1. A forced apology is not an apology and Ford is illustrating he can neither pick the right people nor handle the wrong ones once he discovers they’re idiots.
    Think about what she did and the kind of mind that would do that. Says a lot. Every time this is in the news Ford loses votes, and he should.

  2. Lisa MacLeod acted very unprofessional. If Ford had any control over his people he would dismiss her immediately.

    1. @Richard C Eeyore …. Richard, you’re showing your ignorance. That kind of name calling isn’t acceptable for man to call a woman …. and it’s not acceptable for you to call anyone else derogatory names.

  3. … get a mit, get into the game. only you and your liberals in Toronto believe this crap about Ford. nice deflection making it about Ford to Sheer to the fall election… your OPED’s are chowing your bias. way to sell out.  how long till you close comments… Comrad TV

  4. It’s Not as bad, as Thanking protesters for their DONATION, like Trudeau did, but hey, you hardly reported that, by the way, GENOCIDE, by omissions, Trudeau is continuing this, by ignoring the 50 plus potshops operating outside of Belleville ontario, on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, none of them are licensed, nor legal. This Just in, Trudeau Out

  5. The propaganda machine is smearing patriots Canadians are no fools October is around the corner the silent majority will win

    1. Justin is still there after elbowgate, ethics violations, reckless spending and lying about inappropriate behavior.. Asking does not mean receiving

  6. So what are they going on about? What did the woman say? Whey is Ford being called down?

  7. Doug Ford & Lisa MacLeod are a waste of tax payer’s dollars. Go away already. What a nightmare.

  8. Your coverage is a joke! Why didn’t you grill or demand the same thing of Wynne or McGuinty for the gas plants. Your bias is disgraceful and it will and has backfired on you.

  9. A popularity contest between two VERY unpopular people, with Dimwit Dougie hiding under his rock, as ordered by Scheer and the CPC. Dougie is proving congenitally unable to keep a low profile, even when hiding under a rock.

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