facing. Dumbass. LOL

    4. @Rick James5678 This has nothing to J Coleman..check Republican ads through the years. Check Republican comments. Go back to Lee Atwater. Look at Regan launching his campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi, look at trump. Republicans embraced racist Democrats 60 years ago and they never let go. FACTS 👌🏿👌🏿😂😂

  6. Republicans are so desperate and thier racism is obvious, “the brown people are coming, run”.

    1. @Vincent D’Emidio IF a man should reach the age of twenty and not be a liberal … that man has no heart. Should that man live to be forty and not be a conservative … that man has no brain. It might not make sense to you, but let me refer you to the man with no brain, hand you a color crayon, and tell you to connect the dots.

    2. @Melissa Hanselman Sorry Miss Hanselman, I really just said that to ANNOY “Trump-ettes”, that’s all. They say such outrageous things that I figured they could handle a little outrageous-ness themselves!

    3. @Vincent D’Emidio I’m unconvinced. Maybe if you threw in a few more slogans or an emotional outburst?

    4. @Thomas Gassett That’s another STUPID saying which I’ve heard before many times. Again, it made no sense in 1969, and it makes even less sense today.

    1. @Sam Harris does exactly what they accuse the “far right” of doing… and then calls them hypocrites. 👏👏👏 truly a visionary

    2. Well, you don’t get very many bank robbers admitting to their crimes either, In fact, last I heard, everyone in prison was innocent.

    3. You can’t say Democrats aren’t bigoted either. Both parties have failed this country, because they’ve been running it for so long, we’ve destroyed the middle ground and the fact we’re party-blaming as the next step for every debate is ridiculous.

  7. Politicians are bought and sold everyday…
    Doesn’t matter what race, or religion.
    Money trumps all.
    How about fixing that?

  8. Republican’s being racist and offensive? As Gomer Pyle says – Surprise, surprise, surprise! NOT

    1. “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”
      ~a Democrat that thinks you vote based on your skin color – Biden (D)

      Prove me wrong cupcake!

    2. Fergustine Feart – Yeah, too bad he didn’t actually say that. You just proved boyo111 right, genius.

    1. 2:15 – Uh….his clothes are also a darker tone, not just his face. There’s nothing racist here, it’s simply the way the ad was designed.

    2. They are purposely like ALWAYS , CNN playing dirty.!!!
      They lie so much that it doesn’t even phase them.
      That what you see in Lindsey Graham.
      Well then tell the democrats to stop being disgusting human beings for the last 3.5 , years and fo something constructive like clean up their cities , so babies don’t get shot instead of signing petitions to not allow help to avoid babies getting murdered,. Tell all Democrats to clean up their oppressed cities that they
      have kept that way purposely n or I would think after 40 years all of you would have it cleaned up… ya think.
      At least livable.
      Hey where has all that mo he fine to anyway. 25 of the poorest cities under Democrats. You guys must be raking it in not helping any of these poverty stricken areas that cause OPPRESSION!

      Your not supposed to be doing that. It’s racist and against the law. Just like not prosecuting gun violence and babies getting shot just for your political agenda. I am sure that’s against the law.
      So b please with the bullshit !

    3. @Divinesage Idiot, marketing pics are lightened, darkened and color manipulated all the time. It’s not racism.

  9. *“When you see something that is not right, you must say something … Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.” **#JohnLewis*

    1. @Lynda Koers That’s awful to see the hateful and deliberately thought out whitewashing of a cry for equality. Shame on them! Black lives matter!

    2. @William Talbot Yo Willie, Willie, Willie, stop being so melodramatic! Nobody is gonna take your guns, so pipe down. Gun control has its good points and its bad points. Tell me, haven’t you known people during your lifetime that were mentally unstable? Do you really believe that those guys can handle a gun, I mean, ah, “temperamentally”? Of course you have, so have I. I’ve seen it a hundred times when people in the streets have arguments…the first thing that happens is that one of them threatens to go get his gun. His opponent, not to be outdone, goes to his apartment to get HIS gun! You know what happens next.

    1. The “Doctor” Stella Immanuel, That Trump Retweeted to his Cult members, “Believes”, “tormenting spirits” routinely have “astral sex” with women, which in turn causes “ gynaecological problems, marital distress, miscarriages”, That “Lizard people control everything” (Just like the Crazy Cult of “Q” anon that can be seen at Trump rallies holding up “Q” signs ) Believes that ” reptilian spirits” have sex with people in their sleep, so they “become half human, Half ET”, ANYONE! regardless of your Political side, that supports Trump and Republicans in Congress that remained Silent or joined in Trump in his lies, that lead to more Americans dying then the Vietnam, Afgh and Iraq wars Combined, Is a Traitor, COWARD! That HATES! the USA and have followed their Cult leader Trump into the Gates of HELL! and will do ANYTHING! to protect their Cult leader Trump, They will lie, deny FACTS, deflect, make excuses and try to blame others for the failures of their Cult leader Trump and his lying COWARD! Republicans in Congress , Deal with FACTS! Trump has now stated he wants to “cancel the election”, Enjoy your Chosen Place in HELL ! Romans 1:25 ” They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the Creature rather than the Creator ..”, Exodus 23:1 ” You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness” “If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.” Albert Einstein; “To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”
      Ella Wheeler Wilcox; “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”
      Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Some will. For example, that Genocidal maniac Binyamin “Too many Arabs are voting” Netanyahu would apologize for him. He is a carbon-copy of “president” Trump!

  10. The second one with Jaime Harrisson is not darkening the skin tone. He’s in the background and is darkened for visual hierarchy. It happens all the time in graphic design. Background items are often shaded (meaning black is added to the image) to make the visual hierarchy come forward to the main image. It’s not racist. The Jewish nose thing… that’s legit racist. An accident they say… yeah right.. as a graphic designer I have darkened background images 100 times, but I can tell you, there is no way to “accidentally” change the shape of a person’s nose in Photoshop. You have to do that intentionally.

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