Lindsey Graham Bets On Trump-Led GOP—No Matter The Cost To America | All In | MSNBC 1

Lindsey Graham Bets On Trump-Led GOP—No Matter The Cost To America | All In | MSNBC


“In an almost refreshingly honest moment, Sen. Lindsey Graham explained his party's predicament more clearly than just about anyone else, basically acknowledging that they just don't have an alternative to Donald Trump. He is their only way forward as a party,” says Chris Hayes.
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    1. @Brent Nuckolls Keep up that lying! It’s only helping to keep your criminal party from ever making a comeback!

    2. @Mo India has the largest political party in the world. Lindsey would become Hindu and run for office.

    1. Eric paul Thompson, Graham keeps assuming the position for Trump. He was terrified into wussydom during a stroll through an airport. His spine no longer exists.

    2. @watchin’ it I’m confused. Is it the DSA (Democrat Socialists of America) or the DNC?

    1. Waters, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib and Omar and Schumer and Schiff.
      Dems have the best of the worst.

    2. @Bob Swanson. What took you so long? Lol. I decided that a loong time ago. Along with Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, to name a few.

    1. @Brent Nuckolls Be careful who you call a liar. I didn’t. I also am not stupid enough to slander someone l don’t know in a comment section and about whom l have no knowledge, acquaintance, or could even recognize. Unlike you, l try not to be terminally stupid when l make a comment.

    1. @D. S. So… the fact that none of these has happened is a straw man argument. You’re using the typical “look! A squirrel!!!” excuse…

    2. @Friz Watch this short documentary on youtube – Magnificent Storyteller Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam

    3. @Brendon Miratana Serious? The fact that they keep pushing for it means nothing and therefor it’s excuse able? How about looking at their intent and realizing their sick!

  1. Warning If any of you have a friend that matches Lindsay graham personality/persona please run for your lives.

    1. Brilliant. But i would extend it to the entire republican party, and why? Because of 75 million of the DUMBEST human beings on this planet.

  2. Cruz and Graham both insulted trump, and they ended licking his boots for votes to stay in power. Trump really did reveal the true colors of the Republican party.

    1. Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and possible sexual assaulter and then ended up licking his boots and became VP based solely on her race and gender. Democrat elites really did reveal the disgusting nature of the democratic party.

    2. @J- Rukkus These deranged leftists are so blatantly hypocritical that I can’t even tell if they’re serious or joking.

    3. @J- Rukkus Thank you… both parties are EXACTLY the same… they will do ANYTHING to maintain power

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    1. Lesson #1 Lindzy. Humpy trumpy is top dog around here. Especially among eunuchs! Play my crooked game and you’ll share my crooked win…

    2. @J. Gomez wow, are you desperate much? Perhaps you should talk to drumpf’s friends epstein, Moore and gaetz…

  4. Why is it that when a network has Graham on for an interview …..they don’t play those clips first and have Graham try to explain whether he was lying then , or lying now …

  5. I still remember when he had to get police to escort him from the airport after January 6. There was a mob of 3 people and a dog after him

  6. Lindsay Graham Jan. 6th “Enough is Enough”
    Lindsay Graham now: “Please sir may I have another”

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