1. I think he just loves how corrupt he is. He’s also tied himself to Trump that much that if he loses popularity so does Graham. He needs to ride Trump’s coat-tails. He probably fantasize’s about riding him physically as well.

    2. I think we already know all about Miss Lindsey. Too bad he won’t tell us himself, so he no longer would have to kiss Trumps big fat behind.

    1. Just when you think Lady G couldn’t possibly be anymore nauseating he always manages to sink lower and degrade and humiliate himself further in the process.

    1. @TheBase1aransas I heard Trump needs more of your donations to make another 5 min wordpress blog website. Why don’t you go fund him?

    2. @TheBase1aransas If you fund your irreplaceable Fuhrer do not forget to click monthly payments. Donnie burns money faster than people lose their money at a casino.

    1. Exactly! Bad choice. Hope this will be the cause of his DOWNFALL. 🔥🔥🔥 I bet Ms Lindsay is also connected in Guiliani’s celphone data msges that was confiscated by the FBI 🤔

  1. The Russians also hacked the RNC and have Graham’s emails. Lindsey acts like a small man being blackmailed.

    1. @Greg Bors honey trap: classic from the Russian playbook… it would be enough to cost him his position but I think they have more damning info.

    2. Yes him, Mcconnell and the rest. Rest assured, these ppl are not willing making an a@@@ of themselves, they have no choice but to ride along like lap dogs.

    3. @Millionaire2021 Dee Everyone has free will – a choice. They choose to stay in this pathetic energy, so they are embedded and seen as traitors too.

  2. Just when you think Lady G couldn’t possibly be anymore nauseating he always manages to sink lower and degrade and humiliate himself further in the process.

    1. When will she be exposed for the self hating male escorts using garbage person? Oh, she already has been. Why is she still a senator? Hate for black and brown trumps the lady G stuff?

    2. At least he didn’t transition like Michelle O. What an embarrassment that was!

    1. Yes, they are the party of Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Steve Bannon now. So very depressing.

  3. Lindsey Graham also said “if we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed – and we will deserve it.”

    1. He was right about that back then, as we see. Its a work in progress, but eventually he will be proven right. 😌

    2. But they all attended, the Republicans only , nomination party in mar-a lago,epsthein, and other pedaphiles DOJ should get the tapes, trump has, his private quarters , don’t have CCTV, but all the guest rooms do. Just think what happened that night, I’m not saying anything else.,

    3. that was then and now is now – the half-life of GOP politicians’ statements is about one week these days.

  4. Remember him crying on national TV jan 6 “it’s over…make it stop. snivel snivel”. The pansy fest continues.

  5. Also Lindsey Graham – “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office”

    1. Dont forget that miss Lindsey say in 2016 that they will get destroyed if they nominate Trump.

    2. Lindsay forgets that your first impression of a person is ALWAYS right, he should have listened

  6. I physically felt cringe watching an elder man defacing himself like that. What a shameful, sychophant act.

    1. @YouTube Moderator I think you got it backwards bro. You fools think a fat old drama queen that wears more makeup than most women and constantly plays victim is the epitome of masculinity 😂. Now quite crying before your mascara starts running.

    2. @YouTube Moderator You made this comment and Caitlin Jenner is running as a Republican? Gender shouldn’t have anything to do with it so what exactly is your point?

    3. @YouTube Moderator Why are you so afraid of transgenders? What is it about a transgender that makes you so afraid, and affect your personal life so much?

    1. People like him represent well over 50% of the human population! Selfish, deceiving, lack of integrety etc

    2. And the illegals all deported and Biden confesses to working for China. Then we will be Great Again!

    3. @YouTube Moderator Do you mean ALL of the illegals or just the ones from south of the border? What was America like when it was “great”? Was it when there was less diversity and less rights for ALL citizens regardless of race, gender or sexual preference? Please explain, this is a sincere request, thank you.

  7. Let them keep betting on that! They’re going to find out they bet on the wrong horse!!! It will be EPIC!!!

  8. That’s the saddest possible “mission statement”… for a party that should stay in the past, and fade from the present.

  9. Don’t people like Lindsey Graham know YouTube exists?
    Their words are forever on the record. In history for generations to see and hear.

    1. Drumpf’s groupies have short memories. They believe whatever tucker tells them to believe.

  10. “Count me out, I’m done!”
    “JK, blackmail sucks y’all… DJT forever!”
    — Lindsay Graham

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