Lindsey Graham On Impeachment (In 1998): Let The Facts To The Talking | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Lindsey Graham On Impeachment (In 1998): Let The Facts To The Talking | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


During the Clinton impeachment hearing, Lindsey Graham — who has become a voracious defender of Pres. Trump — warned his Capitol Hill colleagues to keep an open mind on impeachment. Aired on 12/13/19.
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Lindsey Graham On Impeachment (In 1998): Let The Facts To The Talking | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Iguanas don’t really change colors but like humans, they come in different colors. However chameleons change colors so I put Lindsey in their catagory instead.

    1. He’ll become reasonable and honest without trump in the white house. We have to compromise with these people………………….

    1. @Warren Holly Looks like I triggered a real p*ssy. It’s okay, I will still support the Democrats even if I have to put up with your pansy a**.

    1. You mean lost? Why does it take forever for people to call out white people? Is it because of white privilege? I wonder

    2. @Monsieur LaFlamme Not sure how important “white” is. Let’s call it “orange” privilege

  1. Yes but Lindsey Graham then had a moral compass and Lindsey Graham now doesn’t have John McCain to steer him in the right direction.

    1. Wish they would and he could point out AGAIN the Dems have been plotting this farce since they lost the election and we have their statements to prove it . Its a political witch hunt in the truest sense of the word

  2. lindsey said that back when he was less rich. now hes filthy rich and he is a puppet of trump and russia.

    1. @Terry Tater Conservacons are never honest. We are still looking for the 8 million emails deleted from the Bush/Cheney server from the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Conservacons strong armed citizens in Florida and stopped a vote count in Florida to steal a presidential election. Conservacons stole 2 SCOTUS positions. You won’t see an honest ‘American’ until we bury every lobbyist 6 ft under and take money out of politics

  3. Lindsey Graham’s emails were hacked by the Russians in Nov. 2016, and none of them have been dumped so far. 2+2=4.

  4. Play those clips whenever he shows up on screen and confront him about them.

    The spirals he would have to twist into could land him a gold medal in a contortionist contest…

    1. Or maybe we could get Schiff to come be held accountable for the things hes alledging? The man just has a different opinion than you! grow up!

    2. come on Dems are always trying to take the moral high ground and then saying they want someone to have a stroke! humpalumpy do you think?

    3. @David Childers . Every American civilian killed in an extremist attack last year, was killed by somebody with direct affiliation to a known right wing organization. Republicans claim they’re fighting terrorism. Do You think, terrorist?

    1. @S M Why is he the one trying to cheat if he is so unbeatable. He knows he lost the popular vote by 3 million he can’t win fair and square so he has to cheat He couldn’t use Russia this time so he tried China and Ukraine. He can’t win is what you really mean

    1. @1stLTroastabotch Obama has a fine sensual wife Lindsay has ……well you. Hahahahahaah you can get up now and wipe your mouth

    2. @E.B. G NOTHING is to “far fetched” for butt hurt lefties with Trump derangement syndrome . You guys do realize you have a ZERO chance in 2020 …Right ?

    3. i guess cheeto crumbs like you slept thru the mid term elections. Thats how the russian salad tossers lost control of the house. Go back to sleep in your bubble and keep dreaming.

    4. @Warren Holly clever girl! I must have struck a nerve for you to be bashing on homosexuals. How do you sleep at night?

  5. Leningrad Lindsey’s comments need to be played in his opponent’s campaign ad when he’s up for reelection.

  6. Nixon : I’m not a Crook !.

    Trump : I’m a Crook. So what !.

    Republicans : We are all Crooks. Get over it !.

    Putin : Mission Accomplished!.

    1. @Chris Calderin but Ukraine did?
      It’s funny that you say this kind of moronic thing when the POS you elected keeps saying that he was investigating a delusional Ukraine meddling

    1. @1stLTroastabotch Yesss troll don´t you agree that U-TURN LINDSEY is a specialist at speaking with both side of his mouth?

  7. Graham is waaayy beyond shame, principle, ethics, and morals at this point. He’s just about clinging to power. Vote him out.

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