Lindsey Graham: Trump's 'Allowed Me To Be In His World' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Lindsey Graham: Trump’s ‘Allowed Me To Be In His World’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


After Trump vowed revenge against members of his own party at CPAC, Sen. Lindsey Graham went on FOX News to reaffirm his belief that the GOP is Trump's party – while noting Trump has 'allowed' Graham to be in his world. A.B. Stoddard joins to discuss. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Lindsey Graham: Trump's 'Allowed Me To Be In His World' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Briguy164 who’s mocking it…lindsey hides it cause he’s been made to feel ashamed by his own party. He needs to let it fly…be a real man

    2. On the contrary liberals would support the marriage of Trump and linsey where they can stop living a lie. However in this case the campy couple would keep on crappin’ on with the BS.
      Now, if you account for just one big lie like… covids not real its going away on its own ?
      That one probably cost a few trillion. Thats still a race between vaccines and variants but if there is at least two people left at the end I guess the human race won unless new Eve has a headache.
      They probably will be able to figure out Trump had more to do with it than Bill Gates. Some of us have already figured out that much.
      Everybody except 14th century fox.

    3. he could have gotten a dog….then again, maybe he has one and it doesn’t love him either, lol.

    4. @Rump Virus disney owns fox….. And you just made a joke out of homosexuality again. You people really are smug hypocrites

    1. @Smoke and Mirrors wait…so you were never taught to not just subscribe to what you’re being told? Stellar Logic!!

    2. @Smoke and Mirrors whats wild is you haven’t said anything or made any point. Its fkng funny watching you people implode for an orange cheeto hued loon that lost you the presidency, senate, and house..for what now? A dictatorship? Am i “validating” your non-point? Lmaooo

    3. @Smoke and Mirrors : “i only dog listen to my leaders and what they tell me, i don’t watch for what they do because thats not logical”

      Everyone else: “what meth are you on?”

    1. How they vote for a lying and vile excuse for a human being like Lindsay is a very very sad comment on the voters in SC.

  1. Raise your hand to relieve nausea. The Senate, U.S. Attorney General, and Georgia needs to begin several investigations against wading Lindsey. America stop these crooked politicians from appearing in public as righteous elected officials. Lindsey and others are quite to the contrary. They shouldn’t get a pass!!!

    1. It’s still the same Lindsey Graham face only now it’s been smashed into the shape of Trump’s lap

    2. Check out his, “Wink wink, let’s get the FBI funding for staffing,” in the hearing today with Wray. Another shameless attempt to purchase favor for tRump relative to investigations pertaining to himself and his cohorts, after threatening Wray last year. Wrapping himself in the flag while still attempting subterfuge and sedition.

    1. @Mike Chan

      There is no ‘Q’ without ‘U’
      And when ‘U’ lose half of your ‘IQ’ all you’re left with is ‘Q’.
      So sad I’m so sorry for all of you.

  2. Oh gawd, Flimsy Lindsey. Fly to Cancun; have a luau. Order Rocky Mtn oysters. Help grow your spine.

  3. As i keep saying, Lindsey Graham’s brown nose is so far up Trump’s babutt that it’s hard to tell who’s on top.

    1. @Joyce Moore did you bump your head? What part of my participation leads you to believe I care about your opinion? Desperation hon. Put it in check.

    2. @silence me
      A. I never said that you cared about my opinion.
      B. You are the one who said that my opinion was not worth following. If that is the case then logic dictates that once you made that comment, you would not come back to this thread.
      But you do keep coming back so either my opinion is worth following or you’re just a condescending little snot whose goal in life is to run around making as many condescending snotty comments to as many people as possible. Pity.

    3. @Joyce Moore
      A: none of my other comments were even directed at you, so I’m just wondering why you insist that they have anything to do with you. The only thing that makes sense is you think the world revolves around you.
      B: perhaps you’re right. I am a bit snarky. But I don’t look down my nose at you. Only what you said.

  4. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.” Lindsey Graham 3 May 2016

    1. @Lincolnfrees
      No, the gutless spineless quivering puddle of slime started slobbing Trump’s knob just like most of the Congressional republicans. The party of cowards and cultists.

    2. @Lincolnfrees Right and wrong are purely situational for Graham and the Trumpublicans. They like to think of themselves as salesman pitching a product, a little exaggeration here, a little hyperbole there. Everyone knows a good salesman is a BS artist, they take pride in that. To them their dishonesty is expected. That’s why they love their base, it’s full of superstitious idiots working with soulless greed pigs to cover each others lies allowing the freaks to be as freaky as they want. Even better for them, the worse the they are the more the Cult will love them.

  5. He does have a good point, not many people are willing to let Lindsey Graham into their world.

    1. @Eric You deserve a Purple Heart at the least. Is there any PTSD lingering from your brush with Lindsay?

    1. Graham has a Sweet Thing for Powerful men … which is OK …. he just happens to be a terrible Human Being …. that is Not OK …

  6. If this is what we put value on, being accepted into a cult like society, then the human race is doomed.

    1. @1sand0s Where is the learning curve here? I WOULD LIKE TO BE INFORMED as everyone should want the truth. What is your point? Bullying does not educate anyone. You can not ask that of me or anyone else that is called discrimination

    2. @Max Headly I am so happy, MY MOTHER was a strong woman and taught all 5 of her children not to stand with the bullies

  7. *”He allows me to be in his world” Lindsey is vicariously trying to live his life through Trump’s what sad little pathetic person, and this is the person South Carolinian wants to represent them*

  8. “He’s allowed me to be in his world.”

    What does that even mean? How low does your self-esteem have to be to say something like this?

    1. A lonely old man who never got over the death of his best friend John McCain. It’s sad in a way. Only Graham picked a poor replacement for McCain.

    2. That’s code for “I can be open about my deep seated racism, mysogyny, xenophobia and daddy issues.”

  9. Seriously what have we become. We have a whole political party scared shitless of one narcissist man child.

    1. I mean, he did try to install himself as a dictator, so I can somewhat understand people being scared of him.

  10. “he allows me to be in his world”? sounds like a cultist to me; lol or if not, Graham’s admitting Trump’s a narcissist

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